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Evening Chat :- 22nd Saturday December 2012

Evening Chat  :-  22nd  Saturday December 2012

Good evening everybody :) :) I hope you are all sorted for Christmas and not too stressed out after all the hum drum of the seasonal capers :( :) because stress can lead to you lighting up again :( so keep Emjays breathing exercises in mind eh :) :)

Jillygirl, I do hope your ok gal and resting :) :) it will take time gal, stay positive & strong your getting there :) :)

Sue you finished your shopping yet gal, or are you swimming in the rain :D :D

Kaz, where you got toooooo then after your Christmas dooo ?????? hmmmmm i think ive just spotted you :o :| :D


Well if that is you, then i know am safe tonight :D :D

All enjoy your weekend, and stay focused on your quit :) :)

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Where are they all today Pete? I think its time to rise and shine,no, second thoughts its not worth the bother its nearly bed time again they might as well stay in there pits.


Aup Mad :)

You come out with some things gal :D :D you dooooo :o :|

Just wondering if you've got loads of chocy in for Christmas, so you will put some weight on :) :D


No I dont celebrate Christmas and I dont eat much Choc or cakes Pete so I wont be getting fat Ha Ha, I,m waiting for you lot to lose weight and send it to me.


Do you eat much fried food then ?? or drink lager :) :)


No Pete, i,m boring, i,ve never tasted lager or any Alcohol, its just somethink thats never interested me. I love a big fry up for brecky now and again but thats it. I eat loads of pasta,s and spanish food, stews and casserole,s and when I feel like picking at somethink its fruit and nuts or cheese and olives. I think my diet wont allow me to get fat.


Cheese will :) :)


Took me ages to get out of that tree :D

Thanks for opening the evening chat Peetie Weetie, yes it's me so you need to behave this evening :)

I love that little kitten, I want one.

One good thing about you not liking cake mad, is that you wont be fighting over it with the rest of us. That was an amazing cake you got for us, thanks. Looks like JC scoffed most of it, just left us with the top tier :(

So you've been working again today Pete, are you in for a full day on Christmas Eve or half a day? They don't half work you hard at that place, flippin emloyers, this is what they will be getting off me this Christmas, you can take it in with you on Monday ============>>

It is quiet on here today, probably everyone busy with their Christmas preparations, I will be going to do my food shopping tomorrow.

Thanks for the offer of more tablets Pete, I still had some left from the last lot you sent to me ;) thanks for the offer though.

Have a good evening everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing but keep being strong and keep an eye out for those pesky cravings that like to creep up on you when you are least expecting it.

xxx :)


Arrrrrrrr you've woke up then gal :D :D


Right you flippin lot, am cream cat crackered, so am off out a here to get some zzzzzzzzzz


So nite nite all and God bless you all for helping me to get here :) :) :)

Luvs ya all xxxx :)


Yes I've woken up :) Nuts will as well, they are very healthy but quite fattening as well. :)


Night night Peetie Weetie, sleep well you deserve it, sweet dreams.

Luvs ya xxx :)


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