Daily Chat Wednesday 26th February 2014

Daily Chat Wednesday 26th February 2014

Pete is Back :P :P :D :D

Thank you all so so much for the PM's that many of you have sent me :) HUH, typical flippin Women, making an old boy cry again, and my make-ups all a wash, again :P :D :D Hmmmm, will have to get some of that waterproof stuff ;)

I had a lovely PM from a young Lady ( as they all were lovely ) and she said, that I am not just punishing myself, but others too :o this made me think !! Yes Jillygirl it did hurt :o :D :D

So I have stopped punishing myself and have come back on the front line :) plus, its rite lonely on the back seat too, as the picture shows :( and even talking to myself on the back seat, just isnt the same somehow :o Soooooo, your quest for Today is :- Find a way to punish me please !!

But please leave spanking out of it eh, cos like Jillygirl said, I would enjoyyyyyyy that :o :D :D :D My life is now in your capable hands.I just ask one thing of you all, please be gentle with me eh cos I am an old boy now see :o

Good luck to all you newbies on here :) :) Thistimetania, Treesyann I suspect your finding it hard going eh :o BUT, our lovely Emjay told me this a while ago, the more times you kick them cravings out a that door, the less harsh they become and the less frequent they become :) I know this for a fact, soooooo you keep flippin kicking mr nic out a that door, and let your brain know, you mean business :)

Thank you to all you lovely people on here who have Posted, Commented, Replied, PM'd and Txt me, I looooooove you all ta bits, I do :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We are not a gang, we are friends, a family, who want the same as you do, To quit the smokes :) So come and join us, get off that back seat where its lonely, come and have a chat, ask a question, have a moan at mr nic if you like :o BUT there will always be somebody to help you :)

I wish you all a lovely lovely smoke free Wednesday, take care now :) :)

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  • Hiya Pete, it's really great to have you back. We all missed you.

    Don't go away again please xx

  • Thank you Katy :)

    I promise as long as am a good old boy, then I wont go away :) :) xx

  • Hi Pete , I second that big time xx

  • Thank you big time Beth :) xx

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm punish ya huh? Omg the mind boggles......but this is a G rated site right? So rather than do anything that could be considered XXX rated I'm just gonna throw you a stern look and say...... I'm glad you're back buddy :)

  • Thank you Mardi :D :D xxx Am glad to be back gal :)

  • Good morning everyone, Well today is my wedding anniversary (48yrs) and Pete you have given me the best present by coming back on here. Yipeeeeee! Have a super day. xx

  • Congratulations! xxx

  • Thank you. xx

  • Congrats jilly x

  • Thank you. :)

  • Happy anniversary, 48 yrs wow!!!!!

  • Wow. Congratulations. You could have murdered him and been out before now! Twice!

  • Congrats jilly!!!! Wow 48 years is worth celebrating!!!!!!

  • Good morning Pete and everyone.

    Nice to see you back Pete. Now, mmmmmm ......... how about a nice trip to the beauty salon for a waxing session?


    I think they have a name for it. Mind you, if you had that done, Emjay would keep slipping off your shoulder. On the other hand, she doesn't have much of a grip where you're concerned anyway. ;-) :D :D :D

    Have a good day all. The sun is shining and I'll be off to my pt session shortly. :)

  • Thank you Andi :)

    Bin their, done that, I had my chest waxed a few Years ago now at the local pub, for charity. Dint hurt one little bit :P :P :D :D :D

    As for Emjay slipping off my shoulder, well she should hugg me tighter eh :o :) :)

    See ya soon xxxx

  • Glad to see you x

  • Thank you, I'm glad to see you again toooooo KC :) xx

  • Welcome back Pete *big squeezeyhug* I honestly don't think you need punishment so I am going to ignore that silliness ;) Ooor , how about this! Your "punishment" is to hang here with us lot. Yup, I know I am an evil genius. (I spelt genius wrong there, thank goodness for spellchecker, ironic though right).

    My lungs are still awful. I think I need to go to the doctor and check it out so I am going to be booking an appointment today. They haven't felt this bad for a very long time- what makes me shake my head is knowing this is how I used to feel most of the time when I smoked. No wonder I couldn't walk very far without getting shortness of breath!

    I hope everyone has a great day, feeling positive about their freedom from smoking and proud of yourselves :)

  • Hope you feel beter soon . xx

  • Lol you are indeed an evil genius :) hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you Lenne, its lovely to be back :) am juuuuuust loooooooving the big squeezeyhug gal :) :) :) ooooooooooh it just does things for me gal :o :D :D

    Hey Lenne, I hope its just a bit of a cold you have eh :) fingers and everything else crossed for you tomorrow at the Docs :) xxx

  • yehh! mi smiley faces are back! you bad boy missin my 4 month birthday sooooooooobad, mnnnnnn how can i punish you?

    yes, this is a hard one, but hey you asked for it! help me get my pic back on my profile. others have and i have tried sooooooo hard ( pete syle)

    i have poked it, unloaded, reloaded, shouted at it, but no it wont even show my old green icon image. wow that sounded a bit techky for me.

    now just so you know how hard this punishment is, i am rubbish with this stuff, at work they now use me as a test pilot for systems, cause if i can do it then any one can, as they say even a child or a trained or untrained chimp! thery are nice really!

    so there you have it, tough, but yes you asked for it!

    ha ha ha you have no idea what you have let yourself in for!

    great to see you back:-) :-) :-) ( did it wk) have a great day!

  • Aup Jules, am so sorry I missed your 4 Month Birthday gal :( A massive well done to you Jules :) :)


    Hmmmmmm, its a long time since I uploaded my pic :o I will have a looooooook and get back to you on that one eh :o :)

    Speak soon and its lovely to be back :) :) xx

  • dont worry pete finally managed it last nite. think trying to do it on my phone was a no no. tried on my pc and as you see i have a pic. dont know what i did though.!

    glad to see you up and posting again, i think after jilly you were the first to respond to me, all those months ago.

    this is a great site and its because of the people on it! like you! and yes i think good, honest debate/comment is healthy and what makes it real! so carry on carrying on. its what we do :-) :-) :-)

  • Welcome back Pete x

  • Thank you sooooooooo much Al :) :) sniff sniff :o :D :D sorryyyyyyyyyy


  • Full of man flu here and not even looked out the curtains as they are too far away, but it doesn't sound like it is raining here in kent lol!

    Hope every one has a good smoke free day. X

  • Welcome Back Pete :-) :-)

    Congrats Jillie on your anniversary, :-)

    Get Well soon vibes being sent to you Pinkie, :-)

    Hope everyone else is having a stress free, smoke free day :-)

  • Thank you Sunny, its lovely to be back gal :) :)

    I missed you all :( xxx

  • Happy birthday Helen. xx

  • Well I know its early but I am signing off soon as off out for a meal for our anniversary. So welcome back to Pete and Happy birthday Helen. see you all tomorrow. :) :)

  • Jillygirl, congrats to you and hubby for 48 years wed gal :) :) and I hope you enjoyed your meal :)

    Sweet dreams :) xxxxx

  • Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeee

  • Elllllllllllllllllllllllieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) xxx

  • No t allowed to punish you Pete,oh well,better put the spanker and black leather cat suit away then !!!!

    Sssssooooo glad to see you back : ) You know just how much we've all missed you,Welcome home old man.

    Jilly,WOW,48yrs,that's a bit of an achievement.Many many congrats,hope you had a fab day.Hugs to you & hubby and old Pete as well.!!!!! H xx

  • Thank you sooooo much Helen, its lovely to be back I tell ya :) xxx

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