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Daily Chat Thursday 22nd May 2014

Daily Chat Thursday 22nd May 2014

A very good morning to you all :) :)

As you all probably know by now, I relapsed last Wednesday evening :( BUT am not going to give up, giving up eh :) I've set my new quit date for next Tuesday and ordered some e-cigs to help me this time, hopefully they will come tomorrow so that I have got all weekend to get used to using them, like our Chrissie did :) So I am taking a leaf out of her book this time and trying that :)

It's harder for some of us than others, because we are all made different, we live in different surroundings, different circumstances, perhaps we get stressed easily, all our minds work in different ways, but please, please dont give up trying eh :) because, like the pic shows, there is always a way :D :D If you have relapsed like me, try to think what may have caused it ? and try to think of a way of getting over this problem if it arises again :)

I now know why I relapsed, I was just completely and utterly shattered and stressed out with work and things :( and I just couldnt keep focussed on my quit, soooooo, I have got to try to deal with that, in case it arises again eh :)

TerryOR, you've had a little set back, thats all, I know its hard, but try not to be discouraged by it eh :) because your learning how to deal with, how to fix them times when its hard :) A massive whoooo pi doooo to you for getting straight back into your quit again :) I would love to see a pic of that oil painting when you have finished it please :) You stay strong and focused now eh :) :)

Well folks, its Thursday, nearly Friday and then its the weekend Yippeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) and a long one tooooo :) :)

Chrissie if your out their gal, I doooo hope your new roll at work is getting easier for you :) and am sending you some helping you to get into your new roll at work huggs see :) :)

Andi, aint you got your flippin internet sorted out yet gal :o you have got electric at your place havent you :P :D :D :D

You all have a wonderful smokefree day now :) xx

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Good Morning Monky!

So pleased that your e-cigs are on the way, and I hope you don't have the same problem that I did when I would have actually waited a whole month for them to arrive if I hadn't given up and gone to an e-ciggy shop instead. I believe I was very unlucky so don't go worrying about that! If you need any info or have any problem getting them set up just shout! And good luck with your practice runs

Well last night the Wonderful Wednesday Walk Group had it's inaugural walk - and only two of us could make it as the the other 2 members were at a special book signing launch eating nibbles and drinking wine! So today I can really feel it in my body (there was some "gym" equipment in the park that we had a go on whilst we were at it) and it was a lovely thing to do - I love summer evenings and the park was buzzing with runners and walkers like us and it was great to have a walking companion and actually to have some one to one time with her! I had to admit it, I nodded off after I had something to eat when I got home :)

Well this morning is very dark and very miserable in Sheffield, I hope it's better where you are and that you are all well and have a lovely smoke free day!

Llove Chrissie xxx :) :)


Good morning Monky and Chrissie, and everyone else. I hope you are ok. Chrissie well done on your walk. Got the same weather here in Leeds. Oh well might brighten up. Pete I love the picture, like you say nothing is impossible.

Terry I hope your feeling more relaxed today. :)

Have a lovely day.


Morning all,

Sounds like a fab evening last night Chrissie. Hi Jilly did you have a good holiday?

Its warm and sunny for now here in kent, but we are due rain later.

Nearly the long weekend....come on :) i get Tuesday off too for the Queens birthday :) x


Hi Al lovely holiday thanks. Hope your ok . enjoy the sun whilst you can. :)


Oh the sun has gone already lol! pleased you had a lovely hol hun. I am trying to figure out where to go for my next one. This stopping smoking malarky sure has freed up some cash for me. And i never thought i would notice it, but i have....so has my bank manager lol! x


Morning :-)

Well, the rain has been relentless throughout the night - Doctor Foster springs to mind :-/ :o

Pete, you are a true winner and as long as you never give up giving up, then you know that you'll soon be living that smokefree lifestyle that you are aiming for... and all your friends and online family here will be supporting you all the way :-) That is a brilliant picture, love it :-)

Hey Al :-) Is it all military that gets the Queen's happy birthday off? I don't think anybody should have to work on anybody's birthday :D :D Check out Vilnius, Lithuania Al, its a beautiful city - apparently the weather there now is scorching. We went when it was about 2 foot deep in snow in January last year, it was magical. We are going back in July for a couple of days.

JillyGirl, has your oven timer singing budgie arrived yet? Feathery waves from Agnes and Gertie :D

Morning Chrissie, well done to you on your walk - I've upped the speed I walk at slightly when out with the puppy dog. I'm almost at my first 1/2 stone weight loss now - and I haven't stopped eating either! We have those park gym equipments too. They're a great idea :-)

Big waves to everyone else looking in, please do give us a shout if you need us :-)


Hi Emjay,

Its the civil servants who get the queens birthday off, its a priv day :)

Ooh i will look into Vilnius, never even thought about that area. x


Morning Emjay Bertie arrives at 4.30 . :) he is such a sweetie.


Hi everyone on this dull rainy but fresh day, hope your e cig arrives soon monkey. My husband is wanting to book a weekend break for next month in the UK but we don't know where to go, my stopped smoking money could pay for it but I think I'll keep it separate for now as it would never have been there normally. Have a lovely day everyone :) xx


Oh if you like the outdoors try Cumbria, beautiful, but i am biased lol! I want to explore yorkshire, there is underground caves and mother shiptons dripping well and all sorts lol! x


Yes we love outdoors and also country pubs to have a walk round at night,defo will take a look at Cumbria. We went to gloucestshire last time. I actually said what about Yorkshire last night funnily enough x


Oooh ambleside is beautiful, and Keswick ( Keswick is a bit bigger, better for evening meals etc, but anywhere is gorgeous x


The lakes is another possible, sooo many possibilities with so much fresh air haha x


Morning to everyone, miserable weather here, what a difference a day makes !!

Oh Pinkie love Cumbria and the Lakes, could pack my bags and go tomorrow !!

Good Luck Pete with the e-cig, you won't look back once you get used to it, but would be good if you could find a shop in your area, as you would be able to get good advice and help when using it !! :-)

I'm just coming to the end of a nasty cold, but must admit it hasn't affected my chest, or pulled me down in the way it used to when I was smoking the cigs, all very possative.

Here's to a happy Thursday. :-)

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Good afternoon everyone from the sunny south coast. :-8 Well, it is at this moment, we had torrential rain and thunder not long ago and the black clouds are building again! :o

So I've finally got my internet back working again - days of hanging around waiting for engineers, then it's the router again after all. Grrrrr!!!!! It's amazing what they've done to us now with relying on the internet. Still, I caught up with a lot of telly stuff that I've recorded. ;-)

There's been too much going on here for me to read through it all. So sorry that Pete fell off the wagon yet again - once more into the breach! Glad you had a nice holiday Jilly, walkies Chrissie, pussies to lots of others of you, clucks to Emjay, a warm welcome to all the newbies and waves to anyone else. :)


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