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ecigs. i have been reading the posts on here and listening to the media coverage on this over the last couple of days with much dissmay

i was a smoker for over 40 years untill i picked up an ecig and havt gone back to ciggies since. we are all on this site to give up smoking. this product does exactly that! so why are people, the media and most importantly the nhs so negative about it. what we should be doing is lobbeying the goverment to legitamise this product as soon as possible so if can be rolled out to as many people as possible. and to stop the miss reporting and scare mungering!!! i get so frustrated when reporting on ecigs people call it smoking. its not smoking, theres no tobaco, no lighting no tar, no smoke. its nothing like smoking. the only thing the two have in common is nicotine. if we take that to its logical conclusion nicotine patches gum spray inhalers are smoking? do they want to restrict and ban those products. this is a new invention (about 5 years) its developed in that time to the point today where its effectiveness is so good that thousands of people are using it and sucessfully giving up the cigs!! we should be welcoming this invention with open arms!! i agree with the cancer specialist on the tonite programme who has been fighting the smoking habbit for 50 yrs. tryi g to get people to give up. he says its the best and the first product thats been developed that could see the irradication of smoking alltogether!!!! what are we doing being so negative its madness. in relation to restricting it to under 18 s. smoking amoungst teenagers is rife. where do we think all the new smokers come from. if they are vaping instead of smoming can only be a good thing. i am not promoting vaping for teenagers but i am saying that i would prefer that to the alternative of a lifetime of smoking ciggerettes. and restricting it on the grounds it has nicotine in it. then why are all other nicorette products freely available over the counter to all. lets at least be consistant. so in conclusion. vaping isnt smoking. lets get this new product/invention on the market with confidence and lets get on with eliminating smoking once and for all!

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Hi Jules, I agree its time that things were sorted out regarding the E cig. I think the problem seems to be school children who are using it as an image or fashion item. Because they are flavoured and not all nicotine free they may not be that safe. I did read on here the government were going to try and make them available on prescription. So we will have to see what develops. I shall have a search and see if I can find the posts that I read a while ago. :)


Good news for E-Cig user,s, from 2016 you will be able to get them on Prescription as the Government will class them as a medicine. Strict regulations will be put on any Company selling them or E-Liquid so that,s a good thing and will be welcomed by users.

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The decision, announced by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency (MHRA), covers all nicotine-containing products currently on the market.

MHRA research found that nicotine levels can be "considerably different" from the level stated on the label. Furthermore, the amount of nicotine in each product was found to differ from batch to batch – which casts doubt on how useful the products are to people who want to cut down or stop smoking.

But now the MHRA will regulate the products so that there is a consistent standard across all licensed products sold over the counter.

E-cigarettes will still be available over the counter in supermarkets and newsagents, but medicines regulation will mean that manufacturers will have to seek a licence and will be banned from advertising them to under 16s.

Here's what Eileen Streets, our Director of Tobacco Control has said;

“I am very pleased that e cigarettes will be regulated by the government for medicinal use.

“We work with people who are trying to quit smoking every day and we have seen the popularity of e-cigarettes on the rise, particularly over the past 12 months.

“However, we have been unable to recommend their use as we could not be confident they were safe.

“As a lung cancer charity we see first hand the devastating effect smoking has, and we hope the introduction of regulated e cigarettes in 2016 will be another tool in the fight against the UK’s biggest cancer killer.”


yes thanks jilly just seen it. about time too


yes i see your point you dont want the kids using nicotine. but there using it any way and worse with cigetettes. regards the flavors thats not aimed specifically at kids. its a clear altetnstive to tobaco flavours. me now absolutly hate the tobaco flavours more reason not to try cigs they taste foul.


Let's hope they don't stick massive taxes on them! I love my e cgi and would still be on 20 a day without it x


yes i think there worried about the tax their gonna lose on cigs. thats why they are not in any hurry to promote it!


Very, very rare for me to answer any post on here but have to say that on this occasion I have to voice my personal thoughts.

However we quit is up to the individual - whether this be patch, gum, e-cig or whatever other method including of course cold turkey. Whilst I agree that to give up for want of a better word 'real' cigarettes can only be a good thing what I fail to understand is how anyone can say they have stopped smoking when I firmly believe that until they have stopped using whatever quit aid they choose to use they have not. Yes, I agree, with the exception of the e-cig, you do not create smoke but with all of these methods, you are still feeding your receptors nicotine and with the e-cig, neither your nor the manufacturers have any idea of just how much! If and it is a big if, e-cigs where that safe, why would they need regulating? The vast majority of e-cigs are made in China and I think that says it all - no consistency from one e-cig capsule to the next as regards nicotine content, additives, need I go on.

Patches and gum give a nicotine hit only whereas e-cigs not only give that hit but also give you the mind set of smoking as you still have the hand to mouth action. The withdrawal symptons we all incur when stopping smoking is not just caused by the lack of nicotine - all the other chemicals that cigarettes contain are what our bodies crave - we are suffering from withdrawal of god knows how many chemicals besides the addictive nicotine. Patches and gum help by feeding us measured doses of nicotine hence are 'cravings' are somewhat dilluted but I firmly believe that e-cigs feed us more than nicotine as they feed us with various other chemicals as well which is why some people find it easier to give up 'real' cigarettes.

I too have smoked for well over 40 years but I gave up cigarettes nearly 6 months ago and whilst I have not found it easy, I have stayed smoke free.

We will do whatever we choose to do but please, do not say that you have stopped smoking when you are still feeding yourself nicotine and/or other chemicals and please also remember that by feeding yourself nicotine, no matter how small the dose, if the withdrawal/cravings are caused by not feeding ourselves enough nicotine, then when you stop using patch, gum or e-cig, you will have the withdrawal/cravings all over again so your journey is not over by any means.

I know there are some that will probably respond to this post with anger but this is my personal opinion and as others have responded to the original post (the writers own personal view) with their personal opinion/views without a problem, then please do me the courtesy of allowing me to express my own, very personal opinion.


Er, don't wish to be rude here but hey, tell me something I don't know. You choose to comment here and you choose to offer your opinion which you are completely free to do, but I strongly suspect that you don't actually read much of what is written on here. If you did, you would have read my post on Sunday "12 months on" healthunlocked.com/quitsupp... You would have detected the frustration, the anger and the bitterness that I feel, when 12 months down the line I am still seriously hooked on nicotine. I too get sick of the rhetoric of "well at least nicotine lozenges are less harmless than smoking" yes they may be but I don't want my entire life to revolve around sucking the damn things and stressing out when I run out of them. I also use an e-cig, one of the few people to find it pretty bloody useless, but there are many people who have stopped smoking using an e-cig and a few have gone on to ditch the e-cig too, therefore becoming completely nicotine free.

You're quite right, all of the current methods of stopping smoking aren't of much value, and have a pretty pathetic success rate but what's the alternative? Cold Turkey? That is the best method but as you've said, incredibly hard to do. What is needed far more than "regulating" e-cigs is proper counselling and support. The best this useless country can come up with is to declare someone a non smoker after just 4 weeks quit and a quick puff of a carbon monoxide detector to get their stupid certificate. In fact they're so stumped as to how they can get people to stop smoking that the health service is now advised to offer people NRT in order to reduce their consumption of cigarettes rather than give up all together.

One thing is for certain, when I do one day get off the nicotine I won't be smugly going round suggesting that anyone who is still taking in nicotine in one form or another is still a smoker and doesn't deserve any recognition for the s**t they're still going through.


Firstly, I read an awful lot on here and for your information, I did read your post which highlighted the problems you were having with gum and an e-cig.

Secondly, I am not smug and I find that remark extremely offensive.

Thirdy, I too have been through hell and back on my journey and yes, I've been through an awful lot of full 40 ton loads of s**t just like everyone else but thankfully, I am now finding each day that little bit easier.

Fourthly, I did say that what I wrote was my own personal opinion and whilst you have every right to either agree or disagree with my words, what it does not ddo, is give you the right to attack me personally because of my beliefs.

Perhaps if you were to direct some of your anger and/or frustration and/or whatever you prefer to call at the gum and e-cig, as opposed to myself or others, it may help you to stop using both of them.

In an ideal world, all governments would ban the making of cigarettes and anything associated with them but we don't live in an ideal world so we have to make the best of what we have got or what we can get.

Life never was and never will be easy - strength comes from within ourselves and we have to fight for what we want and fight even harder to keep it. Life is or should be what you make it - it is our choice as to how we live it.

As one of my godchildren says 'Life's a bugger isn't it?'. Sometimes, out of the mouths of babes and suckings ...

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You accuse me of a personal attack. But is it not an attack on every person on here to say they haven't stopped smoking if they're still using a quitting aid (more of a hindrance than an aid from my own personal experience but hey).


not quite sure you are replying to with your comment. i have nothing but my support and admiration to offer you we sre all trying to achieve our ultimate goal. giving up those awfull fags.


I was replying to Klondyke who takes offence at my response to him/her and says its a personal attack to say he/she is smug, but honestly? To turn round and tell everyone on here that they're still smokers until they're nicotine free, I found those remarks highly inflammatory, not so much in what they said but how they put it. And I put a recommend on your response to it all down below there :)

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said on this particular subject. As far as I'm concerned the only reason they want e-cigs regulating is because the tobacco companies and the drug companies are missing out on the action and as their power far exceeds any Government, they have applied the thumbscrews with this regulation stuff, just as they have in other European countries.

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thanks sinfree your surport is much appreciated. and good luck with your battle against the evil ciggerette. my opinion is that all those that quit cigs, in what ever way they chose are fantistic. its so hard to do and we are non smokers!

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No, you choose to see it that way. In my own personal opinion, you are still an addict while ever you take nicotine in to your body. You may not create the smoke (unless of course you use an e-cig) but you are still feeding your habit. Everyone has a different interpretation of 'not smoking' and we are all entitled to that. People can say they are quit if that is how they see themselves but do you really see yourself as a '1 year winner' when you can not last a day with out feeding yourself nicotine in some form? Personally, all I see with patches, gum and e-cigs, is that you have replaced one habit with another, and possibly one that is just as harmful.

You have a right to disagree with anything I say just as I have that same right.

I think it best that it is left now, don't you? We can agree that we will never agree or can we?


Why, certainly sir, whatever you say.

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hi klondyke. i do respect your opinion, you deff have the right to express it, as do we all. but i must correct you on one fact in which you were incorrect. ecigs do not omit smoke. not at all! its just hot breath. like going out in the cold and breathing out. just wanted to clear that up. thanks

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Maybe I have got it wrong or maybe there are different types of e-cig but I have definitely seen people using an e-cig where smoke is seen. If it's just hot breath then why is it 'coloured' albeit white - is this the manufacturers way of giving the user the illusion of smoking? I know when it is cold, and I am outside when I breathe out my breath is white/seeable/whatever but I really would like to know why I can see e cig users hot breath when I can't see my own or anyone elses.

Honestly, I would like to know.


The vapour you are mistaking for smoke, is basically steam. As you inhale on an ecig the liquid is passed over a hot element and inhaled. And when blown out it may look like smoke but it isnt. The reason you dont see hot breath from everyone is because most people don't breath at over boiling point!

As much as i would love to get involved in this debate, I am choosing the calmer route and staying out of it, as giving up is struggle enough. So please take this post in the way it was intended, which is to explain to you, as you ask, what the smoke is and why you don't see it on everyone. Better informed now I hope.


Anyway, just been and checked and have cycled 53 miles and walked 27 miles since 6th January. Not bad for a 52 year old, chemical smoking nicotine junkie huh? That's 80 miles covered in 23 days and amounts to 12.5 hours of moderate exercise. :) That makes me very proud :)


you put me to shame! i am a 56 yr old weight puttin on lazy devil. brilliant. keep up the good work. i get round to it soonnnnnnn


Aww Jules that wasn't aimed at you, am sooo, sooo angry. Anyways I'm gonna go to bed now before I blow a fuse :D Night Jules, sleep well.


i know sinfree you calm down and sleep well. you have major respect from me and many others i think. nite


Well bully for you - now who's being smug.

Oh and just so you know, I'm female not male and your anger would be better directed at your problem, eg gum and e-cig, rather than me cos no matter how much you exercise you are STILL feeding yourself nicotine.

I shall go back to just reading from now on and you may class that as a victory for yourself but I can assure you it isn't, UI just can not be bothered to waste my breath on someone who is still an addict.

No matter how much exercise you have done since 6th Jan and no matter how much you do in the future, you are still damaging yourself with nicotine, etc. and whilst you admit to having a problem you do nothing to solve it except come on here and moan about how you can't go a day without!!


Are you just deliberately trolling or what??

Everyone on here is here for the same reason which is to stop smoking and to encourage others that are in the same boat. If people are using ecig so what! They're still not smoking and as a few have pointed out the past few days they've noticed a huge health benefit from using the ecig! You're the first negative poster I've seen on here and that last post was so needlessly antagonistic.

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Well said :) x


Dictionary definition of troll is

1. Sing (out) in carefree spirit;

2. Fish by drawing bait along in water and

3. Kinds of supernatural being in Scandinavian mythology

I am none of the above and something is telling me that both yourself and Idontsmoke's don't define 'trolling' or 'troll' as the dictionary does. I am not so stupid as to not know how you are defining the word and if you have to resort to name calling then I feel extremely sorry for you and you can't get any more personal or hateful than that or can you?

Whilst you have a right to express your opinion, by the same token I have a right to express mine and just because my way of thinking does not agree with yours does not give you the right to be so cruel, hateful or are you just normally and naturally so downright rude and nasty by not allowing anyone to have a different opinion to yourselves?

ut I

I have not said that my way of thinking is right, what I have said is that it is mine -- not yours, mine. If you can't voice how you feel on here then I'm wasting time and especially my time.

There are none so blind as those than can not see and some read only what they want to (their choice) and some hear only what they want to hear.

It must be absolutely wonderful to be so damned perfect - oh, apart from the nicotine addiction.

Day 170 without one single puff of a 'real 'cigarette, without one single inhale on an e-cig, without one single patch stuck to my body, without one single piece of gum entering my mouth and without one single puff on an inhalator. Day 1 saw me writhing on the floor in agony from withdrawal, Day 2 saw me still writhing from withdrawal but able to sit on a chair and Day 3 saw me walking still in withdrawal but coping and each and every day since has been easier.

I am not proud of the fact that I used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day but I am very, very proud of what I have achieved.

May your wishes be fulfilled and may you have a wonderful and long smoke and nicotine free life and may that life start sooner rather than later.


Oh my god i am younger than you and doubt i have even done a 3rd of that :( <hangs head in shame>

Well done hun x


Aww, don't hang you head in shame, you've gotta go out every day to work, not easy to fit in exercise when you're at work 8 hours a day.

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Awww thanks Sin :)


I decided to stop smoking after several attempts...lost count 10-15 times over the last 20 years ..I went down the usual path of joining my local stop smoking group & was supplied with 6 weeks of patches, had my weekly test on the inhaler and was proud to say that I was a non smoker...but I relapsed and went away feeling sorry for my self and ended up smoking more and I mean not just ciggies!!!...this time I decided to stop with the help of e-cigs, this was on the 1st of June 2014, I used 18mg for 3 days and due to my heart rate going up and chest pains I decided to stop using it when the "smoke" stopped...I must admit that I have managed to stay smoke free & my heart rate &. Chest pains went away after 48 hours....everybody has different methods with regards to stopping smoking, some people can just stop over nite....some people need medication..... Some people may have lost somebody to CANCER the bottom line is that I know now that the path that I took was the correct one...This site has a lot of people who can help during and after the process of stopping smoking.

I don't respond to any posts because I don't want to sound cocky and over confident, I have enjoyed reading the posts and suggestions also inspirational stories which also help.

Before I go a guy came onto the bus when I was coming home from doing a 12 hour shift this morning.....he was smoking a e-cig I looked at him and thought what the hell, but I could not smell anything so compared to him smoking a real ciggie it was ok......I know which one I would prefer.

Sorry but I had to let off some steam!!!!!


Hi. So are you still off the cigarettes since 1 June? That's really good. Well over a month, if you're doing that cold turkey (or even if not) you should be really proud and happy. Maybe you've cracked it this time? Not so sure about using e-cigs on public transport, is it allowed? Wouldn't have thought so, although as you say its not really harming anyone else.


Yes the guy came on the bus puffing this e-cig not sure what London Transport has to say about it.....I must say I thought the guy was taking the mikey....I am sure that he could not use the e-cig in his office....


No, perhaps not. Mind you look what happens when you stop people using them - they use them anyway but try to hide it. Shouldn't really laugh but I remember on the news a couple of years ago when the whole motorway was closed around Birmingham somewhere and all the passengers on a coach were made to sit on the side of the motorway for ages because someone had raised a terrorist alert because they had seen smoke coming out of a paper bag and someone on the coach acting suspiciously - that all turned out to be someone using an e-cig. Caused absolute chaos. Bet that person was soooo popular with everyone else on the coach after they spent hours sat on the hard shoulder.


Yes still smoke free.....as I am typing my neighbour has come onto his balcony and is smoking as usual.....let me close my patio doors"...


That's really good that you're still smoke free. Hope you manage to keep it up this time. If you can do it, it really is the best way to stop smoking as you don't then have to try and get off the nicotine at a later date.


Thanks sinfree that's the kind of support that I am talking about....very positive.....


I have my moments...... :) ;)


Hi Adidasslerp, your doing really well, well done you :) You can come on here and vent anytime you like, whatever keeps you smoke free :)

Stay strong and keep positive :)


Thanx droopyj......positive vibes....


:P :P :P :D :D :D

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While I respect your right it have your opinion, I completely disagree with it. I'm very close to my 4 weeks without smoking and I'm incredibly proud of that. I won't let that achievement be diminished because I've used patches and inhalator. Surely someone taking the steps to quit smoking is what's important.

So yes, I stand here with patches in one hand and the inhalator in the other and shout I'M A NON SMOKER


Thank you for your respect and I honestly and truthfully respect your right to call/class yourself as a non smoker.

May you have continued success on your journey and I hope that in 6 or 12 months time, you can come on here and post that you are not only a non smoker but also that you are nicotine free.

May there be few bumps in your road!


right on shout it loud and cleat

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I am replying to this one comment but really to a couple of comments placed over the last few hours.

Firstly I think we all need to calm down, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I am glad that my original post is being debated and all sides of the debate are being herd

Lets get back to basics, we are all in the same boat, we are on this site because we are trying to give up smoking. This is hard, unbelievabley, hard in many cases, that alot of people give up, or don,t even try.

My post was about the 'new way' the ecig. Its being debated all over the place at the moment, in parliament, in the media, in EU, on this site, in pubs, in documentaries, every where!

My point was - that this invention, this ecig, could possibly be the best chance we have had yet to get the nation quitting, and quitting in their thousands!.

There is a lot of ill informed comment about the ecig, I just wanted us not to lose sight of what is all of our objective. To give up smoking.

So whether its a patch, gum, inhaler, strip, drug, or ecig or cold turky, we should use what gives us the best chance.

Smoking's the enemy, nicotine's the addiction.

Smoking makes you ill, it can kill you,and harm others around you.

The ecig feeds the addiction, gives the hand mouth habit you need, but will not kill you or harm others around you. Other methods do not give this.

It gives all those habitual smokers, like me, the chance to kick the habit that's killing them, that's good isn't it?

Lets not miss this very important opportunity to make such a big difference to so many peoples lives.

We should grasp this now, standardise its contents, and officially promote its use, give people a chance.

Thanks all for joining in the debate


Hear hear Jules :) :)

You've got it in one gal :) or is it two :o

We are all in the same boat !!

We all want to quit the dreaded fags !!

We are ALL different :o and we choose different ways to quit :) Its easier for some people, perhaps cos they are stronger willed !! but others like myself, are weaker and therefore need help, as in NRT or E-cigs. I myself are off the patches now, and using the inhalator and gum, soooooo am getting there :) I know I'm still on nicotine, BUT am not smoking all those erm, horrible chemicals that are in fags !! Now thats got to be good hasnt it :)

Klondyke, I dont think I've spoken to you before, but thank you very much for voicing your personal opinion :) although it seemed to get a bit ermmmmm, lets just say heated :| I'm sure a lot of people will take heed of what you have said :)

Sinfree, thank you as well for voicing your opinion and am sure a lot of people will have taken heed to what you have said too :) I know your not a happy little bunny, but sweet dreams gal :)

Jules, do you realise gal, you could have started world war 3 :o :D :D

Rite Jules, you started it off about the E-cig, but they are sooooooo many of them :o

Which one do I choose ?

What is in all of these e-cigs ?

Is it just nicotine ?

Is there any other chemicals in them ?

Will they harm my body ?

I think we have to look deeper into e-cigs, erm, maybe there all ok :) but how do we know ? I tell you, there are some unscr____ erm, not very nice people out there, who would do anything to make a few grand :o so be where eh :) :)

You all take care now eh, and luvs ya all :) :) Pete :)


Thanks for the words but have to say that the chances of us speaking again are very remote as I fully intend to fade into the background and just be an observer again and know, am not running away with my tail between my legs whatever you may think.

One thing I would say is that perhaps what I have posted on the Daily Chat (today's - 29th) as regards e-cigs may be of interest to you and hey, at least this way, I know that there is a distinct possibility that at least one person has read it.

You seem to have cracked the real smoking habit and I wish you well and success for the future and I hope you have a good day.


Hi pete

Wow your right, didnt mean to upset anyone! Its was just my thoughts on the very topical ecig.

Well you are right, I put it out there so I need to give more info.

What types of ecig are there?

Loads!!!! Some look like a cig white with a glowing end usually blue. You put disposible cartriges in them. These have the ecig liquid already in them and last about a day. I dont get on well with these but its personal choice.

Others look like well wierd. Nothing like a cig. My hubbie says it looks like a rocket.

You have a small tank on top with a mouth piece. You put your eliquid in there, and just top it up as and when needed.

This type is my personal choice, and seem to be , well amoungst my friends, the better option, they work really well.

Your question whats in them? PV, propylene glycol or/and VG, vegitable glycerin, both are non-toxic organic compounds, safe for consumption, and can widely be found in food as they are used as addatives.

Nicotine, in various strenghs, including 0 strengh,



No other chemicals involved

Are they safe?

Well yes, they are generally considered to be safe, the main objection is that there is no british standard they have to conform to or meet.

When tested the level of nicotine in them can vary to that stated on the pack, eg, if it says 9mg it could be 6mg or 11mg.

One of the bigest problems with them is that the government dont quite know how to deal with them, or which standard do they have to conform to?

For example food standards ageny? Tobaco products? Medicines?

I think I have just heard they have gone for medicines, but not definate about that.

All I wanted to say in my post, was get on with it government, get it sorted, and stop some of the miss informed reporting or rubblsh thats being put out there, like they produce smoke like cigs and are harmfull to people around them!

Also so that they coulld have a bs stadard or somthjng like that so that those that use them, or those that may want to use them can do it with confidence. Well almost, beef, horse etc, is anything ever guarenteed these days.

Well I hope I have given the info requested.

Happy non-smoking to all


Can I ask a couple of questions?

How much do you vape in relation to how much you used to smoke? (Nicotine levels wise)

How much are you spending on relation to how much you used to? (Admit it, money is always on our minds)

What measures do you see yourself taking to quit the vaping?

I'm not having a go in any way whatsoever, infact the exact opposite is true


i used to smoke B&H gold. just over a pack a day. £8.50 a packet. now about £5.00 a week on ejuice and £1.00 Week on coils heating device . so about £6.00 a week now in stead of £60.00 on cigs. started on 18mg nicotine. just under that of my brand. now on 11mg. cutting strengh slowly in line with my ability to manage less. to start with i deff still wanted cigs but didnt do it. dont know why no reason for it but habbit. dont feel like that now at all. feel free of cigs. health better. outlook better. do plan continued decrease in nic levels. honestly its the only way i can do it. without this i would have been stuck on fags forever. yes i am weak i know but thats just the truth.


I don't think you are weak. Far from it. Over 3 months without a proper fag is bloody impressive.


thanks appreciated


Okay everyone, following on what appeared to be a good and decent healthy debate it all seems to be getting a bit personal now.

HealthUnlock's guidelines with regards to 'Community Atmosphere' states:

"Your participation on HealthUnlocked should be with respect, honesty, and in the spirit of supporting and learning from your fellow users."

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be able to safely post. I'm asking that if you do comment, please keep it to the debate or question asked and not turn in on each other.

Joining in on the general debate (inside and outside of this post / forum) around a number of things associated with the e-cig including; whether or not they are healthy, safe, better than smoking cigarettes, the best thing since sliced bread, should be banned etc etc etc.. There are a minefield of debates that can come from this product.

However, we have to try and take the positive look in that this product has most certainly hit the headlines and brought the issue of giving up smoking (cigarettes) as one of the most talked about topics and raises the issue of 'being able to stop smoking.


We don't know the full ingredients and the short / long term outcomes of their use. Until the e-cig has been put through rigorous testing and is regulated, then we do not know how safe or unsafe it is - Regardless as to whether we believe or not that it has to be safer than smoking cigarettes. It is for this reason that the majority of health professionals cannot safely recommend their use.

Using it 'looks' like you are smoking - Our smokers of the future are the young people out there and are quite often very easily influenced. It is already known that it is the people who can least afford to smoke, who smoke the most and generally those who live in the most deprived of areas. The majority of children who smoke come from families who smoke. Seeing people smoke and then taking up smoking is 'normal' to them. Here at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, we are hoping to help to trying to de-normalise smoking. So, to have a product that is used that looks like you are smoking, keeps it in the public eye.

Many e-cig users tend to 'puff on' their e-cig a lot more than they would have 'puffed on' their cigarettes. I am not sure if there is evidence to support this yet, but I say this because of the amount of feedback we have from our Clients within the community. Maybe I could pop up a poll to ask this question to our members here on quit support..


There are many people who (for whatever reasons) would never have considered giving up smoking until the e-cigs came on the market. For this, I feel positive in that they have begun to change their thought process and behaviour. Hopefully using the e-cig may encourage them to quit nicotine completely.

Stopping smoking is something that many smokers would like to do but for whatever reason they feel like they can't.

If the e-cigarette is the choice of product that they prefer to use, then so be it.

Here at Quit Support, we offer as much help, support and advice to those wanting to stop smoking, cut down or stay stopped. We work with each individual at their own pace.

For those who choose to use e-cigarettes, providing that they are using them to stop smoking (rather than as an alternative) and intend to stop their use long term - then we are more than happy to support them in their journey to do so.

So, thank you for most of the above comments - there's nothing wrong wiith a good healthy debate, but can we please leave the 'personal' comments at the door?


Sorry if I've caused any offense it wasn't my intention.


Hi just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience to me with e cigs. I managed to quit using one first I cut down then stopped altogether. I only ever smoked between 5 and 10 roll ups a day but with the e cig I used a cartridge (equivalent to 40 cigs) a day. Sometimes the battery did not heat the liquid so I got liquid nicotine in my mouth a lot. I started feeling unwell. After six months investigation by docs I was diagnosed with M.E. I am worried that ingesting the nicotine liquid which is highly toxic (there is a skull and crossbones symbol on the back of my e cig cartridges) has caused me to develop M.E. because one of the theories about the cause of M.E. is a reaction to a large amount of toxin in the body. I have given up the e cig and am starting to feel better slowly but am now struggling to stay off cigarettes. Has anyone else had an experience like mine?


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