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DAILY CHAT / TUESDAY/ 21/01/2014

DAILY CHAT / TUESDAY/ 21/01/2014

Good morning all, Well its a cold ,sunny frosty morning here in Yorkshire. A lovely morning to go out for a walk. I may even attempt a short walk myself depending on how I feel with this chesty cough. I hope everyone is ok today. At least sky you won`t feel out of place on here . We are all a bit bonkers (well I am). Hope Ellie , Kaprin, Pinkiezoom uou are all staying strong and beating the cravings.

Have a lovely day. xx

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Hey hun,

You be careful if you are going out with it being cold and you not being 100%.

Its a bit milder here in in kent, in fact I am such a hardy northerner i haven't even warn a coat this winter yet! Makes me giggle as the folk I work with say it is freezing, and I am sitting there in a blouse thinking....hmmm its not northern cold lol!! I miss Cumbria but I dont miss the rain! Cold I can handle. But being a curly haired individual naturally, the rain and i have a hate/hate relationship, I spend hours straightening it, and then step outside and within 2 minutes look like a Jackson 5 extra <pouts>!

Have a good day, and stay strong all x


Thanks pinkie, I will get wrapped up , although like you I am pretty warm. My Nephew from Essex came up to stay last year and said "now I know what cold is". I have the reverse effect with my hair it is very fine and straight so i am the opposite of you look worn and bedraggled in the rain.

Enjoy your day. xx

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Morning to everyone, Yeah take care jillygirl if going out, a hat is recommended, it's Brrrrr here too.

GET WELL SOON to Surendertowin, sending get well vibes to you :-)

Glad your on the mend too yellowsnodrop, :-)

I'm in one of those moods today, jobs to be done but need the motivation !! Will get off my fat bum as soon as I have sent this :-D ;-)

Just to say I am doing well having reduced my e-cig down to 11mg, so am feeling possative ready for the next reduction to 6mg !! :-)

It will be 5months quit the cigarettes this week :-) :-)

HAPPY Tuesday to everyone, :-) :-)


Afternoon All :D

I've only just actually made my way to here and can't believe the time it has taken me to do so! If I have any more meetings, I'm sure I'll turn into one! - Shall let you know as my next one is at 3 :-/ I am also speaking with Health Unlocked at 4.30pm so there's another one!

JillyGirl, did you manage to get out for your walk? Just make sure you take the greatest of care of yourself. We can't wrap you up in cotton wool but can certainly encourage you to wear a wooly jumper :D :D

Pinkiezoom, can you believe I actually saw a girl wearing shorts yesterday?! This was following my scraping ice off my car window too! I think the young lady must have been 'well 'ard' in your books then :D

Hey Mrssunnyside, I hope you managed to find your motivation and have been able to crack on. Saying that, you've kept quite motivated throughout your stopping smoking journey so there you go :-) Make sure you remind me of when your 5 month Winners Badge is due - you know I'm a little scatty blonde ;-)

Big waves to everyone looking in :-)


Hope u stayed warm out, even in Berkshire it is cold!


I managed a walk outside today as well : ) Didn't take my crutches and boy was it ever good !!


Evening All, finally home after what has seemed to be quite a long day today :-/

Great to hear that you are on the mend YellowSnowDrop :-)

Sky44, I believe you have had quite a bit of fog down in Berkshire today :-/

Just having a nice up of tea and time to chillax out. I hope you are all set to enjoy a nice evening yourselves, give us a shout if you need 'owt :-)


Anyone else finding it's been a strange winter? Very mild and warm. Looks like it's going to change though. We are on amber snow alert for during the night which I'm not looking forward to. Warm safe thoughts to you all


I agree its been strange ,hope not a lot of snow coming. Hugs xxx


A very happy winter if you ask me, last year's cold weather just went on for ever. June was the first warm week we had last year. No snow here I don't think, just rain, rain and oh yeah more rain. But........am not complaining, would rather have rain than snow.


Rain here too. :(


As I haven't been for a walk or a bike ride today I thought I'd go after tea, huh, started raining about 5.00pm and hasn't stopped since. Did you manage a walk this morning Jilly?


Yes only a short walk but it was nice to get fresh air. :)


Very good. It was nice this morning. I had my grandson so couldn't get out. Was trying to teach him snakes and ladders but he just wasn't getting it. :)


Signing off now calling me,. shower and bed are calling me,.

So night night and sweet dreams everyone. Pete get those spears out for our ellie. :)


Oh well am going now cos my necks breaking from being hunched over a laptop nearly all day. Night Jillygirl and everyone.


Jillygirl, love your post gal :) :)

Enjoyyyyyyy your shower :) and you get a lovely nights kip eh :) luvs ya xxxx

Sinfree, nite nite to you toooooo :) and enjoy your sleep as well, as I know you will do :) :) xx

Nite nite to everybody else on here :) You all just remember, them that can, WILL :) them that wont too, CAN :) :) Sweet dreams all :) :) xxxxx


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