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Still here 2 years later

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2 years , I can't believe it, where has the time gone, do I ever still have moments when I would like to have a ciggie, yes, do I , no, maybe I am a bit fitter, we walk a lot at weekends, going geo caching, still hate walking up the big hills though lol, I'm definitely a stone in weight heavier, but then I think smoking suppress the appetite before an I was to skinny, but like all woman no matter what age, we will always ask, does my bum look big in this, so to all of you peeps in the early stages of quitting, keep at it don't leave as long as I did to do it, I might not write many posts now, but still pop in daily to read your comments, good luck in the journey all, an remember if I could do after 40 plus years all of you can,

5 Replies
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Thanks so much for this Jude - it is always interesting to hear how long term quitters are getting on. The first few weeks of quitting seem a never ending struggle and it is so reassuring to keep hearing from people who have quit successfully and no longer suffer the agony of withdrawal every day. I'll get there in the end!

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Jude115 YEARS WINNER in reply to Spanchic

Yes you will , as I said there r days I could light up. But don't. Keep it up

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Hi Jude, lovely to see you😊

Thanks for coming back to inspire others. That's what's great about this place, we feel a real connection. Huge well done to you👍🏼😊

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Congratulations Jude on your 2 years smoke absolute fantastic effort. Thank you also for popping in and shRing your post as this truly does encourage new members 😀😀💐💐

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Hello again Jude, lovely to hear your doing well , Thank you for posting and letting others know it is possible to quit.

Take care . :) xxx

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