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Daily Chat Thursday 2nd May 2013

Daily Chat Thursday 2nd May 2013

Good morning to all you lovely people on this site, I hope you all have a lovely smoke free day :)

ANDI22, Wakey flippin Wakies gal, can ya hear me :P :D :D It's a special day for you today, isnt it :o :)

Congratulations on being smokefree for a whole YEAR :) :) :) whoopsy hoopsy doopsy yeahhhhhhhhhh :D :D I think it's party time tonight Andi, you get your glad wrags, and your face on :o and come down to JillySue's cafe/oven :o and booooogy on gal :) :D everybody's invited :) but I wont be able to make it, cos have got to work, so if you would leave me a cannie, erm preferably a FULL one :P :D :D that will do me :)

I think you can class yourself as an exsmoker now gal :) :) as I am sure others will agree with me. Hmmm just wondering if you got your new bike yet :o I hope the shop man hasnt ran off with it, erm well biked off with it :o :D :D

You enjoy your day now Andi, you deserve it gal :) :) xxxx

Rite got to go and water the pony now, so I will speak to you soon :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

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Morning all :-)

Cogratulations Andi. Woo Hoo 1 year...that's excellent :D :D :D

Today I am a happy bouncy clean bunnie and had the longest bath last night once the boiler was fixed and the water heated.

Have a great sunny smoke free day

Sue xx


Morning both

Just want to add my congrats to Andi - hard work but well worth it I'm sure.

Absolutely stunning morning here but was quite frosty last night but can put up with the cold if it's dry and sunny which it is so whoppeee!!

Working today but boss away so not too bad may get chance to start another blog (sorree!! but it's getting to be a habit blog instead of smoke!) but time will tell.

Taking one second at a time as seconds make minutes and so on and so forth.

Have a lovely smoke and stress free day everyone.

Take care



Hope your day went well Kath. take care. xx


Morning all!

Beautiful day not to be smokin on :). Sun's belting down alkready!

Congratulation Andi! :) :) definitely celebration time :) :) 1 whole year!

Feeling relaxed and very clean bunnyrabbit Sue?, well, you have been smoke free for a whole calendar Month! :) :) Big congratulations to you too :)

Off to work in a while, now brekkie and a lovely cup of coffee :)


Good Morning everyone.

This time I will get it right Andi. Well done on reaching a year. :)


You definateley took the right road. :)

Hope you all have a lovely smoke-free day.


Good morning everyone,

Congratulations Andi on reaching a year :) :) woo hoo :)

Got to start my washing now, have a great smoke free day everyone :)


Hi John

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine and your little two.

Sue xx


Morning all,

Well, this is amazing to see. Tree Surgeons lopping huge branches off a dangerous over hanging tree - across the road from me. They are up so very high in the Tree, dangling from ropes and winches... This will give me something interesting to watch and keep my mind off smokes. I would have loved to do exciting stuff like that... whenI was younger of course!

Very well done Andi... It must feel great to say -" yep, I haven't smoked now for over a year"!

I always smile in pleasure, when I hear younger folk say - "nope, never smoked". Eventually the danger of it is maybe getting through to new generations. They'll never need to go through the torment of all this, and the pain of damage that smoking does to us all... eventually.

So, I'm off to watch these brave lads climb trees... And I'll be really envious that I can't have a go!

Have a lovely day folks, and come back to share your days news - I enjoy that.




How do you manage to post a link with a photograph like others do? ie yourself, John, Jillygirl etc.

I'm a bit dim with stuff like that... but it would be fun to do from time to time,

Thanks, Gill


Hi Gill, you're not dim. :( Wish I had that view of the tree fellers this morning! ;-) :o :D :D

Have just posted how to do the links on questions with "insert" tags so it's easy to fin again in the future. Good luck. :)


Thanks andi,

Will have a go when I get time. Took a photo of the Guys, Tree Felling, and was going to put it on... I'll see hoe it goes.


Good morning everyone and thank-you all very much for your Congratulations wishes. :)

It does feel a bit like my birthday - I even received a card form my pt this morning. :)

Pete, I'll keep some tinnies back for you for tonight - not sure how cold they'll be by then. You went to bed rather late this morning, is that boss of yours keeping you in for extra hours again? :o :(

Another lovely sunny day here and I'm really pleased to hear that everyone's nice and clean again with plumbers despatched. :)

I went and picked up the bike yesterday. Once I started riding it I realised that I hated it :( so took it back in the afternoon. I should have test-rode it before but I couldn't even get up a slight incline without getting off. Never mind, back to the drawing board with that one then.

Enjoy the weather while we've still got it and see you later. :)


Hi John, yes the bike had gears. It was an old one and had 10 gears but eve in the bottom gear I couldn't get up that small incline. :( On my normal hybrid bike I don't have too many problems on really, long fairly steep inclines.

Hehe, I have been overtaken by walkers on short sharp inclines before now though! :D :D


Hi Everyone,

Congratulations Andi :-) I am sooooooo chuffed for you. I know that you had your ups and downs with quitting during the beginning, but you have made it look like a walk in the park the rest of the time :-) I believe this is because you are so focussed in what you want to do and once you have made a decision, that's it - you're off! :-) Really am proud of you :-)

Hey John, glad to hear you had a peaceful day yesterday. Sounds like Vida is having fun. Any news from the vets yet? :-/

Bunny Sue, glad you're all sorted now and sounding as positive and as clean as ever :D

Betts, have a nice day in work :-)

Gill, I hope you are right in that young people will eventually understand the dangers of smoking. There is so much information out there now but unfortunately many young people still think that they are invincible. We come across this in some of our project work with young people. Mind you, we've all been there and I suppose in some ways we still believe we are invincible too :-/ Enjoy your Tree Surgeon observing :D

Big waves to you JillyGirl, hope you have a nice day :-)

Kath, you're doing well to take little steps / seconds at a time. We'll get you to where you want to be no ,matter how long it takes :-)

Sue, are you out for your walk today? Hope you get through your washing as soon as and are able to go out and enjoy a nice 10 minute afternoon walk.

Right, there's a big orangey round thing in the sky today and it's kinda looking like it's getting comfortable... I wonder is it getting ready to stay 8-)

Remember to keep up the positivity everyone and if you are struggling, let us know :-)


Hi everyone,

Washing done, but no walk today, I need to get the housework done i didn't get done yesterday cause I was on the phone all day to the bank, £450 went missing from our bank account, thankfully it went back in this morning, so now i can breathe again, just as well i don't smoke anymore, I'd probably gone through a whole pack in 30 mins otherwise :o yipeee for Emjays breathing exercises :D :D :)

I'm having a cuppa break if anyone wants one :)


Yes please Sue, if I've not missed you already :-/ I can supply the biscuits and cake in case Johns about :D


How did you manage to lose £450? Was it a case of fraud? Glad it's all sorted now though :-)


Hi Emjay, one cuppa coming up, thanks for the yummy biscuits :)


We're not to sure about the money yet, the bank is still investigating, but they said it looks like fraud, so we have new cards now, there has been a few cases of false fronts being put on ATMs at supermarkets so it could have been that, I'm just glad we got the money back or we would have been in trouble this month :)


Hi everyone,

Just got back from a lovely ride and walk out. We had a lovely ride to a place called Easingwold, where my dads family used to live. Its all farms and countryside. There is a small village bakery there, that do superb sandwiches. So we got armed with sandwiches and fresh cream buns and went off for a short ride to a lake .


it was lovely watching the swans and ducks, and in the field near by were lambs.

Had a walk near the white horse at Sutton Bank.


so I managed to have a really good day.

Sue I hope your housework and washing all got done. and you didn't work too hard.

Andi hope you get your bike sorted out. I am sure you will.

Gillyflower, You have given watching fellas a whole new meaning. Hope they got the trees felled ok.

Betts hope you didn't work too hard.

Bunnysue Hope you enjoyed your squeaky clean day. :)

John I have passed the website on to my Jayne. I had a lovely evening yesterday, sat with Chico who wanted his chin tickling. He talked all evening. He is gorgeous . How are you two sweeties.

Hi Emjay, Hope your ok and not too busy at work. Hope Jarvo is ok I haven't spoken to her for some time.

See you all later.


Ooooh that's a lovely cuppa Thank You :-)

Hopefully the bank will get to the bottom of it and at least they've put it all back into your account... Phew! :-/ :-)


Good evening anyone! :o Glad to hear that you're all enjoying the sunshine. 8-)

Gill, did you manage to climb that tree today and swing around in it like a chimpanzee? :D :D :D


Went to blood donors this afternoon so managed another day of not getting anything done at home. :o :D :D


Ta andi,

Love the Chimp piccy. Didn't manage to climb any trees... But I would've liked to - I always was a real Tomboy...!


Hi Andi,

wish i'd joined you, i haven't stopped all day :o :D :D might manage a lazy day tomorrow i hope, hope you have a great evening :)


Hey Sue, lovely to see you. :) I'm sure you've given up enough of your blood in the last few weeks - but for different reasons! :o :D :D

So, if you haven't stopped all day, does that mean that your 6 weeks is wel and truly over now? Don't go overdoing it now cos we don't want you wiping yourself out, especially now when your grandson is due in only a few days. :) I bet you can't wait now. :)


Hi Andi,

It took me all day to do the living room :o :D :D i remember when i could do the whole house in about 2 hours

I'm on standby now, waiting on the phone call, I'm so excited i can barely stand still, bet he comes late though :D :D


Hello Sue. Exciting times, I'm waiting for my grandaughter to be born. She is due on 27th May but we're thinking she may put in an appearance before then, she's head down and waiting to go :)


Hi sinfree, bet you can't wait, my grandson is being more awkward, he's lying across the way :o I hope he moves soon :)


hehe, he's a boy, I think being awkward comes naturally. I'm sure he'll sort himself out when he's ready. Hope everything goes well and you're not kept in suspense for too long :)


Guess what, guess what. As it was such a lovely day today (our first truly lovely day around here) and I was at work :( I decided to sit outside to eat my lunch. Now there is really only one place you can sit where I work that's reasonably pleasant outside and that's smokers corner. A real little suntrap complete with a wall to sit on and secluded too. Unfortunately it's next to the ciggie bin (poooo, it was not a pretty smell and I never used to notice that). Then one of my smoking friends came running down the hill and I sat with her while she had a ciggie and it didn't bother me in the slightest. It smelt good but I had no desire to smoke one myself. Yay I was well chuffed with my little self.


Hiya Sin. I always found that too - it really never bothered me being around smokers. I always said (say :o ) I'd quite like to have one - but I won't, and the smell when they first light up - mmmm, I still like it. :) Don't know when, or if that will ever go away. :o :D :D

All these grandparents on the site - I'm sure it'll put the younger ones off. It's really nice when they join in cos it brings a breath of fresh air. :)


Noooo, we're only as old as we feel as the saying goes. Anyways this old Grandma was listening to Trance Nation anthems CD (my CD) on the way to work. Can't beat a bit of Old Skool blasting out on a sunny day :)


Hi sinfree,

Woo hoo, way to go, you must be so proud and happy, there's no better feeling :), hope everyday is like that for you :) :)


Aww thanks Sue. Fingers crossed, but I think I'm finally getting there :)


Hey Andi, we are young grandparents :P :D :D


Sue, I know you're young grandparents but i was talking about MUCH younger people! :D :D People like Lenne and Sarah etc. Funny how we don't seem to get any younger men on here - I guess that if there are any they just like to lurk! :o ;-) :|


oh you mean like teenagers :D :D :D


I'm off now, it's way past my bedtime :D

Nite nite Andi, sinfree and everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


Oh dear, the yawning seems to have started. :o

Nite nite Sue, Sin and everyone. Hope you sleep well and sweet dreams.

Love you all. :) xxxxxx


night Sue, andi and everyone. :)


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