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Still here

Great to see so many new quitters. This really is a very supportive site. I know I don't post often but I read them all and chip in when I feel I can help.

Getting ready for another little trip, this time to Tenerife on 1st December to celebrate a friends birthday. My not smoking fund certainly allows me to indulge myself.

Nearly 2 years now I am still amazed at the achievement.


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Aup KC, its flippin great to see ya gal :) and doing soooooooo well to :) :)

Am just flippin looooooving the way your spending your '' not smoking fund '' :) :) :) and thank you sooooo much for sharing with us :) you just keep on indulging yourself :) :)

Hmmm, Tenerife eh :o I bet that will be a bit warmer than here eh :o if you need somebody to carry your luggage for you, then am ya monky to do it :o :D :D

Take care now KC and flippin enjoyyyyyyyyy gal :) :) :)


Hiya KC, great to see ya and hope you have a lovely holiday😊

Fantastic way to indulge yourself, well done👍🏼😊x

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Whoohoo KC lovely to see ya 😊

Off on another holiday eh? You lucky lucky lady😊✈️✈️

Yep sure does make you wonder how you ever afforded anything when you smoked, but am delighted your getting out there Hun 😀😀🌞🌞🌞

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hi KC....woohoo!!! loving how you spend your money from not smoking..

A holiday is a much better idea than just burning it :) :)

Have an awesome holiday :) :)

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Hi KC, thanks for dropping in!!!! 22 months, wow! Have fun in Tenerife! I''m from the US and have never been there - I heard a rumor that Brits go there to , err, let their hair down -- or something like that! Have fun!

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We will definitely be doing that. Was in Orlando in September, California and Chicago before that. I have lots of family in USA. Well done with your quit x


Awesome quit journey!!!!!!!!!👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


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