well thats it! todays the day! day one of quitting food whilst remaining smoke free. feeling like a beached whale. must and can do something

about this. approaching one stone put on in 4 months of quitting. but food tastes so good urrrrrg. but if i can quite the cigs i can do this. really wish those clever chinanise would invent a food subsitute like the ecig it would be easy then. instead i have to leave lovley tasting cakes biscuits takeaways and the rest for the healthier green stuff. well its gota be done.

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  • Oh Jules I'm the same one and half stone for me andyour right the problem is food tastes so wonderful now . I'm gonna try and be good in the week but have a couple of treats at the weekend. I don't think I'm strong enough yet to do an all out diet yet. But good luck to you , your sounding very possitive which is brill and well done for four months that the hardest thing out of the away, you've got all the time inthe world to lose that little bit of weight xx

  • Snap...I'm on a diet too ready for my Florida trip in May. Blooming hard isn't it? I've taken up tea (posh tea) which helps with the smoking and eating. My favourite at the moment is Butter Mint. It's just like Murray Mints with NO calories. Have a look on the Twinings website they have loads e.g. Salted caramel and liquorice allsorts.

  • will do and thanks. good luck to you too we can do this. we can x

  • hi rozi just back from sainsburys packed with low fat food and sat down now sipping my blackcurrent tea, its really nice. thanks for the tip. diet here we go. x

  • thanks beth. i think for me crackin the smoking bug has given me strengh. if i can do that then i can do this ( maybe) so here goes. off to the rowin machine in the spare room and cooking up veggie soup for snackin. gota be done. nothin fits me. was overweight before i started this so no room for even more weight gain. look horrible feel horrible. but self estime high due to becoming non smoker so a bit of a contriction but i can do this i must. let you know how i am doing. ps one thing for sure wont go back to the fags!!!!!

  • Enjoy.....I've just had my dinner so thats my lot for today! Apart from the tea that is. Have a good evening

  • will do. well done.you. me done my bike riding and my rowing and my shopping so now my cooking. veggie soup and chicken with ...you guessed it veggies. x

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Jules

    Are you using my fitness pal app? It's brilliant. I did join the weight loss community but quickly exited after I got a 'spell' post. It was someone advertising using magic to lose weight :D It's a bit weird over there!! Be warned.

  • ok rozi think i will stick here with my no smoking friends. were a good bunch who know how to support each other x

  • Hey Jules, like Rozi has said, there is no magical way to lose weight, and nor is there one for quitting smoking :(

    We have to work at it, just like you are doing right now :) When and only when ! you feel confident that you have mastered mr nic, then, get that diet moad in your head eh :|

    Cos I tell ya Jules, if you can quit the fags and beat mr nic, THEN you can beat ANYTHING !! that includes slimming, dieting etc :) :)

  • Hi Kath, how you doing gal ?

    Like you Kath on the weight loss community, we too have had our erm, as you say spammers !!

    I thank you for taking the trouble to come over to our community to let us know.

    Good luck on your weight loss Kath.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Kathkins...might give it another go then.. Was a bit freaked out by the couple of posts I saw. Of course there are nice people there! Trying hardest on the cigs though, dieting is second.

  • no wont be thanks for the response. didnt mean any offence. still working though cig loss. must say its been hard today without the cigs. whenever i have dieted before when hungry have allways reached for the cigs not today though. kept strong.

  • Jules, Please, Please just stay on the quit smoking front for now eh :)

    As you did when you first quit the smokes, you have to have a plan on dieting :) Soooo get thinking :) and write down WHY you want to lose weight, and what you will gain from it :)

    Then, you will be ready for the Day you start to diet :)

  • i already have why not who could refuse double help. x

  • thanks for caring pete but i'm fine. yes its been hard today but i am still here and no smokes. been busy exercising and cooking decent food not junk. just ate my homemade carrott and ginger soup. it was delish . not goina go mad just exercise more and eat better stuff not comfort food all the time. i am feeling strong about the smokes. wont go back to them i cant cause i wont be able to do this again. must lose someweight though. my backs killin me and i have a bad knee and the extra wright is doin me no good. i will be fine i will i have all you guys to help me. dont worry no smokes for me thats a definate!!

  • :) :) :)

  • Hey Jules, you've come such a long way and are doing marvellous. Sometimes it is worth just dealing with one thing at a time until you cross the finish line. However, there's no reason why you can't cook up some tasty healthy home cooked recipes - please feel free to share :-) Once you have a boost of confidence and self esteem brought about through stopping smoking, it makes you feel like you have superpowers ;-)

    Lots of good encouragement and advice given to you already, I love how supportive you all are of each other :-)

    Together we can all do this :-)

  • thanks emjay we can. and yes i do kinda feel unstopable at the mo. however i also sure that reality will hit, when i am hungry and reaching for the crisps. one thing i do know is the crisps will win. i would rather eat them than pick up a cig. i just wont do it. i wont smoke again. you are so right we really are all in this fight together. and together we will win xx

  • :) :) :)

  • Nite nite Jules and everybody :)

    I hope you all have lovely sweet dreams, smoke free of coarse :)

    See's ya all tomorrow, :) Loving hugs going out to anybody that needs them :) :)

  • nite nite pete thanks for caring x

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