Failed again!

I have to say that I have failed everyone on this site that is in the quit support group. I had such bad anxiety and panic that I could not take it anymore. I went and bought a pack of cigs. I am so so disappointed in myself. I just felt like I was going crazy with panic attacks. I wanted them to stop!! I felt as if everyone in my family was getting tired of me complaining. Good news! Tomm I am going back to be smoke free with the help of nicotine patch. I called the local quit line...they gave me a coach that will be helping me...the coach will call me and text me. They also suggested that I failed because I didn't use a NRT. That is way I was having panic attacks. I am already on prozac for my prior panic attacks but have not had one for years until I quit. I am very sorry that I let everyone down. I promise to do better and stay stronger. Also, I have an appointment in the morning to an acupuncturist. She is helping me with my addiction to nicotine.  :( very sorry

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  • aww..kimberly, you havent failed anyomne - ..this was a prcatice run :) :)  now we are red for the real one :) :) 

  • thank you all so much for understanding...cold turkey is just not something I can do...i let my mind get the best of husband was very disappointed in me and I didn't know what to say to him other than...sorry

  • Me too Kimberley, Cold Turkey never did it for me, we are all different. X

  • Everything is fine KIm--Some people fail way more times than that--Your heart and head are in the right place.. You WANT to quit--and that is 3/4 of the battle--making up your mind--Take it easy this time--Use the patches--Don't rush it--You are on the path and will get to your destination--Very few can just put them down--Wean off gradually--and try not to panic over not having a smoke--you will have a patch on--you are facing the problem head on and that makes you a winner--Good luck--We are still here--Im posting a picture for you--Love,MmeT

  • Ahhhh Kimberley don't beat yourself up, as glolin says it's not failure it's a trial run 😊

    Most of us have had a number of trial runs and doing it cold turkey isn't for everyone 🙀

    So today is your new day😊 I gave up with patches and I had the gum (although I didn't like it) so good luck with that👍🍀

    When you had a cigarette did it take your anxiety/panic attack away?? How did you feel?? Maybe you need to write it down and keep it in your purse as a reminder. That way it will put you off buying cigs in the future 👏

    Good luck with your quit and keep this site nice and close 😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • First of all this is about you... your health and your life. Not and i repeat this ...not about us. Second thing... you have not failed are not a failure and have nothing to apologise for. I bet that all of us on here have had similar situations and had a cig. I know i have! If quitting was an olympic sport i would have multiple medals for my off again/on again endeavours. 

    Quitting is work. You have done well very well. Dusted yourself off and back at it again. As others have said that was a trial run and you learned what worked and didn't work so now to the MAIN event. You have given your body a break from smoking so that's a huge present for it. Now make it a forever present. Be proud of what you have achieved and also for being so determined. We are all behind you urging you on!!!

  • Ease up on yourself. You're trying, and you will get there. I had terrible panic attacks when I quit too, so I understand the struggle. Don't beat yourself up too bad. It takes most a few time to quit...keep on pushing!

  • Welcome back!

  • Kimberley,   Do you know what it takes a lot of  guts  to admit to people that you slipped up.  Many others wouldnt admit to it.  It sounds like you have lots of  help now , and a lot of support.   It doesnt matter  how long it takes , you will get there.

    A step at a time.

  • Arhhh Kimberley, don't be sorry, if everyone was honest we would all say that we have tried and failed many times. I know I have. Call this a practice run, and this time you have NRT and support from a counsellor . The First big step,  is not letting it stop you from trying again, which you haven't ( Well Done ) So let's start again, don't be hard on your self, one day at a time, we are always here for you. So Proud of you, for trying again. You will do it this time. Big Hugs xx

  • cold turkey isn't for everyone and at least you tried it, so well done👍🏼😊

    This is your time to shine hun and the patches will help. Stay positive and you'll get there one day at a time🚭😊

  • That is good that you are trying the NRT this time around.  If at first you don't succeed..........  It is o.k.  Keep trying.  Also, try working out every day.  It may help with the anxiety.

  • Don't beat yourself up! You did great by trying the first time and this next time will go better! I can sympathize with the anxiety and panic attacks having suffered with both! I am coming up on 4 months and I think this may be one of the hardest things I've ever done! Good luck and stay positive!


  • how long did you experience the anxiety attacks after quitting? Or are you still experiencing them?

  • For me, the panic attacks were at their worst around 1-2 months. First month they were bad, but the second month they were terrible. Now I have just a general high anxiety level, but I'm functional. My wife quit and experienced similar symptoms for about a year. But don't read this like there isn't hope, or you can't tough through it-because you can. I won't lie, the road is tough,especially if you cold-turkey it. But, it's so much better for you and worth it.

  •  the first couple of months were also the worst for me. The anxiety has subsided a lot, however I had anxiety at times even before quitting. But, stick with it, it will get easier!

  • Hi Kimberly ,

    No need for apologies.... Honestly🌸🌺🌷🌹❤️

    Best wishes from 🇨🇦 xx

  • So far so good today. I haven't even thought about it. I know that I will have bad days but I hope there are more good than bad. :) Today I will make it.

  • Good for you Kimberley 😊 Day one done and onto day two 😊

    Make sure you always carry a spare patch in your purse.... Just in case.

    Different side of your body and different location every day, and take the patch off at least 30 mins before bed... This should help cut down on the amount of weird dreams you have 🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Thank you droopyJ I never heard of putting the patch in different places, so that is good to know. Also, didn't know to take it off at bedtime. All the information I can get is appreciated. I am doing good so far today. Just had a couple times where I seen anxiety kicking in..but I overcame it.

  • Good for you Kimberley 😊 

    By moving the patch to different parts helps the skin not get too irritated. Definitely reduces the dreams by taking it off before bed 😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Yeahh way to go Kimberley ,  your doing FAB :) x

  • Don't be sorry just plan your quit again....I had a very stressful period just before Christmas last year when my mother passed away.. Me and my brother flew out to Dominica to bury her and although I am a non smoker it would have been very easy for me to restart...I didn't even have my vape and went 4 weeks without it!!! I understand your frustration but remember when you are stressed...if you smoke it would only be a temporary fix... You will still be stressed is very easy to get back into the habit...but if you remember why you decided to stop this should be your mantra.

    The last conversation that I had with my mother was great she was so proud of me to have stopped smoking and I am not just talking about cigarettes!!!! Don't beat yourself up just are doing the best thing for yourself & your family🚭

  • What a bummer!! I dropped the nicotine 2 weeks ago, I was on the patch for 2 weeks. Believe it or not my anxiety has receded quite a bit. I have my moments but not nearly as bad when I was smoking. I couldn't believe it but my doctor confirmed nicotine can cause anxiety. Have you thought about seeing a doctor for wellbutrin? Its an antidepressant, supposed to help with anxiety and stop smoking!! Keep fighting!! I smoke the occasional hookah, the nicotine level in it is way way low. I also bought one of those electronic hookah's with no nicotine to help with cravings. It's water vapor and way less harmful than a ciggie.

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