Still here but tough times

Hi everyone I am still here, but discovered on Sunday my partner had been fooling around so been back up in Cumbria this week trying to work out what to do.... It's complicated and stressful and looks like we will have to continue sharing a house for 18 months, so trying to deal, heal and cope with all that! But I haven't smoked .... So go me lol. Hope you are all good and staying strong x

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  • So sorry to hear about your problem. My daughter went through the same thing a couple of years ago. Ended up he rented somewhere. Good luck with whatever you do. we are all here for you. BIG hugs sent up to Cumbria. xx

  • Al my treasure,

    You know my story & as I've told you been there etc.Just absolutely FULL of admiration that you didn't reach for a cig,think maybe I would've done in your situation.Stay strong my good 'virtual' friend stay very strong & all will be well.Wishing Karma on your partner as in ' What goes around comes around, he'll pay somehow for what he's done to you .As jilly says HUGE warm hugs coming to you,I just wish I could help. : ( xx

  • really sorry to hear of your troubles. amazed you havn,t reached for the cigs. i know i would. you are very strong and you will def come through this! take care of your self big huggs and admiration comin your way. x

  • Awwwww Al, am so so sorry gal :(

    I tell you what Al, your one hell of a strong young Lady :) :) and I luvs ya for that gal :) :)

    Flippin men eh :P :P I wouldn't have one, I tell ya Al :o

    You keep a window open a little bit eh, to let my massive big cuddly hugs in, well that's if ya want em :o :) Luvs ya Al and you stay strong eh :) xxxx

  • Aw Al so sorry to hear of all your troubles but a massive well done to hear you havnt had a cig. Hope things start to improve for you. You take care xxx

  • Thank you everyone. It goes from bad to worse and then a bit more. But I will put my big girl pants on and go back down and just have to get on with it. It's going to be tricky for him when I am there for the next 18 months !!!! X

  • Power to you, Pinkiezoom! You've done great, keeping off the cigs. You are one strong lady! he's a berk! My daughter is just going through the same, but he's walked out too. Looks like she might not be able to keep house they got less than a year ago, and not fit to sell, cos a 'do it up' job. Another berk, his big loss in the end. Stay strong x

  • Thinking of you pinkiezoom, wow and no smokes ! xx.

  • Been there, reached for the cigs. Wish I knew how to upload a smiley for you darling but sending you psychic hugs. Never forget how amazing you are.

  • Well done that would have driven most people to a least a couple of bottles of wine and a 20 pack, the b*%*%*d may break your heart but that will heal, your lungs never will, so don't give that loser the pleasure of doing that, instead with your newly glowing skin find a nice toy boy to taunt him with, I always find revenge is the best way forward (o:

  • Oh Al :(. I'm so sorry to hear this :(. Men can be such jerks. More power to you that you haven't reached for the cigs cos it shows what a really strong woman you are.

    I'm going through same thing except my partner's affair is with the bottle and gambling. We are having to share too till I find somewhere to go.......just hope something turns up quick. He's been on a bender and I haven't seen him now for 3 days. I'm actually dreading him getting home now because god knows what sort of mood he will be in!! Like you I haven't reached for the cigs either......I'm not gonna let him rob me of my hard work!

    Heaps of love and support coming all the way from Down Under to you xxx

  • Thank you everyone. I am not in a good place but still not smoked x

  • Hey Al,

    each day you make it through what must be a very trying time for you, then you will become stronger. You are such a lovely person and have a whole healthy and happy future ahead of you, it probably just doesn't feel like it at the minute.

    Luv n hugz


  • Hi Pinkiezoom

    Massive WELL DONE for not letting the creep break you. One day you will look back and say 'he did me a favour' trust me xx

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