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Still here!!

Hey guys missing you all.

Just been super mega busy what with it just being me and the zoo and work it's been non stop.

But still holding out. I think I'm into my 3rd if not 4th week without any NRT.., I still have gum and stuff in the house but I figure with the nicotines out my system I don't need them. But I'm keeping them just Incase!!

I got the "last pack" from the nhs quit support thing I signed up to yesterday saying its the last thing I will get from them!! Errrr hello nhs that's the first thing I've had, my quit pack never came nor did my texts or anything else. Which is why this site has been so valuable even on the days I haven't been Able to come on The notification emails still come up on my phone. It's great as its a constant reminder that I you guys are here and it's better than any nhs email or leaflet pack that has never arrived!

I am now 97 days smoke free and that's a big wow , but I still an having cravings. I wanted to light some candles the other day searched high and low and eventually found a lighter. After months of not touching one it felt very strange in my hand yet familiar. Which I wAsnt comfy with so I've thrown it away and brought matches.

Anyways guys hoping to be on a bit over then next few days as I physically can't work as since one of the guys that held isn't around I've been doing painting and papering and appatently given myself tendinitis in both elbows!! Only I could do that!! So I'm now on trying to do less!! Just liking a walking accident zone!!

Well it's 12.30am and this is the first time I'm getting into bed before 2 in months!! So I'm going to make the most of it.!!

Hope you are all well and progressing in your journ.. Speak soon


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Hi LIsa-Jane, that's a big WOW, 97 days is brill :)

It's great that your seeing danger moments and keeping away from them, I'll need to do that as well as time goes on, glad you posted that :)

Hope you get better soon :), i know how painful that is, it's horrible

Hope your on again soon :)



Yeah the lighter was almost like a reminder. I thought I would struggle the most with finding things to keep my hand occupied but never had a problem.. But that lighter was a bit much!!

In truth I think I've had more cravings I'm no longer physically addicted to nicotine. So it just shows you the physiological effect smoking has the other day I had been shopping and was waiting outside for what now I don't remember and I actually thought..... "god I need a fag"???? Not a clue where that came from. Defo game me something to think about.


I know the physiological effects can be bad, i know from the last time i tried to stop, i found them the worst

Dreaming about smoking was bad enough, but like you it's when they creep in when your awake., I'm always on guard, especially when i'm situations where i would have had one before, trying to retrain my brain to change thought's, that will be hard though, i'll have to find it first :D :D

I'm trying crossword puzzles now to see if that would help, outside can be a bit harder, maybe i'll become a recluse for a couple of years :D :D

Defo need to think about strategies for this, hope you can find some yourself :) x


I think I under estimated those..

And although it's been a while since I've quit I think it's going to be a constant battle


Aup Lisa-Jane,

Wondered where you've been, gosh gal i bet the weight is pouring off you isnt it !! with all this work your doing :D :D


I wish it was Pete.. I wish it was!!

I've put on nearly 2 stone how I'm not sure... ;) haha maybe something to do with everything tasting soooooooo nice!!


How's your journey going hun ??


Having a bit of a rough time at the moment :( :( but these things happen and just got to stay strong :)

Your doing so so well Lisa-Jane, you really are, i really admire you for that gal with all the ins and outs with work etc ,

Rite i'm off up that wooden hill now, so good night gal and sweet dreams :) :)


Aww Pete I'm sorry your having a rough time hun.. But I know you will get through it.. I know cos you've been the main one who's kept me smiling and kept my spirits up.

I hope you get a good sleep.. I'm going to try and attempt to watch a bit of tv and hope I don't fall asleep!!

Night night xx


Hi there.

I stopped smoking 2 months ago. 56 days to be precise.

I found this site today because now my weight is really struggling. (I don't know how many times I have used my weight as an excuse to keep smoking. Must first lose weight and all that!! Like - i will start on Monday but Monday never comes.)

I also find the urge comes - no sneaks up- from nowhere. Then I have conversations with myself. Like " you could just have half of one. It won't harm" then some guardian angel or something says "oh no you won't".

A friend gave me 2 tricks that seem to work for me.

1. Suck air in as if you are inhaling a smoke.

2. Clean your teeth either brush them or some strong sugar free gum if you are not at home.

So glad and happy to read the messages on this site and that I am not alone in my suffering and neither am I going mad talking to myself! The pity is I actually enjoyed smoking


Hiya Michaela..

congratulations on 56 days.. good feeling isnt it.

I have only just seen this reply so sorry for the lateness...

Yeah I am struggling with my weight too.. but everything tastes so nice.. at the start I was like... "oh well I deserve a treat for doing so well" but then I was being good with frozen grapes, carrots..which was ok.. then but now im just like a one woman eating machine!!

I know I have to curb that, the teeth cleaning I already do but will try the air thing though...

somethings gotta give, and I'd rather it wasnt my elastic on my trousers!!


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