Hello everyone, rainy here in yorkshire I hope the weather is brighter for you. Lovely to see some more new members yesterday, and being so positive. This quitting is like today Tuesday or Choose-day. the choice is yours on how you quit. I chose the inhalator when I stopped, Its all about what you feel happy with. Dont forget any problems just pop them on here. Meanwhile have a lovely smokfree day. :)

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  • The sun is out in Norfolk. I am feeling good so all is well in my world. Happy Tuesday to all

  • So glad your morning started well for you keep happy. :) :)

  • I'm at Boots for my smoking cessation. Very nervous after last weeks disaster.

  • Good luck! let us know how you get on.

  • Still high. It was a 7 today. But I went to my regular chemist to pick something up and used their machine and blew a 2. Went back to Boots and they say no-one else has complained about their machine

  • I would go to the other chemist its odd that Boots machine is always high.

  • I might switch. I only used Boots rather than the other one because I go to the other one 3 times a week and I wanted my quitting to be totally separate. Was also a little ironic that I walked past the Boots woman having a smoke when I went in

  • Lol love the fact the woman at boots was having a smoke! made me smile a little. Hmmmm i would def change chemists. Do you know if anyone can have the test done? or do you have to be on the NHS quit programme? i am interested if i can wander in and get it done. x

  • I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use ask them to do it. You might have more luck with small chemists who are less likely to have head office rules

  • Morning all,

    Sunny and fresh in Kent.

    Oooh good luck Rainbow for your trip to boots, let us know how you get on hun x

  • Morning everyone, It's raining here in North East Wales, again !!

    Yeah Happy Tuesday KC :-)

    Good luck at the Cessation appointment Rainbowlilybet, Deap breaths eh, :-)

    Felt so much better for doing my phisio exercises yesterday, so I'm back on track for doing them daily now, and perhaps loose my spare tyre that's crept on since I've given up the cigs !!

    Stay Happy, :-) :-)

  • Hola Everybody :-)

    I have my extra dippy head on today and cannot seem to keep up with each post on here so if I don't reply in any particular order, don't worry as I'm sure I'll get there. A gentle nudge or a poke with a big stick if I've missed anybody will be greatly received :D

    JillyGirl, I love the 'Choose Day' Tuesday - lets see if we can choose wisely - Today I am going to choose to work my way through my To-Do list and get as much of it crossed out as possible :D

    Ellie, good luck for your appointment and don't be shy in letting your advisor know that you had your reading re-taken and it was fine. Keep us posted won't you :-)

    Mrssunnyside, 'tis a wet one here in Liverpool too so you are not alone :-/ By completing your daily exercises will mean that you will be releasing more of those feel good factor neurotransmitters - Endorphins :-)

    Hey Al, please send some sunshine our ways :-)

    KC1946, nice to see you over in the daily chat :-) I have a nice cup of tea here that I am more than happy to swap for some of your Norfolk sun :D

    Right, it seems to have taken me forever to just write this post in-between interruptions at my desk :-/ I have had to take off my Good Morning at the beginning!

    Shall pop the kettle on now :-)

  • Hey Ellie, at least your reading is still low enough for your service to give you your NRT. I wonder if their machine has been calibrated?

    Just to double check - I know we spoke about your boiler check last week - I wonder if it is worth you popping to your regular chemist (the one with the monitor that you like!) tomorrow, at the same time of the day that you went and had your reading taken today?

    The reason I suggest this is because if it was a faulty fire or boiler, then your reading would be higher first thing in the morning and would lessen the longer you are away from your home. So, by the time you had left your home, travelled to Boots, and then to the other pharmacy - any levels of carbon monoxide will have dropped. Does this make sense?

    Also, if it was Carbon Monoxide poisoning , other signs and symptoms can be found here;


  • Hi Emjay,

    Do you know if anyone can have the test done at the chemist? or do i have to be on an NHS quit programme?


    Al x

  • Good idea Emjay. I'll try get there tomorrow, if not I have to go on Friday.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I have been in meetings back to back since 1.30pm and then a couple of phone calls to return means I'm only just bobbing back on here.

    Al, carbon monoxide testing doesn't cost anything to get done. Not all, but a lot of pharmacists do have a monitor and I'm sure they will be more than happy to see what your reading is :-) Just tell them that you have recently / are about to stop smoking and would like to know what your carbon monoxide levels are. It's a simple test, you just have to stand up and hold your breath for as long as possible (15 seconds is best) and then blow, long but slow into the machine :-)

    If you want to PM me your postcode - I can let you know of your local stop smoking service who will be more than happy to do this for you, I may also be able to find out about your local pharmacy who provide the same service...

    I'm away home now (Liverpool playing Everton you see and I don't want to get caught in any traffic!). I shall pop on later this evening :-)

    See you in a bit folks :-)

  • I forgot to say sorry, that there aren't really any rules or anything for anybody to do this - so don't worry ;-)

  • There absolutely has to be a prob with the machine in Boots.Just don't understand why their reading is so different from the other place.Did they give you your NRT?Anyway, you know you're smoke free so I really wouldn't' fret.Stay strong.Hugs H x

  • Hi Pete

    Just to say hello as you seem a little out numbered on here but I think you are quite capable of coping !!

    "Yes" I made it to the BIG SIX MONTHS all by myself + a little negative posting on health unlocked which ended up helping me because I got to see it and Emjay came and put the boot in !!! But that helped as well .....

    This is the best thing I could have ever done for my health and I strongly urge everyone else to stay on this SMOKE FREE path - it is the only way to be / live.

    Best wishes to you Pete



  • Hey Jonathan, 6 flippin whole months quit, thats just flippin ACE ACE pal :) :) I know I say this a lot to Women, but I just cant fault you pal, youve done sooooo well :)

    Its great to know, to hear that you are reaping the benefits of quitting smoking :)

    PS, if these flippin Women want a fight, then I will givem one :o but they will have to find me first eh :D :D

    You take care now Jonathan, luv and huggs heading your ermmmmm, families way eh :) :D :D

    Enjoy pal and good luck in your new healthier life :) xx

  • Well done Jonathan. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi EmJay, Jilly & ALL

    Yeah .... I made it to the big 6 months and can I just say again how GREAT you and everyone on this site has been. Honestly I do NOT think I would have got through those early days / weeks without you all.

    MANY MORE THANKS & Best best wishes


    Still NOPE NOPE NOPE ever again !!

  • You are very welcome indeedy Jonathan :-) It's fab to see that you've now reached your next milestone.. 6 months or 26 weeks, depending on whichever way you want to look at :-) Well done to you ;-)

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