17 Days off the Cigs,17 Days on The E Cigs.

I have been off the cigs now for 17 days,I'm currently on E Cigs& have the urge every now and then for a real cig but don't ,I puff on the e cig & it takes the urge away, I was wondering will my body start to heal even though I'm on e cigs or do I have to get off them as we'll,I havnt started coughing up much phelm since stopping and thought I would or will that start further on into my quitting regime,I do feel better and don't get puffed out walking the dog as I did,I just really want to know if staying on e cigs is ok,my wife smokes so when she goes for a cig I go with her and vape on my e cig,I've never quit for this length of time before and without the e cig I probably wouldn't of lasted this long.The e cig is a massive help to me.

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  • Hey Babydoggy, as e-cigarettes have not been regulated by the Department of Health we can not recommend the safe use of them. However as you are not getting the other thousands of chemicals and poisonous toxins as you would from smoking cigarettes, then i I do believe you are choosing the safer option.

    We have any members who ave successfully quit whilst using the e-cigarette.

    17 days is a great achievement and you should give yourself a well earned pat on the back :-)

    If you were using another form of NRT, you would be on this for approx 12 weeks or so, I would recommend that once you have made to to around this time then maybe consider reducing your use of the e-cig. That way we'll be able to see you into a much safer and completely smokefree lifestyle.

    You've come a long way, so let's carry in walking in the right direction and we'll support you all you need.

    Mad is usually quite good to talk to about using the e-cig and I know she doesn't use hers as much as she used to.

    With regards to coughing, although it can be normal not everyone will get a cough. This is usually a psitive ign of recovery. However, with using the e-cig, I'm not sure whether you would be less likely to get the dry tickly cough associated with giving up smoking as you are still inhaling something....

    I would be interested to hear whether other e-cig users have experienced this or not?

    You are now into your 3rd week of quitting, well done to you :D

  • Thank you emjay I intend to keep it up.

  • Hi

    Yes I have experienced dry tickle cough I use e-cig I feel they are a good way of quitting I've been smoke free for over a month now I've lowered the nicotine intake ,

  • Thats brilliant Ruthus, you're doing really well :-)

    Let me know your quit date and I'll add your name to our Wall of Winners: The place where every quitter is a winner :D

  • Hi Babydoggy,

    Welcome to quit support. Big well done on reaching 17days that's brilliant. Keep up the

    good work. :) Please join in on our daily chat, the more the merrier. Its amazing how we all help each other and support each other. catch up later. xx :)

  • i had last fag on jan 3rd went onto e-fags for 3 weeks then decided to stop them as well havent had any problems going without or had and desire to go back on them so i would say have a go at packing them up as well you wont know until you try good luck

  • Thank you bendi ill give it a go later when I think I'm ready :)

  • I am in week 13 of using my e cig. I haven't smoked a cigarette at all during that time and haven't been tempted to. My usage is gradually going down in a natural way. I sleep better, have a better sense of smell/taste and haven't had any kind of cough. My breathing has improved and I find exercise easier as a result. I mislaid my e cig yesterday for a couple of hours which caused me to panic. I was at work which made it worse. However, I never once thought of buying cigarettes to use while waiting for a replacement to be delivered. I am that determined never to smoke again. I don't think I could physically tolerate them anymore. So I did learn something. For me, I'm grateful that the e cig was invented because nothing else has worked for me.

  • That's brilliant cleopetra 13 weeks,I don't get urges all the time it just enters my mind,like after my tea I used to have a cig,but now use the e cig,I can't see myself going back to cigs either,I don't wake up coughing anymore so it must be having some effect,my teeth have started to lighten in colour,but I've had sore gums for a couple of weeks,have you experienced anything like that ?

  • Hi Babydoggy I am new to this site. I have done 9 days now using my ecig . I also have sore gums but I know it's not caused by using the ecig. On a previous attempt of not smoking using patches I also got sore gums. My doc said it was a rush of oxygen and blood going back to the gums and should improve over time. Well done on your 17 days by the way.

  • I have had some problems with my gums too. I'm still not put off from using it though but it is in my mind and will hopefully not become too problematic. Otherwise it will be cold turkey and I think I would be unbearable.

  • I so wish I'd gone for the e-cig. I chose Champix which I wouldn't recommend to anyone, as far as stopping cravings goes I've found it to be useless. As for the cough. Well I haven't had a cigarette or an e-cig in 10 weeks and I haven't had a cough or coughed up any phlegm, I didn't the other two times I gave up smoking either.

    When you smoke your gums are deprived of oxygen in the blood so gingivitis (the very beginnings of gum disease) is masked. Once you stop smoking after a few weeks a good blood supply once again reaches the gums so when you clean your teeth they bleed whereas before they didn't. You should go to your dentist and have the gunge cleaned off that you can't see then your gums should be able to start recovering from some of the damage that smoking was causing.

  • Hey there, sore gums is a positive sign that your body is repairing itself and getting back to normal :-) As a smoker you are taking carbon monoxide into your system. Carbon monoxide sticks to your blood cells far more readily than good old oxygen does. This means that the smaller amount of oxygen you have must be sent around to the vital organs, the places where it is needed most.

    Since stopping smoking and not putting any more dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your body, oxygen is back up to it's regular levels in your circulation and reaching all the right places. This also includes your gums :D

    Given time you should notice that the pain becomes less and eventually will stop. If it were any where else in your body, you would probably experience it as pins and needles.

    There is an old post in the following link that has information included from another of our members, Jillygirl. Have a read through it and see what you think;


    Remember to stay positive and recognise any withdrawal symptoms as a sign of recovery.

    You're all doing ever so well :D

  • I smoked for 40 years and nothing worked for me. Thank heavens for e cigs. I quit the ciggies 6 weeks ago and have been using e cigs ever since.

  • Well done to you Popstar62, is your name up on our Wall of Winners - The place where every quitter is a winner? If not, let me know your quit date and I'll pop it up for you :-)

    Keep on keeping on, there's a lovely 4 week badge here that should be next to your name! I'll soon sort that for you ;-)

  • Been stopped a week and on the e cigs. Smoked for 30 years and only stopped once 2 years ago for 14 months. Stupidly gradually got back on them after the odd drag on nights out. I won't make that mistake again! I already feel better, my breathing is easier after one week. :)

    Another thing I've noticed is, I'm not craving the food replacement since I started with e cigs. Put almost 2 stones on when I quit before. That's another excuse to re-start smoking, but not this time!

  • That's great Mishelle, a week is just brilliant, well done! You are doing just great. It is soooo great to feel the breathing easier, smelling better, all the great benefits of seeing the cigs off at last :)

    I think the ecig is a really good stop smoking aid for lots of us on here. Helps keep our hands busy, and I find the breathing out, huffing, puffing! is a gentler way to make the change than just changing to nothing overnight - the habitual actions we use for years are a lot to let go of all at once. We're all different though.

    Join in for the chat here. So good to share experiences, great support


  • Thanks, Betts!

    I'm getting the odd urge, but, it's only a matter of time before it goes completely... a few weeks, maybe a month. The way I look at it, it's either coping with that for a month, or continue ruining my health, stinking of fags and standing in the freezing cold in winter to not enjoy ruining my health and paying a lot of money to do it. Not a difficult choice really.

    I did it totally cold turkey the last time, no patches, pills... anything. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. It's just making your mind up quickly, doing it and sticking to it.

    I won't be so stupid this time around. I want to live a smoke free life for good!

    I've looked through the group and it's great everyone can come together and support each other. If you have good back up from people who are going through the same thing and actually sticking to it, it makes you more determined. :) xx

  • The back up is brilliant. If you get some tough times, you know you're not alone, you can come on and share, and it is also great to have a laugh, best therapy :)


  • My name is Akhil. I have been smoking from last fifteen years. But i am glad to tell i have not took a single puff of smoke from last 18 months .I got married 20 month back and decided to leave somking so i dont hurt my wife's health. I switched to e cig i tried bunch in them and settled for one which suited best for me.At first it was hard,first 21 days is really tuff and for that i took high perc of nicotine in e cig and after 3 month i went on decresing nicotine level and now i am 0% . I feel lot better than before ,i got rid of bad odor , i have no cough, also i noticed increase in stamina as i go to gym regularly. I did enough bad not quitting smoke for 15 yrs but now i would not be smoker again

  • Well done Akhil, that is fantastic, and how lovely that you did it for your new brides health.... that is SOOOOO romantic :)

    Thank you sooo much for coming on here and sharing your quit story with us, it will help others who might be struggling :)

  • Hi ya Akhil and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :) and hey pal, 18 months quit is some flippin going :) :)

    Akhil, you are a man after my own heart :) look after your lovely Wife before yourself :) :) I cannot fault you one little bit pal :) :)

    I will now sort you a Winners badge out for 18 months quit :) :) :)

    ACE pal, just flippin ACE :) :)

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