Still here and fighting the urge!

What a week! Giving up smoking, the worst abcess I have ever had - think squirrel with stuffed cheek! Pain so intense I have cried and even given oramorph because I can't take codeine but I still haven't given in. Why? Because I have never felt so supported as I am at the moment by people I haven't met. So really this just a HUGE thank you

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  • Hi Karen sorry your feeling poorly big hugs and get better soon vibes being sent.

    Your doing fantastic with your quit. and a new badge tomorrow. :)

    Take it easy.

  • Aup Karren, so sorry you're still in pain with that flippin abscess :( :(

    You keep on fighting Karren, cos your doing ever soooooo well, Ace gal, just Ace :) :) I cant fault you one little bit and I've tried to, I tell ya :D :D

    Ave been running around them there fields after that new badge of your's gosh it is a lively one :o all polished and on its way to Jillygirl to award you with it tomorrow :)

    As Jillygirl, am sending you loads a warm go away abscess huggs :) :)

    Take care now :)

  • Well done Karen for getting through a really tough week, you have been pushed to the limit and not given in, that says a lot about you :)

    Hope you're feeling proud of yourself, coz we're very proud of you :)

    First badge tomorrow to look forward to, you're doing BRILLIANT :) x

  • I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I had an abcess last year and the best thing I found for the pain was a tea bag, (sounds crazy I know). Just wet it and lay it against the gum where the abcess is and it numbs the gum and draws out the infection. You can google it, it really works. Congratulations on staying firm in your decision to quit and hope you feel better.

  • Aup Lin, I hope your well and focused on your quit :) :)

    Thank you soo much for this tip :) one of my friends told me to do this a couple of months ago when I had an abscess, I just flippin laughed at her :o hmmm, perhaps I should have tried it eh :|

    Next time I see her I will apologize to her :) :)

    Just wandering if you have put this on the ''hints & tips'' section ? cos it just may help others suffering with an abscess :) :)

    Thank you so much Linda :) :)

  • I am doing well with my quit, and yep you might consider an apology to your friend. I had read about the tea and remembered it when I had an abcess and woke up with terrible pain one night. I put the tea bag on a gum so sore it hurt to touch. I woke up a little while later and realized it no longer hurt and was numb. I used it several times a day and never had the pain again.

  • You poor thing Karen. Abcesses are so painful, I hope your antibiotics are working by now and the pain is easing.

    We'll done for not caving in when you're under so much stress, that shows a lot do determination.

    Kas x

  • Karen, you are a true champion. As all of us know, the first week of quitting can be toughest of them all without having to deal with the pain of an abscess. Fantastic effort :) :)

  • Poor you I hope your abscess goes soon. And well done as well :) x

  • hello and thank you all for your lovely comments. Off to find a tea bag!! xx

  • Kaz, make it a bigon gal eh :o

    I doooooo soooooo hope it works :) :) xx

  • Need to try another way mouth so swollen couldn't use a teabag not even a small one. On the funny side family keep humming tunes from Alvin and the chipmunks ... If I don't do a lopsided smile I'll cry

  • Hi Karen, yowser! that sounds like a horrible abscess! You poor thing, and a real trooper. Alvin and the chipmunks :o ! Hope it raised a smile, well, inside I mean, cos your poor mouth couldn't have stretched to one :o

    So well done, you :) you are doing fantastic with your quit, brilliant! And I'm just hoping those antibiotics have kicked in now to give you a bit of relief. Sending a healing hug :) x

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