Day One Newbie

Hi everyone

I'm a newbie to this forum.

I am normally 20 a day but managed to cut myself down to 4 cigs the last couple of days,  It's now been 22 hours since my last cig.  I am on NRT but I'm really struggling, feeling like my life is over and I've lost my best friend - madness I know.

 I did manage to quit once before and stayed off the cigs for 5 years.  I am kicking myself that I let this addiction take over my life again. I know smoking is a mugs game, I can't afford it and I have dodged a bullet with breast cancer. Yet here I am, still debating whether to go out and 'just have one'. I am my own worst enemy.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just take a magic pill that took away your addiction for good? 

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  • Hi Lass and welcome to quit support😊

    Please don't go out and have one coz we all know 1 is never enough☹️ You've done it before and you can do it again. We say NOPE not one puff ever🚭 

    Well done for staying off them for 5 years and yep we wish there was a magic pill but the next best thing is this great support forum. We understand how hard it is and are here to help you👍🏼

    Have a read of the pinned posts and there's some great craving busters to help. Keep busy, drink lots of water and stay close to this site. One day at a time.

    Good luck🍀

  • Please let me know when that magic pill is made!!  or if they ever come out with a healthy cigg!

    Keep breathing deep, in the pinned posts there are some great breathing techniques.

    it is horrible it does feel like you're suffering a loss, i know, i'm on day 19 and now that i have some down time, i'm missing it, but the support here from everyone is amazing.

    ciggs kill slowly and painfully, watching my grandfather deteriorate before my eyes, eat through a feeding tube, loose all of his teeth, half of his tongue, half of his jaw and part of his throat, you would THINK that would have scared me enough to stay away...but it didn't.  You are stronger than your additiction you can do this, drink lots of water, and stay close to this site!

    congrats on your quit!

  • Hi strayla-lass and welcome to quit support.

    You have successfully quit in the past and you can do it again..Try and reflect back to when you started again and look for the some strategies to prevent that happening in the future.

    we all all know how hard it can be..and thats why this support group is so good, just for a chat, to answer questions or just to vent :) :) 

    if you have not read Allan carrs easy way to quit smoking, it may be worth considering, this is available as a pdf download..He really looks into the psychology of smoking .

    All the very best on your quit journey - please let us know your quit date so we can add you to the wall of winners 

  • Hi Im taking champix I really think there a magic pill because I don't get cravings I used to be a heavy smokers about 30 a day but now I've been smoke free for 3 weeks on Tuesday seriously didn't think I could do it but I did all thanks to the champix seriously I swear by them 😊

  • Hi lass and welcome😊

    Well look at you already on day two.... Good for you😊 You know what you've got to do coz you've done it all before. We know it's not easy, but with our support too we can help get you through this

    Your using NRT but which ones are you using? We maybe able to help on that front...... Also start putting the  cig money in a jar and plan what your going to treat yourself to at the end of your first week quit😊

    As you mentioned in your post, you have already had a lucky escape so maybe it really is time to start listening to that body of yours...... You can do this 😊

    Keep this site nice and close and good luck with your quit 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Welcome Strayla_Lass☀️🌷🌹🌸🌺

    Addiction is powerful.... You quit for 5 years before but Mr Nic came calling when you were vulnerable probably ... That's when I think of smoking... When I'm HALT- hungry, angry, lonely, tired... Addiction rears its ugly head... And I'm tired a lot grrr  I have sleep problems so I really have to watch out for Mr Nic.... Welcome to our friendly site... Everyone is awesome and helpful and we are from all over the world so there is always someone on site to help ya out ..... Best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • Strayla-Don't beat yourself up==Nicotine is highly addictive and a lot of people have to have a go at it more times than you have--I did the gradual weaning thing when I quit--but not for everyone--I didn't have NRT with it--I just worked my way down--from 10 a day for a week--then 9 the next week and so on--I told myself if I screwed up I wouldn't get any--When I got down to none I did e-cig--just a puff or 2 if really bad--then off that which was easy cuz I never really like it--It was tough but I was so filled with fear I had to go gradually and really stick to it by threatening myself with worse-I had 10 cartons of cigarettes last aug----so I worked on it for months--When I got down to a couple cartons--10 paks in each carton--I really started rationing--but I knew it was going to be goodbye-I had gotten the 10 cartons very cheap so for months I just smoked my brains out--and never had to go to store or spend money every few days--when I got down to 5 cartons that's when I thought--I don't want to spend money on this crap no more cause I could see my obsession with always running to gettem and if I had enuff etc and I got used to a little money in my pocket...-- Then I started weaning--Don't know many who have done it that way--They are  afraid they cannot maintain the discipline but for me if I didn't I was going to have to go thru worse--The fear factor is huge with me- so I used that on myself----So you do what you have to do--Im in my 5th month now--and still going thru stuff--but not like I was and will never smoke again- 53 years is long enough--from a kid to an elderly person(really my wHole life)-If I do its forever--cause it isn't fun quitting as you know-Now I could really beat myself up huh? My kids all smoke too--blah blah--That's addiction and you will get farther if you have mercy on yourself and see it for what it is and do battle.....-Do your best--you are human--we don't like pain--you can  a have a healthier tomorrow-Get goin on this--and don't look back--till you get some time under your belt-It will be ok this time--I think you are ready to ditch this poison   -Hugs....MmeT   P.S., I still get periods of sadness and even cry--so missing your worst best friend isn't unusual--you will see that on many posts-Hope you will join us--There is nothing we haven't heard of on here about quitting--so you are not weird--you will fit right in--and the best supportive bunch of people you will ever aren't alone in your battle--Hope to talk again  {{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • Hi

    I really did consider trying to wean myself off but I was not sure I was strong willed enough to do that and I was really worried that I would end up having a couple of extra each day until I was back to square one.

    Congratulations on reaching  5 months,  that target seems like a long way away for me just now. 

    Take care x

  • you will get there before you know it

  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    I am proud to say I didn't give in last night, had a relatively craving free end to the evening but wow they came back with a vengeance this morning.

    I am on 24 hour patches and am also using an inhalator. This worked for me the last time and I'm hoping it works again.

    I was offered Champix but I am on a few tablets a day already and couldn't really face another, it's interesting to hear that it does work.

    I hope everyone has had a good weekend :)

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