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Daily Chat Tuesday 20th May 2014

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A very good morning to you all :) :)

First of all, I would like to say, Wayyyyyyyyyyyy flippin Hayyyyyyyyyyyy to Chrissie & Mummykins Pipps for reaching 2 whole Months quit, just cant fault you Ladies :) :)

Rozi, a massive great big well done to you for reaching a big 4 Months quit toooooo and you enjoy your smokefree holiday eh :) :)

Surrendertowin, ( Ray ) A gigantic 6 Months quit now then, that is just awesome pal :) :)

Am just loving all these new shiny badges :) :) Sooooo, People, dont just dream about being smokefree, flippin do it :) we will help you every step of the way, whether you have already quit, just set your quit date, or still planning your quit, we will help you :) :) All you have to do is ask, it's as simple as that :)

A big warm welcome to all you newbies on here :) :) this is a lovely quit site, with loads of help and advice, soooo, please please shout out if you need help eh :) dont be like me and think, maybe I can get through this hard time on my own, cos thats what I thought last Wednesday evening and, well, I'm back to square 1 again now :( so please please shout out and ask for help, cos there is always somebody to help you :) Well its either that or get called an old awesome twit :o thank you very much by the way Chrissie, huh, typical flippin Woman, bashes a poor old boy when he's down eh :P :D :D :D

For all of you who are on your quit trail, please just try to stay focused and positive about it, keep reminding yourselves WHY your doing this and WHAT you will GAIN from it :) Your health, loads a money, not stinking of fags, not having to go out in the cold and wet to have a fag, not being ruled by a little white stick, the list is endless, so, come on lets DO IT :) :)

Rite, thats enough of me rabbiting on eh :o I hope at least a few of you are still awake :D :D :D

I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free day and enjoy it :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

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Fantastic opening Mr Old Awesome Twit!!! :)

How's the planning going for your next stop dear? Did you get yourself one of those super dooper e-cigs yet? EmJay posted some great info about them yesterday which should reassure you that they are better for you than cigarettes in the shorter term at least:)

Have a wonderful day :) :) xx

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Good morning everyone. Well it will take me a while to catch up on what has been happening over the last week.

I had a fantastic holiday and the weather was brilliant. Well done to all of you with those shiny new badges. Oh and welcome to all the new members, lovely to see so many people on here. Pete what can I say except Noras back with her broom. So start a fresh you know the routine. :)

Will catch up later. Loads of washing to do . xxxxxxxxxxx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Morning all, lovely and sunny here in Kent, unfortunately it is my friends funeral today, so work is a very quiet place today, I am not attending, only funeral i will attend is my own, i am not equipped to deal with such grief and tragedy, but the sun is shining for Claire, and i am sure she will have a brilliant send off.

Hopefully it is sunny everywhere and you all have a fantastic day :) x

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Morning All :-)

Pete, you had an early start this morning didn't you?! :D Love today's picture - Also, like you - love all the latest achievements of EVERYONE on here, whether you are reaching a new milestone in your stopping smoking journey, setting a quit date, working your way towards a new quit date, try, try, trying again or working hard to keep those cravings at bay - these are all special achievements in their own right :-)

Chrissie, have a good day at work - I hope all went well for you yesterday :-)

Al, happy vibes being sent for happy memories today for a great send off for your friend. I hope the sun shines down over you all day :-)

Nora, welcome back off your jollies - Glad you enjoyed yourself. Andy popped on yesterday :-) I'll keep you supplied in cuppas today whilst you crack on with your washing :-)

I have a couple of meetings booked in today but am around for pretty much most of the day :-)

It's great to feel like I'm back properly!

Right, first cup of tea being made - before my 10 o'clock meeting :-)


Hi everyone. :-) Oh thanks EmJay for my new badge, think I caught your cold, had it a week now, but must admit better today, and I can honestly say that I can tell I'm no longer a smoker as I always used to get very chesty and have a discusting painful cough with every cold I got, firstly it's been ages since I caught a cold and can't believe how little it has affected me this time :-)

Glad you had a good holiday and great weather Jillygirl, I can hear your washing machine getting a thrashing from here !!! :-D

Al I hope you getting through the day OK, and the sun is still shining on the memories of your friend.

Hey Pete praps I shouldn't say this but me thinks you should give the e-cig a try this time !!!!! Good Luck vibes coming your way :-)

T.T.F.N. x. :-)

Fresher profile image

Good afternoon everyone, and good luck monkey on your new quit and good luck trying out the e cig, I would never have managed it without one but your a good en for keeping at it. Thanks also to Emjay on the E cig info, I definitely think the government is realising more people are stopping using this than they have ever before, I think it's the best thing invented for stopping smoking.....well for me personally it's been a life saver,,,, hopefully :) x

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Hey Fresher :-) It's lovely to hear you say that stopping smoking has been a lifesaver :-)

I'm away home now, I have a puppy dog to walk - animals to feed and water and then I'll pop my head around the door later this evening :-)

Speak to you all in a bit :D :D

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Hi Pete, lovely Daily Chat opening! Back from hols and still not smoking although it had it's challenges I can tell you!! Hi Jillygirl, at least we have had the weather to get that washing dry eh? Feeling really positive about things and I am really pleased so many of us are keeping off the nic. And, Pete, it's only a minor hiccup - why not try the ecig, it might just be the thing that does the trick for you. What do you reckon Pinkizoom?

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Good evening everyone. Washing done and believe it or not ironing done and all put away. Think I need another holiday after all that work. :D :D How was your holiday Rozi? Thanks for all the cuppas Emjay. I hope Agnes and Gertie are doing well. :)

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Rozi5 YEARS WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Brilliant thanks, how was yours?

jillygirl profile image

Right Pete! Got the answer for you to stop those slip ups. Print out 2 of the following piccys and stick one on the shed and one in the house. Then when you look at the beautiful pin up girl stockings and all. it will remind you not to give in. :) :D :P


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