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Daily chat Friday 20th June 2014

Good morning everybody :) :) its nearly the weekend :D :D

Jillygirl, were thinking of you gal, get better soon :) :) xx

Well, the suns out here again 8-) :D :D although there are some clouds floating by, soooo my shirt will be on and off today :o hmmm suppose it will keep me busy eh :D :D

Sinfree, you keep buying them onesie's cos its a lot warmer here tooooo :D :D :D

TerryOr, how you getting on then :o come and let us know eh, I know your about 5 hours, ermmmm, is it behind us, or in front of us :| Hope to speak later :)

I hope you all have a lovely smokefree day :) try to keep focused and positive on your quit and if your at that thinking about quitting stage, if you have any questions, then come and ask us eh :)

Enjoy your day now :)

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Afternoon Pete, yeah sun shining and a nice breeze too :-) have been busy this morn doing jobs, trying to keep fit !! did an hour's gym routine yesterday, I've got to get rid of my weight gain, all my summer clothes are a very snug fit :-( bought myself a child's Hoola Hoop !! but I can't do it, must be an age thing :-D :-D

Have a great day everyone, please stay possative on the quit journey, :-)


Good afternoon Sunny :) soooo glad you got the sun too 8-) :D

Have just found this for you, its all in the hip mooooovement gal :D :D


Sunny !

If you highlight the address above, then right click on it, then left click on ''go to'' it will take you to the web site :) :)


Hello Mrs Sunnyside, I think you need a proper weighted hoola hoop, you can get them for adults, even so, incredibly hard work those things. There's a women's only gym near me where they do hoola hooping, bit far for you though.


Hi All,

Well I've just been and got an e-ciggie (www.myciggie.com) - not because I need doses of nicotine but because I need something to do with my hands and mouth. I think it'll help and it's worth a try. Very friendly and helpful guy in the shop. I've gone for a low nicotine fluid and a zero nicotine fluid - so we'll see how it goes.

Initial reaction: umm - dunno - let's wait and see! Sorry, I can't be more precise!


Aup Chris :)

Yeah, I got an e-cig too, they do take a bit of getting used to, but am sure it will help you if you need it, yep am the same with the hands and mouth thing :o :D

Good luck pal :) Pete.


Hi beardy_chris, that is the same shop that I use - are you in Sheffield or another branch?

I'm actually puffing away on zero nic after initially starting on 1.8mg 3 months ago - I've still got some of the 0.6mg for times when I'm feeling particularly stressed out and tired and I mix the 2 then but most of the time I'm on zero and I really like it and can never ever imagine myself smoking a real cigarette which was the exact place I wanted to be in so I'm really really happy. I was hard core with smoking, a strong 20 a day girl so this is massive for me and it has really kept me functioning and sane so I absolutely love the e-cig (and the lovely people in myciggy.com!)

Keep persevering with it and you will get used to it and hopefully love it too! :) :) :) xx


Hi Chrissie,

I'm currently staying with my sister in Walkley - so I went to the Hunters Bar shop. I'm planning to go home to Berkshire tomorrow (Saturday).

I think it is exactly what I need to keep me on the straight and narrow. I was a bit concerned I'd be tempted to try just one of those nasty burny leaf jobbies when I got home but I think the e-cig will solve the problem - at least I hope so.

C xx


Hi Chris

Oh I'm so gutted that I didn't know you were in Sheffield, we actually could have met and talked all about stoppingsmoking forever! Let me know when you are coming to sunny Sheffield again (and yes, it has been particularly lovely here for the last couple of days!!!)

You just have to get into your head that you don't use those burny leaf jobbies anymore - it's all about the e-cigs now!!!! :) :) :) xxx


Thanks, Chrissie. I'm sure I'll be up here again before too long. I'll let you know. I'd love to meet up and share withdrawal experiences.

Is there anyone on here from the Bracknell area?


Oooh I don't know Chris, that's near Milton Keynes isn't it? To be honest not many people post where they actually are so I just don't know. But anyway let me know when you are back in sunny Sheffield! :) :) :) xx


Hey Mrs Sunnyside - can you have a word with your team please, we need them to win and at the moment they are not doing that!

Apart from that I hope you are well and enjoying the lovely evening. I used to love playing with a hula hoop as a child, I'm not sure I could do it now either but it sounds like fun! xxx :) :) :)


Thanks Pete for sending the link, well she makes it look so easy !!! Hubby and I have been out this afternoon, and I'm to full now after my tea !! ( Healthy salad ) but to much of it :-P but will definitely give it a go tomorrow.

Yeah Chrissie, I remember using the Hoola Hoop as a child too, Oh those were the days :-D Oh no Italy have lost :-( Dam and Blast !!!


Hi Beardy Chris, stick with the e-cig, I think it's the best thing since sliced bread, once you get the right flavour to vape it will make all the difference. I got one for Hubby he's using Heavy Cigar flavour, but only using it at night about 3 or 4 times at the moment, he's not committing totally YET, but fingers crossed he will soon, B-)


Nite nite everybody, sleep tight and I hope all your dreams come true :) :) xxx


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