Good morning ,afternoon,or evening, whatever applies. I hope you are all well , and the weather is fine for you.

Friday again, and near the weekend. Another week nearly over and for many of you another week of non smoking. We seem to have a lot of new members who keep appearing on site which is good news. So if you are a new member please join in our daily chat. I will warn you it gets busier on an evening when people are home from work.

Have a lovely day. :)

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  • Happy friday all,

    Have a great weekend :)

  • Pinkie, I dont think I've met you before :o sooooo a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :)

    Thank you I will do my upmostessss to have a great weekend, you toooo have a wonderful and smoke free weekend :) If you have any questions, just fire away :)

    Hope to hear you soon, Pete :)

  • Hi Monky,

    Thank you for the warm welcome, I had a great weekend, hope you did too :)

    Hopefully catch you around x

  • Good morning Pinkiezoom, hope you are well. have a lovely weekend too. :) :)

  • Hi Jilly,

    thank you I did, hope you did too :)

  • Afternoon All, a busy day here. I don't seem to have made / found the time to bob on :-/

    Loving the little Ginger Puddy Tat JillyGirl :D I was just saying that the weeks are flying by way to quickly now. I feel like it's Friday now but by the time I drive my 20 minute journey home it'll be Saturday!!

    I've had a message from LoopyGran Sue and she sends her love to everyone :-)

    Hopefully YellowSnowDrop will be fast on the mend and will be able to pop on once she feels better :-)

    More positive thoughts being sent to Veekats in the hope that she hears some pretty good news from her scan o Monday :-)

    Pinkiezoom, lovely to see you on the daily chat. I hope you are in for a lovely weekend :-)

    I need to grab something to eat... before I waste away - As if :-/ :o

  • Very good afternoon to you all

    Weekend on the way so stress levels starting to fall I think // well maybe .... just a little !!

    Got a few kind comments yesterday "that I was looking better" !!!!

    I don't think I look that great ... must have looked terrible when I smoked then / all those flipping months ago !!!!

    Yeah - what do I have to say... not much I fear ... oh well never mind. Managed to cut down / almost give up on the eye drops so less acid burn now which is good news !!

    What do I think about smoking after 5 1/2 months free ... well to be honest it is about the most dangerous and ridiculous addiction on the planet but every so often I do still get the urge to smoke but that other voice comes into my head and says "you really want to go back to all that rubbish then ??" - so I stay smoke free - thank God.

    Maybe back soon.... but to anyone just given up be POSITIVE because you are doing the best thing you could ever do for your health and those around you, especially the ones that care for you like family (with luck) and friends.

    Best wishes



  • Hi Jonathan , great to know your sorted now without the eye drops. Well you will soon be celebrating 6 months have to treat you to a cake . Take care. :) :)

  • Hey Jonathan, lovely to see you about on a fine Friday like today :D

    It won't be long before you get your 6 month badge ;-) You've been a great support to everyone around here and I think everyone who quits should remember your NOPE - Not One Puff Ever rule :D :D

  • THANKS Emjay & Jilly for your kind words.

    Best best wishes



  • Love this 5 month winner award next to my name - THANK YOU BIG TIME

    Makes me feel like I have made it in the world at last!!! I have been recognised for an achievement - taken 50 years but I have now arrived !!! Bit like having an MBE or OBE or whatever.

    Mr J Quit 5 Months Already WINNER (nearly Six ... watch this space!!)


  • Hello Pete, Hope you had an easy day. Sorry didnt catch up with you yesterday too busy winning at bingo. :D :D :D

    Have you any plans for the weekend? :)

  • Hi ya Jillygirl :) :) hey, gal, I was late getting home last night, soooooo dont you worry eh :)

    Loooooove the pic gal :D :D :D Hmmmmmm have I got any plans for the weekend ? yep !! get plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzz in :) and get my batteries charged up :) :) I might even put my feet up tooooo :) cos I think that flippin man flu has took it out of me, erm, am not sure what its took out of me, but I know it flippin has :o :| :D :D

    What you up to tomorrow then ???????

  • Good evening Pete

    Thanks for your post the other day, can't remember what I was going on about but you wished me "well" - so I wish you "WELL" as well !!!




  • Aup Jonathan, its great to hear your on the mend now and feel top notch eh :) :) you sound as though you are fully in control, maybe just watch the flippin eye drops in-future eh :o

    Well pal, I hope your well, cos I'm well, but I wasnt well, untill I got well today :D :D

    You take care Jonathan and speak soon pal :) :)

  • Thanks Pete

    It feels like old times - mind you that was only a few months back BUT yeah good to be posting on this site again .....

    WE are both still QUIT ... and enjoying a SMOKE FREE world !!

    Is it better ...... YES IT IS !!!!



  • Tooooooooo flippin rite pal :) :)

  • I like it WE AGREE and that is why this site is soooo good, because we all have the same GOAL:

    GIVE UP & RECOVER from all the damage caused by SMOKING.

    It is NOT easy but it is all so worth it..... etc etc etc !!

    Think that's me done for posting today ... so good night everyone and STAY SMOKE FREE whatever the weather, however you feel (whoever you feel - woops!!) and whatever you are going through !!!!

    Good night / sleep tight & mind the bugs don't bite ....

    Jonathan 5 Monther (Wow..) WINNER


  • Nite nite Jonathan

    You sound really proud of your 5 month badge, well, ave got a 4 month badge and am sooooooo proud of that, but you watch this space pal, cos am a coming to catch you up to a 5 month badge :|

    Stay strong pal, perhaps see ya tomorrow, sleep well and HEY watch who your feeling eh :o :D :D

  • Flippin washing, ironing hoovering dusting shopping preparing meal and then chilling. Thats the plan but if granddaughter calls round it will all change to flippin fun day. :D :D

  • Jillygirl, am wishing that your Granddaughter calls around early eh :) :) soooooo you can have your flippin FUN day :D :D :D :D

    Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy :) :)

  • To be honest so am I. Off for shower now so see ya tomorrow. luvs ya. nite nite. xx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, enjoy your shower gal and sweet dreams :) see's ya tomorrow. Luvs you toooo xxxxx

    Oy I didnt give Jonathan none of them xxxxx before you start on at me :P :D :D :D

    Jillygirl, it sounds like you need a day off gal, so bugger all the work, you just enjoy yourself please :) :)

  • :-) you are all just amazing :-)


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