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Daily Chat Sunday 23rd March 2014

Daily Chat Sunday 23rd March 2014

Good afternoon everybody :) the sun is out here in Derbyshire 8-) but that flippin wind is cold and it gives a frost tonight too, so you all keep warm and cosy, just as the piccie says :D :D

Chrissie, Joolz, Louby and all who are quitting tomorrow, am sending you loads of good luck huggs and vibes to help you through your first day smoke free :) :)

Chrissie, like you, we are not allowed to use e-cigs at work, so perhaps nip to the chemist on the way to work and get some 2mg lozenges, you can buy these over the counter :) Just pop one in your mouth when you get the urge ! suck it for a while, then sort of park it up to one side of your mouth, untill you get that urge again, then just give it another suck eh :) I use these myself, they are very good :)

Oscarpeck04 - a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site :) soooo, your going to try quitting tomorrow :) sooooo why dont you join the gals above, come and chat to us, have you made a plan ? are you going to use any form of NRT ? please let us know, then perhaps we can help you get through it eh :)

If there is anybody else out there who would like to quit tomorrow, then please please come and join in :) :) Lets do this friends, let us help you get to where you want to be, thats smoke free :) :)

See's ya soon, Pete :)

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Good afternoon Pete, Hope you havent been at work today, Just got back from daughters now waiting for the eldest daughter to call in for sunday tea. . Catch up soon. xx


Aup Jillygirl, no havnt been to work today, hmmmm, mind you I have had to flippin cook dins :o :P mind you, I do like cooking :)

I hope your Daughters and their families are all ok :)

See's ya soon gal :) xxx


Hey Monky - it's sunny here in Sheffield too! :) We had a very weird shower a while ago, it got so dark I had to put my lamp on!

I've just responded to Oscar - I'm so pleased he's joining us tomorrow - the more the merrier I say - I'm being very selfish here, I need all the support I can get! :( But hopefully I can give support at the same time!!! :)

You read my mind re the lozenges - and now you've said it I am going to do it - just to be on the safe side as actually my withdrawal symptoms have not been so bad today!

Can you believe that today has been quite emotional. I've been sitting here thinking about when I started to smoke - I know, imagine thinking about that on the day before I am stopping smoking forever!!!! Wow things were different back then (in the late 70s/early 80s) - everybody smoked, you smoked at work, you smoked in the pub and cafes and restaurants - crickey you even smoked in airplanes! You just can't imagine it now can you?

I will always regret smoking, but I will NEVER regret giving it up! No matter how difficult or frightening that seems, I'm going to "kick ass" tomorrow (or should that be Kick Butt!)

So be there with the hankies and the hugs, this could get messy



Aup Chrissie, its lovely to hear from you gal :) hmmmm, sooooo, you've got electric in Sheffield now then :| :D :D

Yes I too hope Oscar joins in tomorrow, like you say, the more the merrier :) Are you listening everybody out their :o Come on and join in on the BIG quit day, tomorrow 24th March 2014. Stop thinking about it, flippin DO it :) :)

Chrissie, you are not selfish in any way gal, we all need help to quit, me included, and I tell you, you have helped and supported many people already :) with your planning and enthusiasm for quitting :) :)

Yes, am the same as you gal, I wished that I never had started smoking, BUT in the 70s, it was just the norm wasnt it :o I started smoking at the age of 13, cos if you didnt smoke then, you were thought of as being a bit ermmmm, iffy :o

Chrissie, I've got loads and loads of hankies and big big huggs ready if you need em gal :) :) xxxxx and that goes for anybody else who may need them too :)

Thank you for your congrats for tomorrow gal :) thats just lovely of you :) cos I still need help too sometimes eh :o :)


No silly, it's a gas lamp!!! :(


:D :D :D


Gas lamps in Sheffield , Candles in Leeds. :D :D :D


I got the lozenges - so Happy!!!

They are 1.5mg but the right ones for how much I smoke and I can "relax" now. I was so worried about going all funny in the middle of a working day - I will only take one if that starts to happen but it's nice to know I've got that back up!

I'm ready now, I'm really really ready - oh....my.....gosh!

Tee Hee xx


Ha Ha ha

Thank you Jilly - think I'm going to put that on my desktop!!!

xx :)


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