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Daily Chat Thursday 22 August

Good morning all

We have some good news today:

I for one will NOT be smoking and I will take all that the day throws at me without the crutch of NIC !!

Cigs slowly take everything away from us...

Great great that Pete is back because the team needs one of its strongest players who passes on great information to help us stop smoking.

My daughter has done very very well in her GCSEs and I am so proud, some very good news for once.

Have a great day everyone & please please do NOT smoke (it slowly or quickly will kill you).

Best wishes


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Good morning Jonathan and everyone.

That's really good that you can start the day on a good note J. You are so proud of her and for her to be as proud of you, you know that you have to stay off the cigs. You've got a really good mindset so just keep it up. Well done. :)


Good Morning All,

what a bright, nice start to the day :-)

That's great news Jonathan, well done to your daughter - you have every right to be feeling so very proud :-)

Andi, I hope your sister arrived safely and you are enjoying a good catch up with her :-)

I had a nightmare trying to get on here yesterday and last night, no problems it seems this morning. I just wondered whether anybody else had too?

I'm just about to go into a meeting so shall pop on around lunch time :-)

Have a smoke-free day everyone :-) :-)


Hi everyone.

Great news Jonathan, are you doing anything to celebrate your daughters achievement?

Pete, glad to hear you are back in control making sure your trip didn't become a fall ;) You can do it.

sorry I haven't been around the last few days; back at the helm :0)


Hello !

Jonathan you sound really positive today in fact you sound like a non-smoker. You see it can be done. :)

Congratulations to your daughter. Bet she is pleased with herself.

Andi have you had pt this morning , or were you taking time out. :)

Emjay I was the same last night gremlins attacked. :(

Eye, lovely to see you on the site. :)

Right time for lunch, then guess what paper scraping. No wonder the flat is warm its got wallpaper about 4 layers in every room plus paint on top, so its well insulated .



Thank you all & "yes" Jilly I am positive today and it is great to see it can be done, I think however mad it gets we just have to hang in there for it to get better (still feeling a little stressed / nervous etc but so what), to be free of NIC / smoke, this addiction is worth SO MUCH .....

Andi, Eye, Emjay - I am trying to persuade my daughter we must do something this evening, don't think I have felt this proud in years and "yes" if I smoke I will so be letting the side down (again !!) - not sure how she got the brains to do so well (wasn't me anyway !!).

THANK YOU & best wishes



To Jonathans daughter.



from everyone on quit support. :)


Ha ha nice one jillygirl :)


Jonathan, thats just stupendous news about your Daughter passing her GCSEs and YES !! so you should feel proud, Dad :) :) :) am sure you've got more brain cells than I have pal :o :D :D

Yes you stay flippin positive on ya quit eh :) :) your doing just super Jonathan :) :)

I've got a kind of Daughter :o but she hasnt passed her GCSEs yet, but I tell ya, she gets 10 out of 10 for -- getting her way - getting fed when SHE wants it - waking me up when SHE wants to go out - and most of all, being flippin NOSEY, she is my shadow I tell ya, but she's got 4 legs, black, fluffy and erm, meows alot :o :D :D :D

Andi, I thought your Sister was coming to stay with you :o so I thought we would have a nice and easy few days without you on here :P :P :D :D :D

Hi ya Jillygirl, huh, typical flippin Woman, stripping again :| :D :D :D

Emjay, hmmmmm this ear meeting then !! was it one of those noddin meetings ;) :| :D :D :D

Eye, am so glad your back with us gal :) :) cos a missed ya :( and yes Eye, am definitely in control again now :) thought I'de got this stress thing sorted, but obviously not !! so have got to try harder :o :) and i will, cos ave got to do this 1 way or another !! I WILL BEAT nic :) :) and just like Jonathan, NOPE not one puff ever :) again :)

Am so glad to have you aboard and at the helm Eye :)

Rite am off up that flippin long wooden hill to get some shut eye now, so will speak to you alls tomorrow :) I hope all your dreams are erm, flippin smokefree :o :D :D :D nite nite everybody :) xxxxx


Hi Pete

Thanks for this & saying I am doing "just super". Well so are you ... I had a slip and it moved me on big time because that smoke hitting the back of my mouth, throat & down into those poor old lungs again felt nasty and so it should.



If i had a drink in my hand I would toast to you jonathon, brilliant pma (positive mental attitude) and fantastic motivator for all us quiters. Star.



Thanks so so much for saying this Sian

(Hope I do not get too carried away - tend to go from one extreme to the other ). You stay quit & you are a star.

Best Jonathan


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