Nah smoking cessation services

Hi all, well another good week so come tomorrow I will be 6 weeks free!!

I say 6 because that is when I had my first appointment with the smoking cessation service, I actually had stopped the week before because I lost my job and thought right I can't afford to smoke until I find a new job, sneaky eh.

Anyway I signed up and went to my first session the following week and I have to say the lady I see is so supportive and interested in how I am doing in all aspects of my quit journey, actually look forward to blowing in the monitor because she's so delighted with the readings, lol.

So I have been offered 3 jobs this week and I will be back at work a week I can afford the money for a pack of cigarettes....but the price of my new freedom is way beyond a tenner and letting my cessation counselor down would be awful.

So thank you smoking cessation clinic, I will never ever smoke again.

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  • Good on yer Shirley,

    Great quit, great new job, brilliant attitude.... Exciting times

  • Thanks for your post Shirley!!! Very positive and good to hear from you!

    I like what you say about the price of your freedom!

    All the best with your new job, too!

  • Great news Shirley and you're right, can't put a price on your freedom👍🏼

    Very happy to hear you've a new job to start soon, so good luck with that🍀

    6 weeks is a terrific achievement so well done hun👏🏼 really proud of ya😊x

  • Thats awesome shirley :) :)

    Fantastic that you have a new job..and you are smell good too :) :)

    Keep up the great quit you have going there :) :)

  • Wayyyy Hayyyyy Shirley :) :) :)

    Flippin flippin fantastic gal, love it, love it, love it :) :) you got through a stressful time and came out the other side focused on your quit :) Am soooo proud of ya gal I am :) :)

    Although you can now afford the price of a pack of cigs, I KNOW you wont buy any, cos your loving your new smokefree life tooooo much :) :) and maybe put that money away to one side :) Soooooo, you can treat yourself to something really nice in the future :) :)

    All the best with your new job :) :)

  • Thank you guys y s, it is really nice to have all the support here, have a happy Monday😉

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