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FRIDAY / DAILY CHAT / 30/01/2015

FRIDAY /  DAILY CHAT /  30/01/2015

Good morning,good afternoon, good evening, I hope you are all well. Welcome to yet more new members, dont forget to let myself or Monky know your quit dates. We can then add you to our wall of winners. :) As I was posting out everyones badges I was pleased to see how many members have been quit for long time now. Its encouraging, as we now know this site is really working. I think I have only noticed 1 member pull out of the site over the last 9 months.

Please join in our daily chat, ask if you need help about anything. We are all here to help one another. Laugh, shout, scream, or even cry we dont mind. :) :P :O :( :) :D :D

Have a lovely Friday. xx

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Hey Jilly and all,

Hope everyone is well, and showing Mr Nic who is boss :)



Hi Jilly and all you other lovely people who look in today :-)

Not been on for a few days, I've been busy at work and home

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a crave free stress free day :-)

My work colleague is still quit, she says she's fine till people ask her how she's doing without smoking, then she wants a ciggie.

I rarely have days when I think about smoking, and if I do it's fleeting thought :-)

If anyone looking in has just started their quit or in the first few weeks, it does get easier as time goes by. :-)

Off to meet up with my mum and sister for lunch so will try to catch up later :-)

Enjoy your day/ evening whatever your doing :-)



Hey Everyone, I hope all you winners out there are okay :-)

I never seem to be able to find the time lately to make it onto the daily chat and have a good ole gab about nothing :-(

I really cannot believe that Friday is here already - Wednesday and Thursday didn't happen for me - they are still in the boot of my car! :o

Bruno Mars is now playing on the radio, as soon as I hear him it makes me smile - It was our lovely Pete who turned me into a Bruno Mars fan. There was one of his songs that Pete said reminded him of everyone on here :D :D

JillyGirl, I love the pony - He's a cutie :-)

Shanti, hope you had a lovely catch up with your mum and sister :-)

Al, shouldn't you be away from work now and concentrating on packing? :D :D

Big waves to everyone looking in :-)


Aup Boss :) its lovely to see you and big waves to you too :) and you get them flippin feet of your's up and do some chilaxing gal :)

Hmmm, I could have done with a week like your's, no Wednesday and Thursday in it, cos the weekend comes faster then eh :o :D :D

As for the Bruno Mars song, its called '' you can count on me '' and am still loving it now :)

See's ya soon and have a lovely relaxing weekend :) xx


I am "home alone" now as hubby has gone back to work after 5 weeks off to look after me. (Ha ha ha) BUT this is danger time for me - I don't do so well by myself, I can talk myself into anything nearly. I just need to get stuck into my painting again to keep my hands and mind occupied. Since my operation my back has been too sore to do this, but even if I do an hour at a time it might help - fingers crossed for Monday. ??


Hiya Ngaire, I have my fingers and everything else crossed for you and if you don't check in and let us know if you're ok then one of us will just have to come round to yours :D

I'll volunteer coz I'd like a bit of sunshine ;)

You keep up that good quit now as you're doing so well and hope you're feeling a bit stronger now after your op :) :) x


Better get a service on your broomstick soon Briar - it's a long haul flight! I hope I won't need you, but honestly this IS my fall down time, I have never been longer than 3 months before and I have quit SO many times I have lost count. (Luckily I keep on quitting, but this time I had cancer in my kidney, so I keep telling myself not to stuff up my good one!)


Well I will get my broomstick serviced if that's what it takes to keep you on the straight and narrow :D

I'll threaten to bring monky with me and that'll sort you out ;)

You have to give that one kidney of yours very nice treatment and I'm telling you now........it won't like cig smoke one little bit and that's a FACT. You've come too far and put in so much effort so keep doing that and if you so much as think you want one, get straight on here and tell us so we can help you please :) :) x

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Aup Ngaire :)

I hope your on the mend now and feeling a lot better :) if my 1 brain cell is working right, its about 8am at your place now :o :) soooooo, what you got planned for today then, anything exiting :o

You say that you can talk yourself into anything :o well, why not try talking yourself out of anything :) as in, you know what :) if you fancy a cuppa tea, talk yourself out of it and have a coffee instead :) if you fancy a bit of cake, talk yourself out of it, have a carrot instead :) loads a ace protein in carrots :)

try to keep busy Ngaire, like you say, painting is great :) what about your house, does it need a bit of a spring clean :o can you knit :o and what about puzzle books or doing a jigsaw, something you can do while your resting your back :)

You keep strong now Ngraie, cos you've got through the worst of it and cos your alone, dosnt alter anything :) have confidence in yourself, be determined and hold fast on your quit journey and keep reminding yourself WHY you want to be FREE again :)

Sending you loads a keep strong vibes and huggs to help you :)


A www gee whizz Monk! How sweet of you and after i'da dropped you in the drink and all :) a) daughter is coming to help with spring clean on Wed and check up on sneaky fags - she KNOWS. b) won't eat carrots, like CAKE c) don't knit, like iPad, d) like to paint and will start again SOON. I will call it procrastination and enter it in Olympics for people who put things off!!

Ta for the support :)


Thanks! Roger that! I AM threatening myself too - Heaven help you dinking Monky so far - I'd drop him in the Indian Ocean I reckon :)


:D :D :D x


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