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Hello and welcome to Quit support. Today we are inviting old and new members to come on site and have a chat. You dont have to chat but even a small hello and merry christmas will do. This site has a wonderful community spirit and we dont want to lose it. It has helped many of us on here. If you join in now and again it would be lovely.

We dont want to know everything about you and its up to you what you put on here. We can have a good moan, cry, laugh ask questions and support each other.

So I shall start by introducing myself. I am Jillygirl I am 64 years old and quit smoking 20 months ago. Quit support helped me all the way.

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Hi I am kaprin and quit almost 8 weeks ago, I am 57 years old and looking forward to spending some quality time with my little bundles of sunshine my grandchildren this Christmas, ages 3, 2 and 6 weeks. I personally do not think I would be able to do this on my own and value all the support and friendship I have been given since finding this site, welcome to all, new and old and Merry Christmas to everyone x


Hi Kaprin, a big well done to you for getting to almost 8 weeks quit gal :) It sounds like your going to have your hands full over Christmas, with your little bundles of sunshine eh :) just love that :D :D

Speak soon, Pete :)


thanks Pete yes sure will but it is lovely, how you doing, I am still struggling with the cough, going to doctors after Christmas if it's still around


Aup Kaprin, I'm 15 weeks quit now, a lot lot easier now gal :) although saying that, I still get the odd occasion when mr nic has a good go at me :( usually when I'm at home, cos Er-in-doors and her Brother, who lives with us, still smoke :P :( so I still keep getting tempted !!

I still like the smell of fags, and they leave them about the house, its just so tempting sometimes !! and a little voice says to me in the back of my mind, go on, go on, they wont notice if you have one, and nobody will know !! But I WILL KNOW !!

So far so good :)

I agree with you Kaprin, if you still have a cough after Christmas, please go see the doc eh :)

Look after yourself and of course not forgetting the little bundles of sunshine :) :)

Merry Christmas :) xx


You are a star and an inspiration my friend x


Hi Jillygirl, do you still struggle with wanting a cigarette Even after 20 months or have the cravings gone away now. How do you feel within yourself now?


Hi Kaprin, I think there has only been a couple of times I have thought I could do with a ciggy but the thought went as quick as it came. (thank goodness) :)


And are you feeling better from a health point of view now?


Feel brilliant thank you.


That's great love your positive ness really spurs me on thank you x


Have you read my story :- jillys story. under the quit stories , then you will see why I am so determined to try and support others. You will get there you have the right attitude. :)


p.s. it comes under thank you quit support.


Fully understand we have even more to be grateful for thank you x


Hi all

It's five months for me, good and bad days but more good than bad now. This site has been very helpful to me, although I don't comment much I do check out the site most days for inspiration so thank you every one and have a happy peaceful smoke free christmas x


Aup Beth, its lovely to see you, gosh how time fly's :o 5 Months quit thats just flippin fantabilous gal :) :)

Stick at it Beth and hopefully speak soon eh :) Pete.


Thank you x


Hi Bethjayne. Thats brilliant making it to 5 months. and thank you for showing up today, at least others can be inspired by people like you. Happy Christmas. :) :)


Congratulations Bethjayne really well done x


Good morning Jillygirl, Kaprin, Bethjayne and everybody :)

My names Pete, I'm one of the erm, nutty ones on here, I say one, cos there's a few of us :o :D I'm 57 years old, have smoked for 40 odd years been quit now for 15 weeks after a number of attempts :o I know I couldnt have got this far without the lovely support and help from this community, so a big big thanks to you all :) :)

A big warm welcome to the new members on here and of course big warm huggs to all the old members toooo :) :)

Merry Christmas everybody :) xx


Hi Pete if your 27 years old that makes me 24yrs old :D :D . We are all grateful to this site for the support. especially you who always cheer us up. :) :) :D


Hi Jillygirl, whooooooops I was just checking if you were awake !! :P :P :D :D :D

A lovely opening to the Christmas special Daily chat gal :) its a good job that your 1 brain cells working eh cos I think mines still zzzzzzzing :o :D :D

Hmmmm, I thought Jonathan was going to sort you all out today !! I wonder where he's hiding ??



Pete - who on earth are these other nutty ones you speak of ??

How are you apart from scared that I am coming to sort everyone out !!

Just going to find some suitable weapons but it may have to be the pen...........

Happy Christmas to you




hey jillygirl, i'd like to thank you for all your support, im 7 weeks and still going strong


Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley


Martin BIG well done 7weeks is great. But similar to your poem it was YOU who did the hard work. I just try to encourage everyone. Happy christmas. :)


Hi Peeps. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you all a smoke free, a very prosperous and happy, healthy New Year. Hope Vee is OK out there if you're looking in, hope you're doing OK hun. x

Well, this is a bit like Alcoholics Anonymous isn't it, 'cept we're not anon. Anyways my name is sinfree (though not without sin) and I've been quit nearly a whole year come 26th Jan 2014. Had a slight blip along the way in April when I smoked 18 ciggies over 3 days but was damned if I was starting counting the weeks all over again. I feel I'm over smoking now, don't think I would ever go back but still badly addicted to old Nic via e-cig and lozenges. Me and hubby decided the other day that I am actually even more dependent on nicotine now than I was when I smoked. I could go 3 hours or so without having a ciggie whereas now I either have an e-cig attached to my mouth or a lozenge in my mouth. Have tried both at the same time but don't recommend it, it made me feel ever so sick - yuk. So that's my mission for 2014, kick the nic so I can truly be totally sin free.


P.S. still haven't cleared that bloody dining table :( We'll be eating our Christmas Dinner amongst the junk.


Aup Sinfree, I hope your having a great day gal :)

As for your b_____ dinning table being full of junk :o it just wouldnt be the same without it !! it looks more homely gal :)


Rite am off to get a cupannie and have a slurp, a bit early but what the heck, its Christmas :D :D


When did you take that pic of my table. :D


When you wernt looking :P :D :D


Watch out Sinfree he hides in fridges. (And you thought it was the turkey, its Petes bald bit) :P :P



OY flippin Jillygirl, I will have you flippin know gal, I aint got no bald bits seeee :P well not yet :o

As for hiding in fridges, it's just toooo flippin cold now brrrrrr :( soooo I have found a warmer hiding place :)


Its rite yummy tooooo :P :) :)


Big hello to TW62, Well done on reaching 6 months thats brill. sorry didnt reply yesterday missed your post. thank you for you kind christmas wishes. lovely to see you on the site. Happy Christmas. xx :) :)


Hi everyone old and New, haven't been on for a while, have been reading the posts on and off, and every time I've started to write a post something has distracted me or I've lost it !!!

I am now 15 weeks cigarette free :-) although I'm using an e-cig, am 60 years old and had smoked for 45 years, could not have got this far without the e-cig, but intend to reduce the nic-level in January, and continue doing so until I'm nic free.

This is a great site to be on, so much help and encouragement, if ever I feel down I just think of everyone on here trying so hard, especially those brave enough to be doing it 'Cold Turkey '

HAPPY CHRISTMAS. to everyone. And here's to a Healthy, Happy NIC FREE Future. :-) :-)


Happy christmas mrssunnyside, 15 weeks is brilliant thanks for bobbing on site. :)


Hi everyone, I too would like to wish all the lovely members of this site a very merry Christmas and a very big thank you for all the support and inspiration you all give. You make people like me believe they can do it. I'm very happy to report I am now smoke free for 8 weeks and my X-ray result came back normal, phew. Enough of a scare though!


Congratulations kizwiz, also 8 weeks still coughing though think its time for an x ray for me too, well done keep going x


Kizwiz thats fantastic news about the x ray. 8 weeks super. Happy christmas. :)


Hi, thanks Jillygirl, so glad to have found this support. Quitters stories and suggestions are invaluable. Without, don't think I'd stay motivated. Am 44 and on day 6 :-)


Good early evening everyone

I am heading to 5 ... "FIVE" months SMOKE FREE and before that with the help of this site I struggled to 20 days free then had 7 silk cut and stopped again. Had smoked 20 a day for 35 or so years with asthma.

Yeah... those early weeks (months!!) were just mad as I started to recover from all the damage smoking had done and the cravings would last for hours & hours. This site was just GREAT at keeping me going in the right direct and however bad I felt an understanding support was always available - BIG THANKS FOR THAT YOU LOT.

Anyone in those early days stay with it and let the CRAVINGS in the front door and then kick them out the back door + STAY POSITIVE about what you are doing because this makes all the flipping difference (How many times did you say this to me ?? But what a difference it made.)


Back soon .....

Best wishes




Happy Christmas Mr NOPE. xx :) :)


Happy Christmas Jilly

Mr NOPE xx


Hi Everyone, just a quick message as it is 2 am! I am 34 days smoke free.....husband had his doubts that I would do it...too bloody stubborn to give him the satisfaction! He is now 9 years a non-smoker and since has been the worst anti-smoker that you can imagine. He is very proud and tells people before I get a chance to. Teenage kids are pleased too and I hope enough of an inspiration for them never to start.

I have followed his lead and have been treating myself with the money that I have saved not buying cigarettes..a nice feeling!

I would like to thank those for the support that I have received on this site and find it extremely useful knowing that I am not alone in this fight......ooh that sentence rhymed! or could be a song lyric ;-)

A very Happy Christmas to you all and a very happy and healthy New Year xx


Happy Christmas everyone!

What a great community you are. I enjoy checking in every day even though I don't often post.

Day 35 for me, & after 48 yrs full time smoking, at around 20 plus per day, I'm pretty pleased. Thanks for all your help everyone & a happy new year to all x


Hi everyone and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. :)

I am now nearly 19 months smoke free and couldn't have managed without all the help of the lovely people on this site. I am 57 now and started smoking when I was about 13.

I am sitting here sunning myself as I wait for my Sunday dinner to be cooked on the barbie while the parrots fly by and the cicadas start chirruping. I have seen your weather and consider myself very lucky to be able to share Christmas this year with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece in Australia.

I'm sure it'll be a testing time for many of you so enjoy, but don't let the guard down.

Andi. :) xxxxxx


Hi all and happy Christmas everyone :)

My name is Mardi and am 50 years old. I live in Tasmania Australia so a long way and different day from most of you. That's where the internet is amazing! I'm so happy that I've found this site as I don't have much positive support at home. I've smoked average of 20 a day for 35 years or so. (Omg that long!). On the Champix day 6 and quit day is Christmas Day. Excited and nervous as I'm determined this time!!!

Thank you for the support and encouragement I've received in just the few days I've been on here......I CAN DO THIS!!!!

Take care all especially over the festive season.

Cheers from Down Under

Muddles xxx


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