Daily Chat Caturday 31st May 2014

Daily Chat Caturday 31st May 2014

Good morning everybody, I hope you all had a lovely nights sleep :) :)

Well, its officially the weekend now Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh :D :D :D so whether your going to have a lovely lie-in, got to be up early for an appointment, or just going to chillaxe all day :) then, just think for a minute to what you can treat yourself to with all that spare money you have, or will have from not smoking eh :) Stay focused on your quit eh, cos then the quit will stay focused on you :) :)

Talking about e-cigs, are you supposed to keep them upright ?? cos mine's been gurgling see, and am just wandering if its cos I lay mine down, cos I was reading Al's erm, :( Pinkiezoom ) Tips for e-cigs and she mentioned about if you get liquid down the little tube in the centre it will make a gurgling noise !! Well if you lie your e-cig down, then the liquid will go down the centre tube eh :o or am I missing something here :o :D :D

On my 5th Day quit now :) :) and I think that today, ermmmm, yesterday has been the toughest day yet !! but saying that, ave got through it, with the help of my new friend e-cig and erm a few mixed nuts & raisins eh :) :)

I havnt been coughing as bad to day, so hopefully thats about the end of that bit :o :) But did cough a bit after my stint on the rower tonight, but hay ho its helping my lungs to clear themselves eh :) :) I have noticed that my teeth are getting whiter now :) ermmm, not sure whether I've got a pink tongue yet though :D :D :D

Thankyou all for your kind words, prayers and big hugs you sent to Jillygirl, i havnt heard anything yet, but what do they say, no news is good news eh so fingers crossed :) :)

I hope you all have a love enjoyable smokefree Caturday :) :)

Take care everybody :) Pete.

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  • Good morning Pete and everyone,

    I've finally managed to come back on here :) I've not been todou, have moved house, and my phone and laptop broke so had no way of getting on, hubby bought me a tablet yesterday though :) how are you doing Pete, sorry I can't help you with your ecig, don't know much about them, I'm sure lots of people will though, but I know you'll stop now :) stay strong, we're all here for you :)

    For everyone new on here, that I've not met yet, I'm Sue, nice to meet you all :) I hope your all doing great on your quit journeys :) I know it can be hard sometimes but you will all get there :) I hope you all have a fantastic day

    I was so sorry to hear about Jillygirl, i hope she has a speedy recovery, my spears are on there way to her with lots of love and hugs to her and her family.

  • Hi Sue, its lovely to hear from you again :)

    So glad your still smoke free gal, erm yeah as you can gather I had a bit of a whoooopsy :o but am on track again now thanks to the lovely people on here :) :)

    Ha ha ha Sue, I aint used my spear for flippin ages gal :D :D

    Hopefully catch you later :)

  • Hi Pete, no spears eh, hope that means the site has been behaving :D :D

    It's fantastic your still going strong Pete, soo proud of you :) I hope your having a lovely day in the sun :)

  • Hya Loopygran, it's lovely to hear from you, hope you are well. How is, (now I'm hopeless with names so I may have this wrong) Nairn your grandson? I imagine he's just turned 1 as he was due just before my grand-daughter who is 1 this coming Tuesday.

  • Hiya sinfree, it's good to be back, I missed you all. Your spot on with the name, it's Nairn, good memory there, I need some of that from you mines has run away :D :D

    He was 1 on 3rd of May, happy birthday to your Grandaughter on Tuesday :) hope you are well and enjoying life :) x

  • Hi Sue. Yes thanks, I'm fine. Still e-ciggin and lozengering but not smoking, so that's good. So is Nairn walking now? Doesn't seem like a year ago since they arrived does it, time flies.

  • Hi sinfree, it's brill that your still a non smoker :) Nairn is not walking yet but he's very close, he's exhausting mum with his crawling, typical baby, he's into everything and dads on nightshift just now.

    I can't believe he's 1 already, your right, where does the time go.

  • Nairn's a year old :o b ermmmm flippin eck, thats gone soooooo quick gal :o :) :)

    I hope your keeping well Sue :) :)

  • I know Pete, I'll be collecting my pension before I know it :D :D

    I'm not to bad, just found out I have Sjogrens Syndrome though, and its a devil of a disease, but hey, I still party on anyway :D :)

    I hope you and your family are keeping well :) x

  • Yep my grand-daughter is the same. She's a little monkey, always climbing and into everything but not quite walking yet. She is one of the clingiest babies I've ever known. It's only very recently that my daughter can move out of the room without her screaming blue murder. Must be the red head in her :D

  • It must, sounds like my brother :D he has red hair too. Nairn is not like that, just the opposite, he doesn't care who takes him as long as he gets his food :D

  • Aww. They're funny aren't they :) How is your brother getting on, is he OK now.

  • Morning Monky and everybody and a very happy weekend to you all :)

    Well done Monky on reaching day 5, you are doing really really well and today you will be a able to get out in your garden and keep busy and hopefully that will help you - assuming the sunshine you ordered ever arrives!!!

    it is wiser to keep the e-cig upright, but if it is gurgling a lot, unscrew it and then blow through it from the bottom (into a piece of kitchen roll or tissue) just like blowing a pea shooter (short sharp blow) and that should clear the tube. The same applies if you accidentally get some liquid down that tube when you are refilling the atomiser. I hope that helps :)

    If Betts is still around, I hope you have a wonderful holiday sweetie and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    And to everybody who is not heading to sunnier climes this weekend, I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free weekend xxx :) :) :)

  • Good morning Chrissie :)

    About the sunshine, ermmmmm :o I've ordered it for next week soooo you can get your running shoes on and go joggetting eh :D :D

    Thank you for the info on e-cig, I will try that now :) xx

  • Thanks Chrissie, very good tips on the ecigs....yesterday I was full of energy and beans...ha!ha! This morning dopey and sleepy.....I feel like writing a journal on my weirdo body reactions to stop smoking...maybe a best seller?!? My throat feels BETTER ,so " go with the flow" ,eh?

    Sorry, Canadians love to say, "eh?" When we are first born, we come out saying, "eh?" Can't help it ....

  • ha ha ha - oh Terry it's lovely to hear from you, I know I'm not online as much at the moment but I am keeping track and I think you are doing incredibly well - CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so pleased the throat is feeling better as well, I wonder whether you actually had an infection like me because they are actually exhausting and could explain your fatigue one day and then feeling okay the next - whatever the cause, just feel happy you are getting through it!

    I've often thought that someone should write a book of the experiences of stopping smoking which are posted on here - and including the banter! It would be interesting and uplifting to others I am sure!

    I'm still the happiest person in the world because I've finally stopped smoking - I cannot believe I've got this far and I'm so so happy I made the decision, I think it's possibly the most positive thing I've ever done for myself, and that alone completely stops me from being tempted to smoke again - always always be happy with your decision, it really does help you to keep battling the temptation I promise you

    xxx :0 :)

  • YES, Chrissie, you be happy with yourself toooooo :) :) Hold your head up flippin high gal :) and be proud of your achievement :) :)

    You are just one hell of an awesome, pretty, young erm, dearest eh :) :) xx

  • Oh there you are! And where have you been Mr????

    Thank you sweetie, I am pretty proud of this actually, it's just a shame I can't have a glass of red milk to celebrate at the moment! :(

    So what have you been up to this dullsville day? xx :) :)

  • Hi Chrissie :) :)

    What do you mean, where ave I bin, you told me to get out in the garden, soooo me being an obedient sort of chap, I did what you said seeee and bin out in the flippin garden, mowing, strimming, hedge cutting etc :) :)

    What you bin upto then, owt nice :o awwww, sorry you cant have a drink, but hay gal, we will make up for it next weekend eh, cos it will be new badge time eh :) :) erm, I think :o :D :D xx

  • You see, I told you it would make you feel better!!!

    And no, it's not new badge time time yet, it's 10 weeks on Monday actually! Woo Hoo - Double figures in weeks now! :) :) xx

  • Hey, Chrissie, it wont stop you from having a little tipple next weekend though eh :) :)

    Sorryyyyyyyy, got my dates mixed up, cos you been working me toooooo hard seeeee :P :D :D :D

    I will have to think of another reason to have a party night next weekend eh :) :) xx

  • Well, Danielle will be home next weekend - her final exam is on Monday! The return of the pengiun - ah bless!!!

    :) :) :)

  • There you go then, cos I think penguins are a great idea to have a party eh :) especially as she is your little penguin tooooo :) :) xx

  • I know, so funny the other night - I washed Mr Penguin ready for her and hung it up on the cupboard door which is behind the front door. When I came in that night I "caught" something out of the corner of my eye and jumped out of my skin - I thought someone was standing there!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :) :)

  • BOOOOO !! :D :D :D

  • Oh Chrissie, I've got my e-cig sorted out thanks to you gal :) :)

  • Hey Chriisie, you got any plans for next week, or you just having a lazzzzzzzzzy week ;) :D :D :D

  • to be honest nothing really planned - just getting the girl's room ready for when they get back and generally doing stuff that doesn't get done when I'm working! x x :) :)

  • Hey, Chrissie, you dont forget about yourself gal :o you go out and treat yourself to something really nice eh, cos you really deserve a bit of something special just for you :) :) :) xx

  • Actually I hadn't thought of that! The trouble is even though I've just been paid, I've just paid a load of bills so I've got to be careful again this month - one month I will get the chance to spoil myself, I just wish that day would hurry up!!!! xx :) :)

  • yeah, I know what you mean gal, you just think, hmmm got a bit extra this month, then flippin whoooooosh, a bill comes from nowhere and the extra's gone :(

    But at least you can pay your bills now, with out worrying about if you will have enough for your fags eh :) :) :) xx

  • yes I suppose so (she says sulkily!!!)

  • :) :) :) xx

  • Anyway enough of this misery! I've got BBC2 on TOTP 1978 - wow it seems so dated now! ha ha ha

    So are you working on lates again next week? :) :) :) xx

  • Nope

  • Thanks ChrissieG, and rest and get well as soon as possible.....spoil yourself a bit, if you can.....??.

    You were pretty sick for awhile, Yeah!!! for antibiotics

  • Hi Monky, whoohoo nearly a week :D glad you seem to be bonding with Cecil?? although sorry to hear he's been gurgling but am happy its only a short sharp blow to make him stop :o :D

    Love the pic - its v cute. Thanks for the sun, I got it thanks and am off for a Barbie at my mum and dads as its my big sis's birthday :D

    Enjoy your smoke free day :D

  • droopy, droopy, droopy, oh you certainly know how to have fun lady!!! Enjoy your bbq and remember I'm on anti-bs so don't come on here tiddly afterwards, I'll only be jealous!!!

    HAVE FUN!!! :) :) xxx

  • Hi Chrissie, hope your feeling loads better :D .... BBQ was great but I am always designated driver :( Am not a good passenger with alcohol on board... in fact am not a good passenger when sober either :o :D

    OMG there is something v scary on the telly...something supernatural and a dead head just turned all the way round and opened it eyes... scared the beejesus outta me :( that's it am off to bed - with the lights on :o ;D :D

  • Great work ,Monky...I'm just leaning my ecig box, upward a bit......it is a beautiful day,

    Thank you for all your wonderful support...xxxxxx

    10 whole days,......but I am Queen of Excuses, so don't let me Ever Find an excuse to light up again......they are still in my freezer, it's like I don't have the complete faith yet to throw out my blue package of cigs.....such a coward, you have never seen....

  • Terry, you are no coward, I TELL you gal :)

    There's 2 things you can do, leave the pack of cigs in the freezer to tempt you forever :o Orrrrrr, pluck the courage up and flippin get them out and rip them to flippin bits gal :) Then, the temptation is no longer there eh :) :)

    Good luck Queeny :)

  • Nope, I just feel safer, not ready to throw them out......gave up alcohol once for a long time......but left everything in the bar....specially the rum ( I like rum and coke).......

    Well, just got down and dirty in my garden, it makes me feel good.

    Started cooking Osso Bucco, got tired, will continue tomorrow...

    It's a beautiful day....just want to relax....

    My throat isn't bothering me as much, since I am on the e-cogs

  • What the flippin ecks Osso bucco gal ??

    Terry, if the time isnt right, then leave em there gal, but there will be a time when you say, Rite, '' its time to flippin chuck em '' and you will know that time :) :)

    Erm, just wandering if e-cogs are a new thing over your way :o :D :D :D

  • You took the words out of my mouth Pete, just what is an Osso bucco. Good evening by the way :)

  • Apparently it's Italian for Bone with a hole :o :o haha, I googled it, I am intrigued.

  • Aup Sinfree :) yeah, bone with a hole eh :o :D :D

  • Yeah! Well my Bone with a hole is delicious!!! We don't just eat artic seals here in Canada.....we eat bones with holes in them....I'll send a photo.......

  • Hi loopygran,

    Nice to meet you...I'm sort of a newbie,

    But I have an IPAD...congratulations on your tablet....best thing I ever got....

    You will LOVE IT....

  • Hi TerryOR,

    I know what you mean, i'm going about with my tablet glued to my hand at the mo :D :D hopefully I'll put it down soon or I won't get anything done :D

  • Well I hated going upstairs to my lonely room for my computer, but the IPAD follows me everywhere, ( almost) You can even watch t.v. And chat at the same time....my husband loves my IPAD because I don't talk as much......I chat with you guys, instead :) :D

  • THROW THEM IN THE BIN,YOU DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE (shouting very loud so you can hear me in Canada!!) Honestly tho,keeping cigs about the place is,IMHO,a recipe for disaster.It's like you're saying 'I'll give up until I really need a cig'instead of having the faith in your ability to see this thru to the end.WE all know you can do this,we just need to convince you.

  • I very much doubt they'd be much use anyway. Once thawed they'd just be soggy and unlightable I would have thought :D The two cigs I had left from when I had a blip in April last year were hidden by hubby in a wooly glove that was knocking around in the hall. I found them last year some time, had a quick look at them and put them back. I just asked hubby cos it's 12 months later if he threw them away or if they're still knockin around, he said he thinks he threw them away :o

  • No, I used to keep them sometimes in freezer, because I puffed a stale one ugh!! Horrible...but I really do love my e-cigs, will go get some fruit flavor next....do you know a good one, and lower nicotine....I am 1.8 now ???? I don't think they have orange flavor.

  • Really? Do they actually still work when you've thawed them out? I saw you mention that the e-cig (e-cog, haha, my phone's spell check likes to call them that too) is sometimes making you feel a bit nauseous. You know the liquid is either Vegetable glycerine based or Propylene Glycol or a mixture of both. Well the Vegetable glycerine is the one that gives the vapour and tends to make the liquid thicker and also is quite warm when you inhale. I'm finding this is very sweet and a little bit sickly so might be worth you finding a good balance between the two perhaps a 50/50 mix, it could be that if yours is more Propylene Glycol based (which gives you the throat hit) this is giving you the sore, dry throat.

    So perhaps try sticking to the 1.8 for now but experimenting with the mix of VG/PG to perhaps a 50/50 for the best of both worlds. Fruit flavour? Well mine was blackcurrant or blueberry

  • That sounds good, sinfree, I'm going to print out what you recommended, and ask the fellow in the store to do that...he is really helpful....he will understand it better and explain it.....my throat feels a bit better...and no nausea today.....I am Sooo happy.......my daughter is glad too, about the e-cigarette....

  • Glad your daughter appreciates your efforts :) You're doing really well. :)

  • They never froze or thawed out.....they just stayed fresh ??? I never really thought about it???

  • how weird. Mind you I guess if there is no moisture in tobacco to start out with then it won't freeze, plus since I'm sure one of the chemicals in cigarettes is the same as in anti freeze, they would be well protected :D

  • ARE YOU ASKING ME TO GIVE UP MY teddy bear, my baby bottle?!?!?

    That is just too cruel....

  • I used to throw them in the garbage in the garage......just to go get them later,

    Then I soaked the pack in the sink before putting them in garbage....couldn't smoke those.....so went and bought a new pack........$$$$$ a couple of times

    Wonderful memories of the good old days

  • I'm off to bed everyone, getting tired now, night night all, sweet dreams, love and hugs xxx

  • Night Sue. Don't forget to put your tablet away until morning :D ;)

  • Nite nite Sue :)

    Hey gal, its been great seeing you again :) :)

    Sweet dreams now and am sending you some spearless huggs to help you sleep :) :)

    Pete :) xx

  • Hey Monky, I'm off to bed now too - my eyes are going to sleep!!!

    I'll try and do the DC in the morning so you can have a well earned lie in! :) :)

    night night and big hugs for sweet dreams xxx :) :) :)

  • Nite nite Chrissie, I'm off to bed too gal, cos keep noddin see :o

    Sooooo sweet dreams to you too and am sending you some keep your tuttsies warm huggs tonight just incase they get cold eh :) :)

    Hopefully see's ya tomorrow gal :) xx

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