Ok, work is slow. I don't have my cigs anymore. I have no money I'm depressed as hell waiting for work to order to keep me from going back to my nAsty cig and to keep me off Netflix. This is a huge request! Would u guys mind giving me suggestions of things to do today that don't involve spending money? It could be anything I'll do it. (Jog a mile, wash the dishes, anything)

Thanks!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I just can't seem to find any motivation. Hoping this will help! Lol!

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  • Hi leelee, firstly well done on 4 weeks, that's a great achievement. Secondly get out of the house. Walk, jog, run but do something outside where you can get fresh air in your lungs! This will not only help with cravings but low mood too. Don't know where you are so don't know what season you're in but see if you can find something in nature that makes you smile and think 'hey, it's not so bad'.

    Keep at it as you're doing brilliantly.

  • I'm about to go run. Thanks for the comment!! 😊 Just a little encouragement goes a long way! Congrats to u 33 months wow!!!

  • Hi Leelee, 4 weeks Winner now gal :) :) your doing ever so well and am soooo proud of ya, I am :) :)

    I think we all get in a sort of rutt during our quit journey :o I'm afraid we just have to kick ourselves up the backside and flippin get mooooooving :D :D Soooooo come on get yourself flippin mooooovin gal :) :)

    As our lovely LilyMay has said, going for a walk, a bit of exercise, get out in that fresh air :)

    I see you live in the USA, ermmm, I know its not quite Spring yet, but that dosnt stop you from Spring cleaning your house :o I dont know whether you smoked in your house or not, but I tell you, when I first quit, I washed all the lampshades in the flippin house, gosh gal, you ought to have seen the colour of the water :o :D :D :D and same with the curtains !!!!!

    If you have a carpet cleaner, get it out and flippin clean em, plus that would be good exercise too :) :) get your home smelling gorgeous :) :)

    I'm sure it wont be long before your flat out working again :) You just think Leelee, if you had been smoking for those 4 weeks, you would have even lesserererer money eh :D :D Soooo, you hold your head up high and be PROUD of yourself, take a DEEP BREATH and flippin get doing something :) :)

    I have been rummaging through the archives and have found an old post that I'm just about to repost, it may just help you :)

    Take care now and see's ya soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks! Got breakfast cooked, dishes done, clothes are washing, and I'm about to go run. I just needed a friend to point me in the right direction!!!! I will check out that post!!! Thanks again for taking the time to comment! I was in crisis mode!! Now I'm good!!πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi LeeLee, it is very hard I know. Sometimes you don't feel like doing anything. I have tried lots of things like take the dog for a long walk (but you need a dog for that otherwise its just a walk) go see friends. One time when I was really craving I phoned my parents and just said you have to talk to me or i'm going to the shops and they both came on the phone. One of the main things I did which helped was massively clean and I mean everything like move everything hoover polish wash disinfect that helped. And its free if you've got the cleaning stuff in.

  • I've got the cleaning stuff. πŸ˜• It's funny because the way my house looks reflects my mood. When I'm happy I flutter around cleaning and when I'm sad I stay in the bed and watch Netflix and say f&$&k it. As a result the messy house gets me in a worse and worse mood. I guess the answer is to get my butt up and shine the place!!! 😊😊 a!! Thanks for replying. I'll let u know how my house looks at the end of the day. Hopefully it's shining!!!

  • Definitely clean house - happy, messy house - down. I'm the same I have to keep everything spotless I hate mess

  • Go cycling! Always does a good kick in the ass to my depression!

  • Running this morning and cycling tonight!! I'll be skinny before I know it!! πŸ˜€

  • Leelee, you take it flippin easy gal, cos us blokes like to see curves in a Woman and not a flippin bean pole eh :o :D :D :D

    leelee, you just flippin doooooo what you need to dooooo gal, to keep off the ermmm, you know what eh :) :)

    NOPE allllllll the way Leelee :) :) :)

  • Well done Lee on your 4 weeks quit, awesomeπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    Yep we all get days like that and I see you've already had lots of good ideas to help. Hope you're feeling a bit better now and tomorrow's a new day, so if you're short of ideas for tomorrow, please feel free to pop round and clean my house coz I'd keep ya busyπŸ˜‰ I've a bit of painting you could help with as wellπŸ˜‚

  • Hi LeeLee and congratulations on 4 weeks! I remember the 4th week all too well - it was hard for me. Just push through - it does get easier. You know what's been working for me lately? Cooking. I was never much of a cook, but now I set mini-challenges to myself and they all involve cooking with some unusual ingredient that I wouldn't normally use in everyday cooking. It just keeps things interesting and while I'm cooking and trying to grasp that/those unusual ingredients or combinations, I keep my mind busy as well as my hands, which seems to help a lot to forget those nasty cigs. Oh and all the recipes need to be extra-healthy. That's part of the challenge also. :-) We don't need weight gaining as a side effect, now do we? :-)

    I don't know if cooking is your cup of tea, of course, but hey - it wasn't for me and now I'm digging the challenge, so, why not give ir a try. Here's my go-to place for recipes because they are unusual enough, healthy and delicious:

    Hang in there! And cook a great soup in the meanwhile. ;-)

  • Do some gardening..... If you haven't got one then do your neighbours πŸ˜€

    Great quit by the way😊😊😊

  • Hey Leelee.

    Iv'e got tetris on my phone, this is helping me, I'm now on leval 25, passes hours away 😊 try it! It's addictive with out the bad stuff.

    Keep it up m8 😊

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