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Hi everyone, I gave up smoking 2 weeks and 4 days ago. I was really poorly with a chest infection and I was really scared with the wheezing in my chest, that I thought "why the hell " am I still trying to inhale nicotine, so I've gone cold turkey since then. I feel so much better, no wheezing at all, I don't seem to crave nicotine, it's just trigger points when I think, I'll have a ciggie when I've done this and then it really hits me, I Don't Smoke anymore x. I'm finding these times really hard. Any advice would be really appreciated . I have been reading all your posts and I'm finding them really helpful .

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Hiya Ms006 and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on over 2 weeks quit and cold turkey as well, brilliant👍

The nicotine has well and truly left your system at this stage but unfortunately our brain remembers the association of what made us smoke, so this takes a bit longer. You're doing ever so well and now you are a non smoker, you have to keep reminding yourself that you don't smoke anymore. I think changing your routine round a bit will help, have a glass of water instead or try some breathing excercises. Write down all the good things about not smoking and this will help you focus on all the positives. Diversion is a great strategy and that's why this forum makes a huge difference to us all. Just come on here and there's always someone around to help and be very proud of your achievement, well done😊x


Hi Jan1656, well done on your quit☺😊 you are a few days ahead of me😀 but like you a few times yesterday there where times when I found my mind saying 'right now it's time for a smoke'. It shocked me at first but then when it happened again I just thought well maybe the old me would have done😕 but this is the new improved me😄😆 and I am a none smoker!!

Hope you are having a good day and remember NOPE we are winning this 😉😆


Well done quitting cold turkey, that is fantastic :)

I still suffer from the cravings but mainly at night, and when I am bored.

As Briarwood says a change of routine and drinking water helps greatly. I was chewing gum but it now gives me horrendous heartburn so had to stop :( .

Hope you find something to distract you and don't let Mr nic sneak back in x

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Hi ya Jan1656, a big warm welcome to you to our lovely quit support community :) and a massive well done to you for reaching 2weeks and 4 days quit annnnnnd cold turkey too :) :) I take my hat off to you :)

I see the Ladies have given you some great advice already :) like they say, try sipping on some water, and if your say, watching tv, then get up and walk into another room for a couple of minutes, try occupying your mind with something, like planning your lunch for tomorrow, have you got anything in the garden to do tomorrow ? where are you going tomorrow ? anything :o just try to change that mode of thinking :)

Maybe try our Breathing exercise No 1, if you look on the right of your post, you will see TOPICS, click on 'hint & tips' and you will find it their :)

Jan, your doing ever soooo well :) your really are :) you just show that flippin mr nic who's boss and that you dont want him any more, you dont need him any more :) and every time you beat him, you shout ''YES'' I've done it again :) and hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) :) Each time you beat mr nic, you will find he gets less severe and it wont last as long :) :)

If you dont mind me asking :o is your quit date 21st May 2015 :o cos then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge upto date :)

Pete :)

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Hi Jan

Well done on getting through one of the worst periods. You will have cravings and you will feel as though you are going mad but what you have done is become a non smoker and taken your life back.

I did use NRT this time. I wanted to disassociate myself from the physical lighting up but the cravings were still there.

For the first few months I carried a list.

Reasons to stop smoking 1) want to see my daughter grow up 2) don't like getting out of breath, 3) smell 4) panicking at 11pm when I have 2 cigarettes left 5) £8 per day on nothing 6 ) constantly worrying about my health 7) looking for opportunities to smoke etc etc etc.

Write your list. Remember if you have one you will feel chesty , heady, it will damage you .

Keep going. My replacement is a nice cup of tea.

Keep going . Remember NOPE ( not One Puff Ever)

And please come on here and talk to the wonderful community who have got me through the worst times.



Congratulations on making it this far. By now you should be over the hardest part, the days should get easier from here.

I personally haven't found a good one stop solution to the occasional thought of "Oh I fancy a ciggy" all I will say is that for me it has got less often.

If you look over the history there are some threads discussing "mental pathways" which were interesting on the subject of how our brains build up pathways which helps smoking patterns stimulates pleasure sensors.

Some people find success with replacement activities/rewards. Just be careful that you don't get into a different unhealthy pattern (rewarding yourself with cake too often).

As monkey suggested, breathing exercises are popular, I found that some times in the past just a few deep breaths would help.

I like the list idea from jim224488, simple reminder of why.

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Hi Ms006 and a big welcome to quit support :) :) and congratulations on your quit so far :) :)

You have done a super job and doing it cold turkey too :O :O

Take a read of some of the information under the topic headings as there is a wealth of information about quitting and what the common symptoms are of your body repairing from the chemicals in tobacco.

We have a great support team so if you need any help in any way, just ask away :) :)

All the very best on your quit journey



well done jan, i, like yourself have had a few bouts of chest infections. These left me with a semi permanent cough. i went cold turkey as had enough of coughing, its three weeks today and no more coughing. i get the odd craving but only in situations where i would have previously lit up. i just erase the thought from my mind and do something ..... anything ..... go for a walk, gardening, cleaning etc just to distract my thought pattern. best regards and well done again : ) Les


Congrats dino on your 3 weeks today, you're doing brilliant and keepin busy, so well done to you👍 no more coughing either so you're feeling the benefits as well which is awesome😊x


You have done really well.

I'm 6 months in and the need with wanting a fag is so much better and easier to deal with. But I still get the urg but I think it's more of a habit thing!!

Honestly gets easier


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