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Daily Chat Thursday 29th May 2014

Daily Chat Thursday 29th May 2014

Good morning to you all :) :)

I hope you all had a lovely nights sleep and have charged your batteries up for another hectic smokefree day :) but hayyyyy, its nearly Friday :) :) yippyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I know this dosnt have anything to do with quitting smoking, but it might just put a smile on your face eh :) :)

I was pottering about in my greenhouse, as one does eh :o I knelt down and started pulling the last of the radishes up out of the boarder, when my cat, Monkey strolls in, I thought she was just being nosey cos she's a female cat seeee !! well, she came around infront of me, dug a little hole, and flippin sat on it :o She sat facing me, looked up at me and said, '' What you flippin looking at '' ( I turned away of course ) then, she gets up and attempts to fill this hole in, I got soil all over my knees, it went all over the greenhouse path, flippin everywhere but the hole !! Sooooo, I told here off, to which she turned around and proceeded to walk out of my greenhouse, as she was walking up the path to the doorway, she stopped and turned around, and called me an old TWIT !! as she was saying this, I'm sure she stuck her flippin pink tongue out at me tooooo :o :D :D

Chrissie, you been talking to my flippin cat gal :P :P :D :D :D

The beginning of day 3 of my quit :) I'm still not quite intouch with my e-cig, but it is getting better :) I've felt a lot easier with it this evening :) I also got through a stressful time at work, which I am very chuffed about, but I did have a couple more lozenges though :( soooo, that made 6 plus 1 when I drove home from work. Emjay, I put a lozenge in my mouth just after I had locked the gates up at work, and it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get home and I still had some of that lozenge left in my mouth :o :) I'm sure you told me to suck it a bit, then park it up to one side of my mouth, until I get another craving, then give it another suck :) cos thats what ave been doing anyway :o :D :D I have started coughing a bit today, when I got home from work, I jumped on my rower and gave it some hassle, I was alright while I was rowing, but when I got off it, coooooore did I cough and splutter :o but I suspect thats my lungs clearing all the flippin junk out eh :) :)

Jillygirl, big get better quick huggs heading your way gal :) :)

Chrissie, I doooo hope work is getting easier for you now, and that you enjoyed your walk in the park :) :) hmmm, I think its time you joined the jogettes :D :D

Wrighty500, a massive big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday gal annnnnnnnnnd your FIRST one smokefree toooooo :) :) :)

I hope you all enjoy a lovely smokefree day :)

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Good Morning Monky :)

Well I have to say, that made me laugh out loud, which is no mean achievement because I don't feel well today! But the story about Monkey the Cat was hilarious, especially as I thought it was all true to begin with :D :D :D

I'm actually waiting for the docs to open so I can demand an emergency appointment. I called them on Tuesday afternoon at around 3.15pm and they gave me an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon at 3.20 pm - a whole flipping week! Since then the situation is getting worse - I've been deaf in one ear for well over a week, but now I'm going deaf in the other ear and I've got a sore throat and worse still, I woke up with that horrible foul taste in my mouth again which turned out to be blood - Monky, I'm falling apart!!!

Anyway we shall see what they say.

So Monky, you are on day 3 now, see the time does fly when you are going through the hell of giving up smoking :) :) :) It seems like you are doing really well, just keep staying positive and keep focussed on your stop - one day at a time!

Have a really great day and I'll catch you soon (are you working lates on Friday again?)

:) :) :) xxx


Yes, demand an emergency appointment.....you are always helping us....get better soon, let us know what is happening....anxious to know how you are doing? Bronchitis? A flu? Anti-biotics needed,maybe....


Hi Terry, Hi Rozi, Hi Pinky, what no Monky???

Well I was very very lucky, immediately before I got through to the surgery someone else had called to cancel an appointment so I got in at 9.00 am!

Hand on heart I cannot blame this on smoking withdrawal, this is an infection which I believe started in my mouth and then spread to my ears and throat so my lovely doctor gave me some supersonic anti-biotics to deal with the matter, so supersonic in fact that I am not allowed to even smell alcohol until I've finished the course of treatment! :( but I have to say it will be worth it.

It has been the most miserable day ever here, even when it wasn't actually raining hard it was a fine misty rain - all day!!!

I hope you are all well and happy :) :) :) xxx

ps forgot to say, I called into my e-cig shop on the way home from work - I now have 3 bottles of 0% nic and 2 bottles of 0.6% nic - so fingers crossed and let's see how it goes :) :) xx


Oh sorry you are not feeling too good Chrissie hope the antibiotics kick in quickly, well half of my tooth has jut fallen out need to get to a dentist pretty sharpish seems nicotine does this too great or what?


Hi Kaprin, how are you???? I'm feeling so much better thank you, just because I know what it is now - I tend to leave things and hope they get better but in this case they just got worse.

So sorry to hear about your tooth, you will be able to get an emergency appointment with that so get it seen to very quickly. My problem now started from a broken tooth the on the day I stopped smoking, once again I left it too long to get it sorted.(silly me!)

So how are things going for you sweetie? xx :) :)


Doing ok thanks. Hard at it exercising regularly changing jobs eating healthily not bad now to lose the weight and got an appointment on 9 June extraction can't be saved yuk! But hey ho keep going teeth shot at all through smoking you just don't realise do you the impact of smoking on all fronts never mind x


Hi Kaprin..... Hope your not in too much pain - extractions are yuckety yuck :( Have a crown that has decided to come loose and every time I eat something it comes out - gross! Need to book in with the dentist to glue it back in........ Must be something in the water - Your tooth, poor old Chrissie feeling rough, Terry nodding off for siesta's & my crown.... whose next :(



Hi Chrissie, Hope your feeling better by the time you read this (I am assuming that you are now tucked up in bed and resting,,) :D



Good for you, your nicotine is going down..good luck!

So glad you have the antibiotics, you were definitely suffering from more than withdrawal...isn't it funny how a rainy day can affect our moods...and sun brighten us :)

So glad you will be feeling great in no time....


Hi All,

LOL Monky good opening story and pleased you are keeping positive about the quit :)

Oh Chrissie soooooo sorry you are not well, lets hope the Doc gets you in today hun.

Well it looks like the weather could go either way today, cant make its mind up here in Kent! Fingers crossed it stays dry as I have to walk home tonight!

Hope everyone has a great day xx


Hi All

Yuk, we go through some nasty stuff giving up don't we? It seems to take a few weeks for your body to wake up to being nicotine and chemical free and then goes into VENGEANCE mode. All I can say is, it just goes to prove how much damage we were doing and how nicotine is so clever at masking it. There we are puffing away oblivious to our gums rotting, our digestive system getting lazy, not to mention filling up our lungs with gunk. The list is endless. Good luck to everyone out there suffering the side effects - you know the benefits in the long term. Wish there was a stay strong pill!

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Thank you,Rozi, so true....devious, sneaky, cigarettes....pretending to be your best friend...all the while, making you dependent and sick....good riddance......wish I didn't even need my ecig, but I do....


Yes, sometimes I have to play around with the e-cig to get it going...don't know if it's me or the contraption....can't seem to wake up today...feel like the Zombie Apocolypse,

Few more coffees may help....is it the weather?!?


Somebody is depending on me to take them shopping today, a friend who lives in a residence....I can't even remember my first name?!?! Soooooo sleepy...have a great day everyone...it can only get better!!!


Hi Terry,

Hope you managed your shopping trip ok, just wondering are you on patches? got a new member looking for some advice but i dont use patches. x


Hi Pinkiezoom,

No I'm on e-cigs...shopping fine, then slept 3 hours...I guess They're will be more strange side effects...hope I am brave enough to handle them


Hi Monky

Great start to the day and fab story :) I know what you mean about the lozenges, they take forever but I don't like them... :(

Hope you've had a less stressful day today and that you've bonded with Ermentrude?? :D :D :D ;)


Thanks droopyJ

You are always there to help everyone,

We really appreciate it


Hi Terry, hope your in the wide awake club now :D I'm off to see the Sand Man and hope I don't have any strange dreams tonite..... last nite I dreamt there was an Armadillo and a tulip bulb eating baby dinosaur in my garden :( sippose it makes a change from slugs and snails :D

Nite nite Terry and keep it strong -x-


Same to you, I dreamed I was trying to protect my cat??? This afternoon ????

Now it's night, hope I can sleep? We were talking about nuts and flaxseed, so I just zipped out! bought bananas! flaxseed powder, almonds! and made a great smoothie.... going to try to have one every day? potassium! omega three's ....all kinds of healthy stuff, and since I haven't bought stupid cigarettes in 8 days.....I am making a smoothie every day.....superwoman, look out!


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