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Daily Chat Saturday 3rd August 2013

Daily Chat Saturday 3rd August 2013

Good morning everybody :)

I hope you've all had a lovely nights sleep and have charged your batteries up to keep nic at bay :)

As you can see by the pic, I've had to put my thinking cat on today, to think what to say :o :D :D and I aint saying note about the weather :P

Jillygirl, I reckon you and hubby ought to have a weekend off all those jobs HE's doing :P :D :D and enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend, with hubbies wallet :) :) cos am sure he wont mind :o

Sue, I hope the docs got you sorted out gal, with some moooooooore tablets, hey, please try not to rattle too much when you walk eh :o :D :D and I hope you feel better soon :) :)

Andi, where are you gal ?? not that am bothered, you understand, :P but am sure somebody is, ermmmm just cant think of anybody at the moment :o :D :D

Woff woff Jonathan, looks like your getting it sorted pal :) you stick with it, cos your doing just great :) :) but remember, dont let your guard down, cos nic can strike at any time :o

Emjay, its lovely to see you gal :) I know you have to nod alot, errrrrrrm work hard gal, so I would put your feet up for a bit this weekend and you take 5 gal :) :) do you flippin hear me :| ;)

A big warm welcome to Mandyjm who should now be on 8 weeks quit :) the same as me, and to Antons who is now on 5 weeks quit :) a massive well done to you both :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :)

I wish you all a lovely day :) :)

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Good morning Pete and everyone else. Looks like its another very hot day here in Yorkshire. We had thunderstorms too, early morning. Welcome to Anton ,Mandyjms, and thisisme. I hope you all join in our daily chat.

Love the pic Pete. It was nice not to use my one brain cell thinking of what to open the daily chat with.


Good morning Jillygirl, the suns come out here too 8-) I hope you've got your feet up gal :) or are you on the supermarket dash today :o :D :D

Speak soon :)


Hi Pete, Son in law finishing putting radiators in. Then its clean up. Supermarket run, and then child minding. then I will put my feet up.. have a lovely day. xx


Aup Jillygirl, sounds like your going to be a busy little bee again today then :o I hope your Son in law is feeling better now :) enjoy your child minding :) xx


Hi Pete . radiators done. shopping done, child minding done. cleaning up done. son in law still sticking to his kidney stones, luckily he hasn't been too bad with pain yesterday and today. What have you been up to hope it hasn't been too strenuous. Mind you you could get arm ache. :P


Better scarper >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> he he. :D


Hello Pete, Jillygirl and everyone!!! Turning into a beautiful day in Gloucestershire too, time to get those gardening gloves on....

Have a super smoke free weekend everyone :-) :-)


Good morning Suze, I hope your well and fighting fit :o :) and you enjoy your smokefree gardening gal :)

See ya soon :)


Hi Bella, Hope you had a good day gardening, make the most of it whilst you can. :)



Good morning Pete, Jilly and everyone. Lovely to see you back Bella and welcome to all the newcomers - hope you get help by coming and joining in the chat. :)

I seem to have been a bit busier just lately with gallivanting about and enjoying myself on the beach - actually that stopped when the weather changed. I did get there this Thursday though - it would have been rude not to. ;-) :D :D

Still keeping up with the exercise when possible - back from run this morning but my blisters seem to have come back with a vengeance. I thought they'd finally stopped but they were just kidding me. :(

Southern weather today - sun, cloud, wind, with rain forecast for later. Best make the most of it then, see you later. :)


Good morning Andi, Its nice to see you again gal, I aint missed ya, see :P :D :D

Hmmmm so you've been gallivanting about then :o I suspect its something to do with your age ;) :D :D you carry on enjoying yourself gal, cos I aint bothered, am not, I might even go boyavanting about later, so thererererererere :P :D :D

Speak soon Andi, take care gal :)


Hi Andi, lovely to see you back on site. Hope those blisters disappear soon. I bet your nice and suntanned now. :) take care. xx


Morning all

Good news is that at 7am this morning I made it to a week without a cig (plus those 20 odd days before the relapse) ... so feeling good & positive about the non smoking this time.

Sad thing is two nights ago I got blasted on the booze - NOT at all a clever thing to have done and been feeling terrible since which servers me bloody well right !!! I need to make sure this does not happen again so although this is about smoking any advice welcome as the two are linked ( I think), take away one an the other might double !!!

Have a great day everyone & let us all stay smoke free.

Best wishes



Whoof -woof


Good morning Jonathan, am so glad your feeling good and positive about your quit :)

Yes your right, smoking and boozing are mates, I drink lager and I know its harder to keep concentrated on my quit then :o but when I've beat nic, I know I can beat the drink :)

I hope your head feels better today, and you enjoy :) :)


Many thanks Pete and get the point ... without the fags things will settle down and I should then be able to take control of the booze.

Have a great day


Into day 8 NON smoking - hurray


Good evening everyone. I notice you've not been around Sue, hope you're feeling a bit better today, not nice to feel poorly. After a cloudy and windy day the sun has come out properly now and its turned into a beautiful evening. Nice for a bike ride, except ave bin and I ain't going out again. Have done a 20 mile round trip today and my poor old knees are shot, in fact I do feel like I've been kneecapped :D

Still I've lost 6lb in two weeks so that's a good do even though I am hungry most of the time. I was sooooo good cos when we got to our destination I had a cheese and salad sandwich from the pound bakery and not a pie and no cake AND I watched hubby eat a big bag of crisps and I only had one crisp.

Also I really could do with a ciggie. I don't know why, the lozenges just don't seem to be hitting the spot at all, maybe I've become immune to them and the e-cig, well that's just useless although I still have a quick puff on it now and again. I don't know how long I've been quit but surely the stupid cravings and thoughts of smoking should be going any time soon, one thing I do know, there's no way I'd have done that bike ride today if I still smoked, flipping hills, according to Strava the ride home was an elevation of 619ft, so am puffed out.

Didn't manage to spend my £20 M & S vouchers. I never told you about that did I. When I first stopped smoking I took part in a survey thing by some university in London to test a website that was supposed to help smokers to quit. It was not much use to be honest but the survey ended just recently and although we weren't told that there'd be anything at the end of it I got £20 of gift vouchers for Marks and Spencer. Shame it wasn't NEXT but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.


Good evening everyone. Looks like the wind might be finally dying down here now too.

Sin, that's just great losing 6 lbs in a fortnight - hope you're not doing it too quickly though. How about switching to mints instead of the lozenges as a change? I still get mild cravings and used to have discussions about how we thought we'd never stop having those cravings but they did die down eventually. Surely you can remember from last time you "successfully" quit? ;-)

I'm off on another Skyride in the morning so will be interested to see the stats after I get back. I can't believe it's 5 weeks since I did that last one already. :o

Jilly, glad that you and yours are all okay apart from s-i-l and his sticky stones. :o

Pete, hope you had a good day boyivanting around today. :)

Jonathan, just keep on saying to yourself "I have chosen not to do that any more", you're doing just grand. :)

At my weigh-in this week I am now 8.1lbs off the top and this weekend I am wearing some trousers I haven't been able to wear since last summer so am well pleased. :)


Nah, never fear Andi, there's no chance of me ever starving :D I only have 4 more pounds to lose to get back to what I weighed when I stopped smoking, but would like to lose seven more pounds altogether.

Nope I have never successfully quit before. The other two times I got to 3 months but was so totally stressed out that I could take it no more and went back to smoking so the cravings never went away at all then. I'm going to have to do something tho cos I don't think these lozenges are doing my gums any good, I still have sore gums even though I've been stopped for 6 months.

It's the Manchester Skyride tomorrow - the one where they close the road but I think its supposed to be raining and I dunno, after todays 20 miler up hills, it seems a bit tame plus people just get in the way from past experience. I love it with the roads closed to traffic though as it always seems eerily quiet with just the noise of everyone's tyres on the road. Well enjoy your bike ride tomorrow, hope the weather stays fine and those headwinds stay away. And congratulations on your trousers fitting :) its always a good feeling when clothes start to fit better.


Just been scrutinising my biking stats and interestingly my average speed has been steadily increasing over the months since May which just goes to show the stopping smoking must be paying off as I am now reaching averages of 12mph compared to around 9-10mph over the last three years. I know that doesn't sound very fast but its them there hills, they're everywhere I go. According to someone in Halfords when I was complaining about all the hills round here he said cyclists come from all over to ride up our hills - well they can feel free to take them back home with them if they want.



Hi Sinfree and andi your doing great with your exercises and diets. I have only lost 4lbs in a month. I really need to exercise more. Just that busy in the flat at the moment I feel too shattered to go for my walks at the end of the day. Anyway I thought blow it I know we aren`t having a holiday due to moving house. So I have just booked a week at Lytham St. Annes near Blackpool so 2nd week in September at least we can have a break. Think hubby is worn out working in this heat.



OMG jillygirl, I have a week booked off work in September and am sure its the second week. I will more than likely end up going to Blackpool myself as am not going anywhere near that skanky Withernsea again :o so might even end up seeing you there. Well probs not cos don't know what you look like but if you see two old codgers riding around on bikes it will more than likely be me and hubby :D

4lb weight loss in a month is about right - 1 lb per week is good and not to be sniffed at. I was just lucky in that I lost 4lb last week all in one week.


Hi Sin, if you get to blackpool look for my hubby wearing this badge.


:D :D :D


Well everyone I have company coming in 15mins so will try get back on later. but night night and sweet dreams if I don't manage to . xx :)


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