Good morning / evening, I hope you are all well and staying smokefree. For many of you it will be 1 whole week from no smoking day and quitting. Well done if you are still staying smoke free. If you need any help just ask we are all here for each other. :)

Spring is not far away now, so why not have a good spring clean and this time no stale tobacco smells to spoil your decor. Its amazing how fresh things smell without smoke.

Have a lovely day. :) :)

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  • Morning :)

    Overcast and dull here in Kent....but meant to brighten up later.

    Hope everyone is well and strong xx

  • Hi ya Al :) how are you doing gal ? I do hope its getting a bit easier for you :)

    Am sending you loads of happy huggs Al, and you don't need a window open, cos ave taut them to get through the key hole see :| :D :D xxx

  • Al, Jillygirl, its a rite dark and dull day here too :( hmmm, maybe if I open the curtains it will be a bit brighter eh :o Well its not my flippin fault, am an old boy now :P :D :D

  • Good morning Al, weather same up here. bit like my hubby grey and miserable :D :D :D

    Have a good day. xx

  • :D :D :D

  • Good morning Jillygirl :)

    Ermmmm, yep, it is Spring now :) but am not sure what that other word is, hmmmm, I think I will have to goooooogle it !! sometime eh :o :D :D

  • Good morning, sunny here. We're off to Ewloe on Deeside to pick up a precast pond off Ebay. Taking Campervan and bikes incase there's somewhere nice to cycle nearby.

  • Aup Sinfreeeeeee, I aint flippin chatted to you in ages gal :( how you doing ? I do hope your knees have got better for you :)

  • My knees are better Pete cos weather has been bob and I've not been on my bike since last Wednesday.

  • Good Morning to everyone. Sinfree it's lovely and sunny here in Deeside and warm, but very windy, You will have plenty of nice places to cycle to, :-)

    Hope everyone has a Happy smoke free day, :-)

  • Hi ya Sunny :)

    I hope your well and flippin enjoyyyyyyying that flippin sun gal :P :D :D :D Am not bothered am not :(

    You have a lovely smoke free, SUNNY day SUNNY, take care now and speak soon, Pete :)

  • It was cloudy and very windy when we got there just before noon. So we stopped off at Preston Brook, went for a walk up the canal and came home where it's still sunny and warm.

  • Just look at this Pete cleared his shed out :-

    Typical man.

  • Don't like red stripe seeeeeeeeee :P :P

  • Ok be like that do I care erm nah! :D :P :O

  • Huh, typical flippin Woman, kicks a poor old boy when he's canned :o :D :D

  • :D :D

  • Got to go now help with lunch club. Have a good day and sleep . luvs ya. xxxx

  • OYyyyyyy where did you other comment goooooooo, cos I gave you 3 smilies on that one :D

    I used to drink tetleys bitter a few Years ago :| Ermmmm, was that at Skeggie, or Southport :o :o

  • Gremlins on here again . :(

  • I posted some more cannies for you but the gremlins got em, xxx xxx xxx

  • Huh, typical flippin gremlins, pinch my cannies when I'm not looking :P :D :D

    Rite am off up that flippin woooooooden hil again, WITHOUT a cannie :P :P see's ya soon, luvs ya xxxxx

  • Dull & dreary here in the N.East,still the trees have signs that the leaves aren't too far off and after that it'll be summer soon.YAY.Bit fed up with the cold now.Hope everyone is,O.K. Hugs to all and especially those that are struggling.Helen x

  • Been a lovely sunny day here all day today. Wasted it really cos been sat in van most of it on motorway venturing out to places with no sun - typical :(

  • Big Hello everyone

    It is me .... well I think it's me !!! How are you all, few new names & glad to see one or two I know !!

    Not much to report really (unless you have a few hours... which you don't I guess & neither do I....)

    Just want to say STILL SMOKE FREE and heading to NINE yeah 9, BIG 9 flipping months on 27th March.

    Great thing about getting this far from the cigs is I go long periods of time without even thinking about them, days maybe weeks (or is that pushing it!!). Point is the further you get away from the addiction the easier it gets ... well that's after those rather turbulent / stormy few weeks !!

    Just want to wish you all well and say "give-up as soon as you can & stay smoke free because life is miles better without".

    More best wishes to you


    Still NOPE

  • Hi Jonathan. Glad to hear you're still not smoking. Wow 9 months! Just long enough to grow a baby haha. I have joined you very recently with the NOPE'ing. I gave up my e-cig on Monday (that's almost a complete 3 whole days) and gave up my lozenges on 3 March so now I have nothing - 'cept lots of mint imperials, I'll have no flipping teeth left in a bit. It's tough but am determined, its now 14 months since I stopped smoking so I guess its time to kick the nic too. Nice to hear from you Jonathan, don't leave it so long next time :)

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