DAILY CHAT/  TUESDAY    29/03/2016

Hello all you lovely people. I hope you all had a good easter time.

Well the weather here in Yorkshire U.K. doesnt know what  its doing.

We had snow this morning , now its bright sunshine.


Lovely to see  everyone is  doing well with their quit journeys.

Need any help just  shout.   

Well tomorrow is No smoking Day. 

Any tips for new  members  will be gratefully received.

Enjoy your day/ evening.   :)  xx

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3 Replies

  • Hello Jilly, lovely opening😊

    Great to see ya and hope you enjoyed your Easter🐣

    Very cold but the sun's shining and I'm heading off to the gym🏋🏊

    Wishing everyone a good smoke free stress free day🚭😊

  • Thanks for getting our week off to a good start!

  • You're awesome jillygirl ... And you're from Yorkshire 👍🏻

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