Daily chat Friday 11th July 2014

Daily chat Friday 11th July 2014

Good morning everybody :) :)

I hope you all had a lovely stress free, sweet dreaming nights sleep and charged your batteries up for today :) But heyyyyy, its flippin Friday already and the weekend is just around the corner :) :)

A giganticfantabilosy warm welcome to all you newbies on this lovely quit support site :) :) Please, please dont be shy, you just come on and join in with us eh :) post, or reply to a comment, or ask a question, or just want a flippin good old moan, then come on, because there is loads of help and advice and we cant help you, then I know a very nice young Lady that can :) and that is our lovely quit smoking support adviser ''Emjay'' and I tell you, what she dosnt know about quitting smoking, you can write on the back of a postage stamp :o :) So please feel free to join in :) :)

A massive well done to DiDi66 for reaching 3 weeks quit and DeeFB for reaching nearly 4 weeks quit and a huge big well done to Jlay for getting to 4 days quit and after your carbon monoxide reading of 21 last week, this week its rite down to just 4 :) :) that is just fantastic gal, am doing a bum wiggle dance for you, cos I hope your as chuffed as I am for you :) :)

For all you other newbies who I havnt mentioned, a big enormous well done to you toooo :) cos you've made that vital, best decision, perhaps in your lives and that is to quit the ciggies and we will all help you as much as we can, thats what this lovely site is all about :) :) Stay strong and focused now and I hope to speak with some of you at the weekend :)

Just remember, if you cant put it down, then dont pick it up :o

Pete :)

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  • Morning Monky and all

    It's a good bright day, and I love your pic - where do you find them!?

    So many good folk doing just great in your post, and more out there looking in :)

    Thanks Briar and everyone for this great support. Going away for the weekend, Birmingham here we come! Staying in a hotel. You know what? It is still so great not to have to worry about smoking any more. Remember what a pain it was? I do. Good riddance!

    Have a good smokefree day all. Nice and peaceful :)

  • OOH Betts, you have a fandabidosie time in Birmingham :)

    Its bloomin raining here again today..... whats going on with this weather? where's that big glowey thing in the sky disappeared to? will I EVER see it again? will it ever stop raining? will I get to the dump today without getting wet? why am I asking soooo many questions???


  • Oh droopyJ! I hope it stopped raining for you!

    Haven't caught up on posts cos have to get sorted for dinner now, just arrived :)

    Nice fresh room :)

    No smoke :) :)


  • Good for you Betts have a lovely time & don't worry about the hangover eh .... ;)

  • Who me :o !!

    :D :D

  • Have a great smoke free time away Betts, enjoy :) x

  • Thanks Briar :)

    Just loving that badge on you. Big congratulations, you are a star!

  • Can you confirm that no kittens were harmed in the production of this photo? :)

    Happy and smoke-free Friday everyone!

  • :D :D

  • Aup Chris, yes I can confirm there were no little kittens harmed in this production, cos its a flippin puppet seeeee :D :D

    Hey Chris, it sounds as though you have got through the hard bit of quitting now, magic pal, just magic :) :)

  • Good Afternoon All :-)

    All looks good in the hood and as busy as ever here, lovely to see :-)

    I'm just playing catch up after delivering training to a group of lovely people the past 2 days. I've told them all about how lovely, welcoming, supportive and helpful you all are to each other - So I hope yoy can all feel the love ;-)

    Pete, I'm not too sure about the nice young lady bit, but I'll have it anyway ;-) I hope they've not got you working too hard in that there work place. Big huge thank you for catching all those lovely new badges - all have now been sent on to their rightful owners ;-)

    DiDi66, welcome into week 4 - stay strong and stay positive :-)

    DeeFB, a celebratory cheer for you coming up to 4 weeks, a major milestone in your stopping smoking journey :-)

    Betts, have a fun, fun, fun time in Birmingham. Not only living a smokefree lifestyle yourself now but also getting to enjoy a not-so-smelly smokefree hotel room too :-)

    beardy_chris - I'm sure that no kittens were harmed but by the looks of the photie, a few eardrums may have been :-)

    Jlay, I bet you felt well chuffed after seeing your carbon monoxide reading come down to that of a non-smoker, well done to you! :-)

    Huge waves and smiles to anybody else looking in :-)

    Anybody fancy a cuppa? :D :D

  • gasping...... make mine a coffee with no sugar please Emjay, I'm sweet enough ... :o

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Gosh Emjay, you've been rite busy today gal :) :) just wondering how you've done it :o hmmm maybe you've swapped that see through milk for red bull to keep you from noddin eh :D :D :D

    As for the nice young Lady bit, you have it gal, cos you deserve it :) :) :) xx

  • Hubby finally noticed I wasn't smoking :). He had been home about 4 hours before he noticed. He is really proud of me, especially as i am doing it cold turkey. !6 days down a life time to go :).

  • H Glolin, cant believe it only took him 4 hours.... you have a keeper in that one :D :D

    You are doing one helluva job with this quit and am soooo pleased hubby has been really positive towards your quit, I'm sure it makes life easier when you have this great support at home :)

    The thing I wanna know is when does he give up the alcohol.... ;)

  • Proud of ya too Glolin :) we will be calling you GLOWIN now as I'm sure you are, well done :)

  • Yay Hayyyyyyy Glolin 7 days now then gal and about flippin time he noticed toooooo :D :D

  • Here you go Droopy, with a little something else for you too...


    My, my, that's a nice badge you're wearing ;-)

  • AHHHHHH thanks Emjay I love it love it love it and my lovely shiny new badge :D shame I cant say the same of the new site :o :(

  • Whooaah!!!!

    Just seen the badge!!!

    You are the woman!!!

    You are a real live brilliant winner!! Huge well done :) :)

  • I know.... !! ;) thanks Betts appreciate it :) Now go and let your hair down and have a glass of something cold :D

  • glolin, we are proud of you too. You are doing brilliantly :-) Remember to practise the different breathing techniques so that you can use them if any cravings / signs of recovery creep up on you.

  • I'm still trying to get my head around it myself Droopy, loving it on my PC but having a few challenges when on my phone - HealthUnlocked are still working through a few glitches they are having with regards to being mobile friendly though.

    Also, I think I may have to start saving up and get myself a new ipad as mine seems to have really slowed down now and is being a tad temperamental :-/ I think it may be a bit dated - it was the first one out :o I wonder what I could pack up now to save... It's certainly not smoking! :D :D

  • MMM cut down on clothes, shoes or handbags maybe ?????

    Hate it on my PC...... don't have anything else I can see it on :( guess I'm just an old, non smoking, dinosaur biddy.... I keep clicking on the little light bulb in the corner but there doesn't seem to have been any changes since they set it up :o

    Oh hum..... I will persevere with it though :)

  • Hey Droooopy, for one thing your not a smoker any more eh :) ermmmm, about the other things, am not sure of :o :D :D :D


  • Hey Droopy, I won't push my luck just yet with the alcohol.. At least he is a happy drunk. :) :)..Yes he is one of the good guys, does 90% of the cooking at home :) :)

    Breathing techniques?? guess i need to learn what these are. After the first 3 or 4 days I have been pretty lucky with cravings, I get the occasional one and find it passes pretty quick. but I am sure this will change.

  • Lucky you Glolin.... I need a man that will do all my cooking, and cleaning, and ironing and clothes shopping (I really hate clothes shopping) Does he have a brother???? :D

  • Or 2 brothers??? : D :D

  • Bagsy first choice.... I did ask first ... :) :D

  • Sometimes after I have pressed the little light bulb thing and made a suggestion, I have received a message saying whether or not they have acted upon my suggestion and how many other people have also suggested the same....

    Hmmmm... I'm not your typical 'shop 'til you drop' kind of girl but do like to grab a bargain on ebay... could maybe think about cutting out some of the see through milk stuff that I seem to like. iN FACT, i COULD SWITCH TO RED MILK AS i WULD BE LESS LIKELY TO DRINK AS MUCH! nOT THAT i HAVE A PROBLEM MIND :O :O

  • hehehehehe I just thought that maybe if you shouted it then you could get used to the idea.... :)

    Although according to my dad, red milk is sooo much better for you, mmmmm not sure they mean the whole bottle though :D :D

    I love ebay... have a real thing for large silver rings... have every colour stone under the rainbow and cant even walk past a shop or stall that sells rings without having a quick looksee :( mmmm think that's what ill give up once I have fully conquered this non smoking malarkey :D

  • Oh dear, guess who is not a touch typist?! I seem to have just given away the fact that I look at my keyboard when I type! :D :D :D :D

  • I'll pop the different breathing exercises up for you glolin :-) You can have a nosie about and find some more that may suit you too :-)

  • Thanks Emjay....I am still very new at this and not really sure what to expect. 40 years of smoking a packet a day tells me i am in for some pain.

    I have the dry throat and cough happening at the moment, and hoping it doesn't stick around for too long as i never had a cough while smoking. I understand that this part of the repair process :)

  • Right Im off to the dump to get rid of all this old fencing I have.... hope you all have a great smoke free day to day :D

  • When ya drop the fence off at the dump you could have a root around for any old silver rings to add to your collection :D x

  • No silver rings just a couple of miserable, unhelpful blokes who just stood around and watched me unload all the stuff from my car and do about 15 trips up the stairs to throw it in the container...... :x an old boy drove up with a load of stuff so I gave him a helping hand to unload his car too.................. my good deed of the week so I bought myself a fresh cream choux bun as a special treat :D

    Also had to get my car cleaned afterwards as it was disgusting and while I was waiting I found a slug INSIDE my car................. soooooooo gross :(

  • Droopyj, I'm well impressed with you gal :) :) you will become a Lady one day gal :) :) and am loving your new badge toooooo :) :)

    Doing a little bum wiggle wiggle bum wiggle wiggle dance for you :D :D :D

  • thanks monky how you doing? working late again this week hun? :)

  • Oh he looks very familiar ..... :D Thanks Briar :)

  • Well you know what they say droopy, what goes around comes around, good karma and all, so something good will come back to you for helping theman at the dump :) x

    Send you a pic of someone who's looking for ya :D x

  • You're on the right tracks glolin, you may also find that it could be a walk in the park for you with just a minor few tests along the way :o :o

    I tend to think that we don't always get what we want in life, but we always get what we expect! This isn't necessarily a good thing so try and see it this way with cravings :D So, try not to expect them... if that makes sense!

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