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Trying again!

Well as someone who has stopped ( and started) more times than I can count I have been reading all your posts for a couple of weeks and have found the impetus to set a stop date and try again.

I don 't know if other people find it more difficult to build up the will to even try again which is really silly cos I always feel better not smoking and even get to the stage where I feel sorry for those still smoking - not meant to sound bad in any way it's just my way of coping!!

Well Monday is the day so I can smoke like an idiot all weekend and get really sick of them!!

Will use lozenges and e cig I know it will be hard because my partner does not want to give up but I am so sick of coughing and spending a fortune, I need to do this - do why does the prospect still feel scary ?

I really don't understand in other aspects of my life I am quite logical but still allow those horrible smelly expensive cigs to rule me.

Rant over

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Hey Joolz54, lovely to see you bobbing on and psyching yourself up ready to be rearing to go :D

Well done to you for choosing a quit date, Monday sounds good ;-)

Now, rather than wait until Monday (don't panic, I'm not asking you to stop any sooner!) and find that you are going to 'miss that one of a morning' or 'that one after a meal' - you have two days of practicing not smoking first thing and if you eat 3 meals a day, you have (starting tomorrow) 6 practices of not eating straight after a meal :-) I hope this makes sense?

I guess what I'm trying to suggest is that you try using yourself a little bit now, so that it won't 'hit' you as much on Monday...

Also, this way you will already prove to yourself that you can do this :-)

It's normal to be feeling 'scary', but truthfully - there's nothing scary to it ;-)

You can do this and we're with you all the way :D

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Thanks Emjay I might try alternating with e cig to get used to it.

This site does help though - I might become a bit dependant for a few weeks on you all :-)


Hi joolz, welcome back. :) This time you wont be on your own as Louby and Chrissy are starting their quit on Monday too. So perhaps you can support each other. Good luck. :)


Yes I think it 's their comments that have encouraged me x


Hi Joolz, oh wow it's so lovely to meet you and I'm so excited that you have chosen Monday as your stopping day too - you cannot imagine how happy that makes me feel to have someone else starting this journey on the same day! We can really support each other when one or the other of us is feeling really crappy and we will also have tons of support from everyone on here who are just amazing!!!!

I know exactly how you feel, I too cannot believe that I have continued to smoke for so long, it's so annoying actually when I'm pretty good in all other aspects of my life. Anyway I am doing my practise over the weekend and keep reading my plan so that I don't automatically wake up on Monday morning, make a coffee and have a cigarette!

So thank you for coincidentally choosing the same day - it really makes me happy! :) x

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Hi Joolz, its lovely to see you again gal :)

Some of us do find it more difficult, like myself, but we have to keep on trying eh :)You too are like myself as in having a partner that still smokes :( this makes it soooo much harder cos the smell and temptation is always just next to you :o Its so easy to nick one out of there packet, BUT as you and I know, 1 leads to another and so on !!

Try remembering '' NOPE '' Not One Puff Ever :)

Ha ha ha like you Joolz, just before I quit, I have fags coming out of my ears, nostrils, mouth and in-between each finger :D :D

Good luck for Monday Joolz, you flippin come on here and scream and flippin shout if you need to gal, cos there's always someone here to listen :) Now where did I put my ear muffs :o :D :D

My motto is- Don't ever give up, giving up :) Pete :)


Hi joolz, looks like there will be a few of us on Monday, i too am feeling very nervous about the whole thing, but at the same time I'm also quite excited :-)

I told a couple of people at work about my Monday date cos I was scared if I didn't I would give in before I'd even started, and told my daughter tonight, she was soo excited, if I could of bottled that moment I'm sure it would keep us all going forever :-) she still has faith in me despite all my failed attempts!

Good luck for Monday and well don't to everyone else another day another few pounds in the pocket :-) xx


That should of said Well Done to everyone :-) x


Hi joolz54,you give it a go,and well done for even thinking about trying with a partner who keeps smoking ( cough) (cough) :) ,I am not smoking through ill health back in Jan,my wife continued to smoke.....I never bit once,but I saved the money in a pot.....she began to realise(although new) how much it was costing.

She is now on an e-cig 1 week and a day yes yes yes,I am so proud of her :)

So please give this a go,my chest is,well I just can't bloody cough properly now :) ,all joke an aside I feel just great.

You have ALL of our HUGS to do this xx speak soon Nick


Thanks everyone - with so much support how can I possibly fail :-)


Good luck for Monday Hun. X


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