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Help required!!

Hi everyone.... I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I am not having a good day. Why is this all happening since I gave up the cigs?. I have hay fever (which I have never had in my life). High cholesterol (which I will have to take statins for, and that's for life.) I have pulled a muscle in my back.... that's probably because I am now so fat its a joke... so stressed out and really feel like a cig... I am miserable and all this is making me so unhappy. I don't feel like giving up the cigs was really worth all this stress..... its just as well I don't drink, otherwise I could be an alcoholic, if this is how things are going to be... just needed to let off some steam... thanks... and by the way I could have a touch of dementia... I went to work wearing odd boots.... (which gave everyone a good laugh and today drove somewhere totally in the opposite direction to where I wanted to be lol... I need help!!

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Oh dear! you are in a pickle arent  you.  3 months is fantastic, and giving up smoking is still the best thing to do to help your body. Sometimes we look for excuses , something to  blame on how we feel. Most people who have smoked or have put on weight end up with cholesterol. You would have made it even worse if you had carried on smoking.

Try make the most of the fresh air, and gentle exercise.  

As for your hay fever I gather the pollen count is quite high  this year , so it effects  lots of us.  

As for the dementia  many of us are like that , especially me. :D  :D at least you can make people laugh.  :D

Take care.  xxx



Hi Jaffajuice, See your having a stressy one , your body is in a recovery process still and sometimes we are more prone to other things while this repair is ongoing. You will recover and or control the Hay Fever, you may not have to take statins forever if your cholesterol levels are brought back under control, the muscle you have pulled will get better and weight gain quite normal as our appetites increased which is normal. Here is the really great bit - we can lose the weight later and a serious addiction like nicotine takes at least 3 months to gain proper control of and you have done that!!!.  I am not a drinker either but am actually enjoying the odd drink now but have no plan clearly to swap one addiction for another.  I sometimes wonder if I was already a bit demented before I started all this - at times its made me as crazy as a box of snakes. How many cigarettes have you saved your lungs from?. How much money have you saved from not smoking?.  Also your entire system has been cleansed during your last 12 weeks (despite current problems) think about it.  Anyway I am glad you are holding your sense of humour and wish you good luck with it all - JC


hi jaffajuice, first of all huge congratulations on 3 months quit🚭👏🏼👏🏼 AWESOME🚭👍🏼

I understand that you may NOT feel awesome though☹️

Around the 3 month stage, I think we reckon we should feel a whole lot better than we do😩 I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure which I never had and G.P. told me it was from quitting, I was so upset that I felt like lighting up😱 and when I came home hubby was smoking and I was soooooo tempted😡 

Was I glad I didn't give in, hell yes‼️ It really is worth it and you'll be very glad you didn't give in either🚭  It just takes time hun and a sense of humour and do ya know what............you've got both of them😉

I go upstairs to get something and forget what is is😳 come back down and then remember👿  so yep I can say I have dementia too, join the club😂

The best thing is we can come on here and let it all out, definitely saved me on many occasions and it'll save you too😊 

Be proud of your achievement and know it honestly will get better🚭😇x


Hi Jaffa--I have to tell you--3 months was  kinda rough for me--I think its because I was  almost to a place where I knew I was  going to make it and that last self doubt reared its ugly head along with Mr Nic-I started having breathing problems--cravings again--I realized how much weight I gained--was it worth it? all those questions--But there is no going back--If a person does they are asking for it--because I just know Id so regret it--and to think of ever going thru this again nuh uh!!! I had health stuff too--vitamin deficiencies--headaches,blah blah-I still have more recovery ahead of me--Sometimes you just have to sit still and hurt-and Ive done plenty of cryin too-and getting mad--Sounds like a little brain fog with the boots--I was like in a dream when I look back now--I just clung to this site-and Im still here and smoke free--Don't regret your success--we still have healing to do--I figure a good year at least--and really a cigarette would taste so crappy--and I like the money Im saving--Im done contributing to an industry that has hurt and killed family,freinds and was workin hard to do the same to me--Hang in there--you aren't alone--The changes are subtle--but they are happening--xxxx-MmeT


Hi Jaffa.... Your having one of them weeks!! 

I gave up smoking because I had high cholesterol... When I had my ticker checked out due to my breathing issues I saw a heart consultant. I told him I had given up because I didn't want to go on statins. He told me that he would not have recommended statins because although high, my good cholesterol out weighs the bad!!! Raise that with your GP and see what they say 😊

Odd boots.... I do that sort of crazy stuff quite a lot.... In fAct not only are they odd but usually one black and one blue!!

Smoking is not going to help you out with putting on the right boot or cholesterol so you may as well stay off em 😊😊😊

NOPE all the way... Especially as your a fantastic 3 months quit 😊😊😊😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👞


I cant add more to what has been said.....Be proud of your 3 months achievement, it does get better we just have to be patient and allow our bodies to heal🚭🚭🚭😀😀😀😀


I'm with Glolin, your doing a grand job, don't worry about dementia part, I put the coffee in the fridge and my towels were going in the bin instead of washing machine 😁😁😂😂😂, one way to get out of the laundry 😂😂, have a good day x


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