Good morning, I hope you are all well, A lovely sunny morning here in Yorkshire. Amazing how everyone feels better when the sun shows its face.

Its like this community when everyone is happy it is a joy to take part. I for one missed our favourite fella last night Pete . May have to get the " We want Pete!" banners out girls.

Right kettles on anyone fancy a tea or coffee?

Have a lovely day.

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  • Hey Jilly,

    Sunny here in Kent too :) hmmmm a cuppa would be great, i have some jaffa cakes to share lol!

    Yup think we all miss Pete. x

  • Did someone say.... jaffa cakes?! Om nom nom! Good morning m`darlins'! xxx

  • Yummy love jaffa cakes. :) :)

  • Good morning Jilly, Al and everyone.

    Mmmm ..... sunny at the moment, interspersed but torrential downpours! I love jaffa cakes too but the trainer I'm seeing at the moment wouldn't be happy. I'm working so hard trying to shift my spare tyre on this kick start programme. I am so much fitter in such a short time but the numbers are staying the same, even after 2 weeks! :o Off to an aqua class this morning and hope to run later with the running group for the first time this year.

    Stay strong and have a good day. :)

  • Wow Andi, you're kicking some serious booty! Puts my cardio to some serious shame :D

  • And I must be nearly twice your age! ;-) You're never too old to start. :)

    The only trouble with running with the group is that it really messes up my meal times. I've just eaten some nuts and a banana to make sure I'll have enough energy to keep going - it does feel cold outside but at least it's not raining (at the moment :o ).

  • I will get myself some decent trainers and give it a whirl sometimes :)

  • Hi Andi, I got on the scales this morning and was very excited to see I've lost 2lb - yay. I thought I had cos I kept thinking my waist seems to be going in a bit more, heehe. You'll get there soon, it just suddenly disappears. I've been a proper little piggy of late (blame my husband, he force feeds me you know ;) ) haha, so was very surprised to see I'd lost a couple of pounds that's been hanging around for yonks. Just need to get rid of another 4 and I'll be back to what I was when I stopped smoking, tho I don't think stopping smoking had anything to do with the weight gain as its nicotine that drives up the metabolism. You can borrow some of our hills if you want

  • In fact no need to borrow them, you can have them for keeps :D

  • Blimey Andi i am exhausted just reading what you do lol! might need a jaffa cake to recover :)

    Hey Lenne hi there, i keep meaning to ask, is your avi picture one of your cats? x

  • Hey Pinkie, yeah this is one of my brood, I have 4 cats :)

  • awwwww that little kit looks so forlorn but gorge markings, i have 3 cats, so playing catch up to you, my friends always say when i reach 4 i am officially a crazy cat lady.....cant wait :) x

  • Hehe :D

  • Beautiful little kitty. I just want to cuddle and stroke it!

  • Aww thanks :D He has grown up to be a bit of a tank but very much a mummy's boy.

  • Good morning everyone love a cup of tea and Jaffa cake. Unable to get on site much now during the day now I am back at work full time but try whenever I can. taking a day off today got hospital appointment later so thought what the heck, the sun is out which makes us all feel better so going to go for a lovely walk this morning. Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you do

  • Hey Kaprin good luck at the hospital :) x

  • Thanks really appreciate that not looking forward to it actually

  • Morning everyone. I'm just getting ready to go out for what's going to be a mad busy day. Really want to stay on the sofa in my pjs.

    Found a new positive of being a non smoker. I can have white polish on my nails knowing that they aren't going to be stained yellow by the smoke. It used to be a massive pet hate of mine. (The aren't neat but I'm not that fussy) postimg.org/image/m2is593sl/

  • WOW did you do those yourself? how??? i love anything psychadelic ( cant spell ) and they look very 60's :) x

  • It's actually really easy. I would love to claim the idea as my own, but really it's from a YouTube video

    This is my first attempt

  • Ellie I have my daughter here at the moment and she says big thank you for the video she has made a note of it . (know what she will be doing this afternoon). :)

  • Yay. I hope she enjoys it. It was an enjoyable hour for me last night. I found though that the new gel nail polishes don't work so make sure she uses normal ones

  • thank you. :)

  • Omg that's amazing!!! Going to try that.... But I fear it is not that simple lol x

  • WOAH lovely marble effect- the colours you chose are wonderful :)

  • Morning all, Wow Ellie I love those nails, I wear nail varnish all the time, must give that a try, :-)

  • Mrssunnyside as soon as I am feeling better I am def going to give it a go.... But fear it may be a real mess lol!

  • I'm amazed I didn't spill the water with it in it all over the place. That's the kind of thing I do

  • Lol me too x

  • Amazing nail job Ellie! I stopped painting my nails many years ago - not much point when you do a lot of gardening (alright, maybe not quite so much the last couple of years! :o ).

  • :P :P

  • Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeete

  • Aup Ellie :) shouldnt you be in bed by now young Lady :o

    Ha ha ha ha thats making me want to weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D

  • Sleep is for wimps!

    Seriously though I'm finishing off some work before bed. Wondering why I take so much on!

    How's you?

  • I'm still wiping the flippin tears from my eye's after reading all the flippin PM's I've had :o :) :)

    Awwwwww you're all so lovely :) :)

    I'm a very very lucky old boy to have friends like you and all the others :) :)

  • And remember no one would have said anything that wasn't 100% true

  • Lenne,I love the avi,what is the cats name? I've got 2, a brother & sister both orphans.Ben Arfa aka Greedy Benny (hubby is a,staunch Newcastle supporter)and MISTY aka Mizzle.

    Andi,as I've said before,full of admiration for your fitness.Once my back is better I'm gonna have a go at running.I'm even kinda looking forward to getting back to the gym,I miss it.Managed 4 mile walk today so not too bad.Sinfree,well done on the weight loss,just 4 more pounds to go,you must be well chuffed.Anyways,another day nearly done and dusted,I'm just glad that the weather is getting better,spring will soon be here.Hugs to all H x

  • That's good walking 4 miles, I think the most I've managed to walk is about 2.5 miles - I'm always thinking "are we nearly there yet" 4 miles is like for ever. I'm trying to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day so I did 20 minutes this morning and I'm going to go out for a walk in a minute while the football is on.

  • This one is called Talyn, the others are called Tidus, Yuna and Laguna (names from a game called Final Fantasy and Talyn is named from a show called Farscape). I love your cat's names, I bet they are right little characters!!

  • Brilliant names I love them :) my ginger female is called spoon, the full grown black tom is called Charlie and my newest little rag doll black kitten is called Dave. He is adorable and really loving. X

  • Aww ragdolls are gorgeous- I admit I have a soft spot for gingers (never "met" a ginger female before though)!

    Would it be weird do you think if we started up a thread on here just to show off our furbabies?

  • Why not have a pet photo day (providing you have a pet) No dont want a pic of my pet (hubby) . :P

  • I don't think it would be weird at all lol! My 2 black ones are not easy to take photos of, but my little ginger spoony is :) x

  • Good Evening All :-)

    I'm a tad late today as I've been working up in Preston ways and to say I had a few traffic challenges (there and back!) is just putting it lightly! I hope it's a different story for the next 3 days as I'm all over Lancashire for 4 days out of the 5!

    Anywhose, glad to be home :-)

    Now for a catch up, I wonder if there's any Jaffa cakes left.... :D

  • I saved ya a couple :)

  • Ok going to sign off now getting bog-eyed. I hope Pete appears this evening if so nite nite ans sweet dreams.

    Thanks to everyone today for supporting each other. nite nite. see you all tomorrow. :) :) :) xx

  • Lenne,Benny is a real little b####r,always hungry and bossy to boot but when he just sits and looks at me with his funny little ginger face I really can't help but smile.His new trick is bringing me worms! Misty is my little ballerina but a bit of a madam.I love your cat's names &Al' s Spoon and Charlie and the New arrival Dave.Think a pet photo day is definitely in order.Nite all H x

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