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Daily Chat Wednesday 28th May 2014

Daily Chat Wednesday 28th May 2014

Good morning all you none smokers you :) :) and of course you wannabe none smokers too :) :) if you need any help or advice, then just come and ask, easy eh :)

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you lovely people on here for your kind words, prayers and thoughts for our lovely Jillygirl, because I'm sure there helping her and her family at this worrying time :) :) I'm sorry, but I havent heard anything more about how she is since my update, but that was good eh :) because the consultants couldnt find anything wrong with her heart and now think that she didnt have a heart attack :) :)

By the way, the pic is of when I first met our Jillygirl a couple of Years ago, gosh, was I handsome then or what :P :P :D :D :D

Smokefreeandme, its lovely to see you on here and doing soooo well, over a week quit now gal :)

Lucylamps8, its lovely to meet you too gal, and nearly 5 months quit, that is just stupendous gal :)

BabyLemonade9, welcome to you too gal, you have made the best ever decision in your life and thats to quit the ciggies :) Your on day 2 now then gal eh, the same as me :) Stay strong now, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything :)

Chickles, hey, have I got your name write :o :D :D a gigantic massive well done to you too gal, cos you are very nearly 1 Year and 9 months quit now, that is on the 1st June eh :) :)

EMJAY, can we have some new shiny badges here please :)

Chrissie Dearest and Mummykins Pipps your over 9 weeks quit now :) that is just flippin fantastic :) :) it dosnt seeeeeeem like 5 minutes ago, when you were both saying you wanted to quit :o am so so happy for both of you, and sooooo very proud to know you tooooo :) :)

Well, its my second day quit now, using an e-cig, but saying that, I have had 4 lozenges ermm, yesterday, cos we cant use e-cigs at work !! As usual, the hardest time for me is when I get home from work :( but ave been on my rower and gave that some flippin jipp and that got rid of mr nic for a bit :) I'm working lates this week, so dont get home until about 11.00 - 11.30pm, sooooo, I thought it would be easier, cos everybody else in the house will have gone to bed :) but no !! if anything its been harder :o but perhaps thats cos am not quite in touch with my e-cig yet eh !! I dont know :o perhaps I was worried a bit if the 2nd battery lost its charge !! but the charger came today, so got one fully charged now, so feel happier about that :) There is one thing I miss, thats chatting to you flippin lot, even if you doooo take the flippin Micky out of me :P :D :D I will let you know how today goes, ermmm if you like, that is :o :D :D

I will leave you all in piece now, to stay focused and smoke free and to enjoy your day :) :) xx

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Ah bless, you and Nora look so lovely together! :)

Brilliant opening Mr Monky! I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on because I do worry that you didn't have enough practice time on your e-cig but it's good that you've got the lozenges as back up whilst you are at work and I'm sure you are going to be fine! Just stay positive!! :) :)

And thank you, yes I totally forget on Monday that I had achieved another week - up until the point when I got into bed and then remembered! I couldn't believe I had forgotten about it, how funny is that :)

I hope you have a lovely day and get on better with your e-cig now you are not panicking that your battery is going to fail - stay strong young man! :) :) xx


:) :) :) xx


How far had you made your quit last time..out of interest?? x


Hmm, good question. My last attempt was after New Year and I only lasted a few days, although I did a good job at cutting down at that time - prior to that I can't actually remember my last real attempt - there have been so so many of them over the years my memory is a blur - this is my best attempt for a very long time, but I was definitely better prepared for this one and the e-cig has made a massive difference, as has this site! :) . How about you? xx :) :)


Afternoon all,

a quick hello on my lunch before popping onto my next meeting at 1 - Goodness, is that the time already?! :o

I missed seeing Chickles about yesterday - how lovely to hear from you again :-)

Chrissie - you PIPPS will be at your 12 weeks / 3 months before you know it :-)

Pete - Only having 4 lozenges throughout the day is really good. Usually it is recommended that you have one on the hour every hour, and extra when needed. So, it does seem that work doesn't get to you as much as I thought it might. You're doing really well and we all understand how hard it must be, living at home with more than one other person who smokes. You see how you get on and I hope the e-cig works out for you :-)

I've not heard anything about JillyGirl yet, I'll give Sarah a call later. As soon as I know, you will all be the first to hear from me :-)

Now, have I got time to pop the kettle on before scooting off?



I have given up twice before...but both times the minute I found out I was pregnant...so there was no question about it...didn't think about it and had other things like babies on my mind to think about smoking so found it easy.

I was actually asking monky that question.....?!? But good to hear about you too.xxxx


Sorry Minder, your post was directly under mine so I thought it was to me! I can see now it was for Monky. I wondered why you were asking me that question - ha ha ha - to my knowledge Monky had been stopped for over 10 weeks this time but he's back on the wagon now so it's fingers crossed time I think! :) :) :) xx


Lol...my mistake then...

Oh...I thought he had been a long time of giving up..ie 6 months or more...don't know why I thought that. Poor thing...it is very hard...and I just prey I never get a really really stressfull situation come up....cos I think that would be when the thoughts would be in my head more!!!


Hi Mummykins, yep I was 10 weeks quit when I relapsed, just like Chrissie says, but the time before that I had almost reached 5 flippin months quit :o

Ha ha ha , erm, I can remember on my school reports that my English teacher always used to put, '' Pete must try harder '' :D :D :D

Sooooo, that is what am going to do :) :)

Stay strong and try to keep focused on your quit eh, cos your doing ever soo well :) xx

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Hi Monky

Whoohoo day 2, hope its going ok with you and you've got in touch with your ecig :D

Who's been taking the mickey outta monky, can't believe anyone would do that :o ;) by the way I love the pic of you, you look great for 70 ...hehheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehehe :) ;) :D :D :D

Course we wanna know how your getting on......you inspire soooo many of us and keep our feet firmly on the ground...and your v funny & am missing your posts :D

Keep strong Pete we are all behind you :D -x-


:P :P :D :D :D

Luvs ya really gal :) :) and thank you for your kind words young Lady :) xx

Speak soon :)


Just love your photo of you and Nora and your little wee boots haha. Well done on day 2 with your new little friend Cyril the e cig ;) and hope you get on famously together. Good luck :) XX




Thank you soo much fresher, thats lovely of you to say :) :) xx

As for Cryil, hmmmmm, not sure about that one gal :o :D :D

You take care now gal :)


Trying to make him bond with his e cig so I gave it a name lol :D :p

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lol...... maybe you should have chosen something girlie..... Ethel, Gertrude...... :D Maybe we could have a competition to chose a name :D


Ooooooo yes please :) but it cant be Agnes or Girtrude, cos there Emjays chickens see :o :D :D


Well I didn't know how his wife would feel if he got so close and personnel with Ethel/Gertrude haha.. Yes good idea competition to chose a name lol :D




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