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Still going


Ok  so I've had quite a few too drink and just had a massive row with the so called other half at this present time we are going  g our own way which if I'm honest is what I've wanted for a long long time but above all this I have not lit up once am I proud no I'm just so very numb can't feel anything please please do not reply tonight I need time to calm down thank you just needed to get it off my chest xx

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Sorry for the above post just needed to let you no that even thou I had a drink I still didn't have a fag ,it was tough but got though it ,thank you once again xx

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Bevie1968

Hi Bevie, as Maddy has said you don't need to apologise. When we have stress in our lives, it's a normal reaction for us to light up😩 and you didn't🚭👍🏼 so that shows true strength and commitment to your quit. Therefore you should be very proud of yourself. We are here for the good times and bad times, that's what this quit family do. Relationships can be difficult and please remember that no matter what happens, we are always here for ya. You are a 10 weeks awesome winner, fantastic and so proud of you🚭👏🏼😊

monkyAdministrator in reply to Bevie1968

Dont you be sorry Bevie, you come and vent on here when ever you like :) :) and I've always said, a trouble shared is a trouble halved :) 

A great big well done to you Bevie for staying strong and not succumbing to that mr nic :) :)

I hope you get sorted out soon :) :) 

Take care now :) 

Hidden in reply to Bevie1968

Bevie... you are AMAZING... Keep focused on your goals. Regardless of everything else that is going on in your life you have quit. A huge achievement. Stay close cause this site keeps us strong xxxx

Hi Bevie, don't be sorry, that's what were here for . God knows I have let of steam on here several times. Better out. Sorry about your relationship, hope your ok. Hey and well done on not picking up a cig. Your are a strong person, sending Hugs xxx

Bevie19688 MONTH WINNER in reply to Maddyg

Thank you I think the marriage is over we want different things ,we even want to live in different parts of the country lol must be a new me the old one would of turned straight to a fag,sit here and think about it now damm you Bev you beat that mr nic 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Maddyg in reply to Bevie1968

The tick is for you staying string throughout xx

Carissa2810 MONTH WINNER in reply to Bevie1968

Hi Bevie,

I've actually kept to myself, that since my quit, my boyfriend who is still smoking, wouldn't see me until day 25 and I didn't know why.  When I thought I needed his support the most, he was absent and focusing only on himself because he says "Carissa you have a lot of emotions and I don't deal well with that" I am on day 35 now, and he will still not see me, claims he is busy, almost feel that he's jealous that I've been able to quit since he always said he wanted to quit and I said I did not ever want to quit, yet here I am smoke free, and there he is, still smoking.

and then I come on here...and all of you who don't know me from Eve, have embraced me, and accepted me without judgment at all and have only encouraged me, even if you don't fully understand what I'm feeling, and even If I don't fully understand what others are feeling, we are all just here for each other to listen and offer advice or just send hugs and prayers.

you are so strong, this situation for you will probably be one of the more stressful, and I am so very proud of you for staying smoke free.

I am terribly sorry that you are going through this with your husband, and I do hope that however it works out, it is a calm and stress free process leaving you both feeling at ease.

monkyAdministrator in reply to Carissa28

:) :) :) xx

jljlblack27 Months Winner

Keep strong, the ciggy won't help...your over the worst of the cravings. ..keep going

Hi Bevie, 

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your husband I hope everything works out how you want it to. 

It must be an extremely stressful and trying time and you are amazing that you haven't turned to smoking again. You must be very strong and determined. Take care 😀

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