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Daily chat Thursday 26th June 2014

Good morning everybody, I hope you all had a lovely nights sleep :)

Well its Thursday again, sooooo that means the weekend is just around the corner :D :D

A big massive warm welcome to all you new members on here :) :) and if you have a question then please come and ask us :) We are a really lovely bunch of people and very helpful toooo :) because we all have the same goal in mind and thats to quit smoking :) :) Plus we try to have a few laughs on the way too :D :D

Shubhamrathore, day 5 for you today, soooo, it wont be long before your a whole week quit :) you stay strong now.

Trisha1234, I'm afraid to say that drink and smoking goes hand in hand gal, but at least you know your weakness, dont you ! sooo we have to work on that see :) Could you not stop drinking wine for a couple of weeks ? drink something else maybe !

Sophloch, your weakness is when your with other smokers, so perhaps try not to go near other smokers ! and if these other smokers are your friends, let them know that your quitting and would they mind not smoking in front of you :) Or perhaps ask them if they want to quit smoking too ? if one of them says yes, then tell them about this site and lets get you both quit :) plus if there is two of you quitting together, then you can help eachother out when the going gets tough eh :) and above all, dont be afraid to come on here and scream and yell eh, because there will always be somebody here to listen to you and to help you :)

If any of you are thinking about quitting, then please come and ask about it, because there are all sorts of nicotine replacement therapy's to help you and which ever one you choose, we have used it, so we can tell you about it :) Please dont be shy to ask eh :)

For some of us like myself, it seems very hard to quit, but others find it quite easy for some reason :o but we are all different, so we have to keep battling on eh :) I have been trying to quit for two and a half years now and have had quite a few ermmm, mishaps along the way eh :o but I will never give up trying to give up that evil and possibly deadly addiction, smoking !!

I hope you all have a lovely smoke free day and flippin enjoyyyyyyyyy :) :) xx

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Morning Monky, and everyone,

Gorgeous day here in Kent with Temps rising, Just realised i am approaching 5 months quit, and never thought i would make it, without this site and you lovely peeps i def wouldnt have.

So for all of you at the start of your journey, stay strong, because if i can do it...anyone can xx


Good morning Monkey and pinkie, No sun and just had a rain shower here in North East Wales, feels cooler, but they have given rain and storms for tomorrow, :-(

Well Pinkie nearly 5 months quit WhooHoo, that's great, after all you haven't exactly had an easy time of it eh, so glad you're still on track :-)

Hope your day is Stress Free Monkey, and your not being expected to work to hard !! Strange thing all of a sudden in the last week I have loved the smell of Hubby's cigs when he first lights up !! but the good thing is I hate to watch him inhaling it and all those nasty killing chemicals, so I will not be tempted, :-) :-)


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