Still here and still quit

Haven't been around much but do read the posts. Well done to everyone on this journey. I have had an awful cold and now suffering with blocked sinuses. Been hanging on for 4 weeks now, hope it's all cleared up for Christmas.

Has anyone heard from ChrissieG ?

Put my tree up today, looks pretty and now writing lists for shopping.

I think I am 11 months today

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  • Just seen my new badge, thank you

  • WOW KC, what a fanflippindilistic quit..... well done hun :)

  • Whooooopy Doooooopy KC, you are 11 months quit today gal :) :) and ave bined out early this morning in the cold and frost to catch it for ya and I tell ya, it took some flippin catchin tooooooo :o I hope you like it :) :)

    I cant wait till am out there to catch you a BIG 1 Years badge :) :) xx

  • Awesome quit KC, Almost one year :) :) keep up the fantastic work. :) :)

    Looking forward to seeing your 1st anniversary badge :) xx

  • 11 fabulous months!! Well done :) hope you get rid of that horrible cold soon x

  • Hi KC, Well done on 11 months quit, hope your feeling better for Christmas, x :-)

  • oh my goodness I've just realised I've quit smoking 5 months today !! wow !! Can't believe it ! not bad considering I didn't want to give up, but had to because of C.O.P.D. xx Thanks to everyone on this forum for your help and support , you are all super stars !!

  • Massive Congratulations Cornishlady on your 5 month quit, well done :) :)

  • Well done cornishlady for bring 5 months smoke free. Keep up the good work :D x

  • Thank you orfordholly. your doing really well too. Well done .xx

  • Thanks for saying that cornishlady :D xx

  • I feel discouraged also my friend..Quit smoking down hill from there...On a inhaler...Borderline pulmonary issues.Been to drs any advise or positive words.Hopefully better days ahead....I do not like my inhaler....ughhh...

  • Stopping smoking really is the best thing you can do, yes it is hard, but you will start to feel better, I don't know what inhaler your on ,if you don't think its helping perhaps your Dr could try another x I think that most of us on here go through so many emotions, when we quit, sometimes it even feels like a bereavement, I know that I did, I even thought whats the point in stopping , the damage is done, it can't be undone x ! But the thing is , you can have a better 'quality of life' , Take it one day at a time, do what you can to help yourself, Think Positive !! You can always come on here and have a rant , this is such a brilliant forum, so many lovely people who all have different reasons for quitting, someone will always be here for you xx Sending you big hug x

  • I too have reached my 5 month mark. It hasn't been easy. I too had to quit because of COPD. I still have cravings. Especially at night. For some reason my breathing is better in the cold. Summer, had many episodes of SOB.

    I also have this internal chemical smell. Not sure if it's coming from lungs or sinuses.

    They say there is a certain smell that is disease specific, just not sure which one matches mine.. Anyway just curious how ur journey has been. I still have a ways to go of healing. Maybe another year or so. Restoring lung function will b a battle.

    Trying to get involved in rehab for that.....

  • Congratulations Dee on your 5 month quit, fantastic achievement :) x

  • Congratulations KC on your terrific 11 month quit, well done :)

    Hope ya feel better soon :) :) x

  • Well done KC on 11 months smoke free. Keep up the good work :D x

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