Daily Chat Friday 23rd May 2014

Daily Chat Friday 23rd May 2014

Good morning all you lovely people on here :) :)

I hope you have had the most loveliest sleep and sweetest dreams ever :)

Chrissie, thank you ever soo much, if I need help with the e-cig, I will ask for it '' this time '' eh :) :) xx I've learnt my lesson, soo I will ask for help in the future :) Am loving your walk you had, ermmm, just wondering what sort of gym equipment you get in a park :o swings, see-saws :P :P :D :D :D

Jillygirl, I hope your well and your batteries are all charged up again after your lovely holls :) :) and of course all your washing and ironing put away too :D :D :D xx

Al, thank you ever soooo much for that post about tips on e-cigs :) have printed it off ready :) :) You sound a lot happier now, am soooooo glad :) :) So, you've got an extra day off then, huh, typical flippin Woman, rub us poor old boys noses in it wont ya :P :D :D :D A luvs ya really :) :) xx

Emjay, thank you for your kind words of support gal, very much appreciated :) :) I now know that you dont nodd off all the time, just most of the time eh :D :D :D sorryyyyyyyy xx

Andi, am sooooooo glad you back online, and that you found out that it was your router giving you trouble, and not your hoooooter eh :P :D :D :D xx

A massive big warm welcome to all you new ones on this site, just try to remember to keep focused and strong on your quit journey eh :) :)

You all have a lovely smoke free day and a happy one tooo :) :)

See's ya soon xx

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  • Good Morning Monky, I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is Funday Friday and it's the Bank Holiday weekend!!! After my alarm went off I could hear the rain pouring down outside and I just lay there listening to it and wishing I could stay in bed and go back to sleep - especially as there will only be 2 of us in the office today!

    Anyway I hope you receive your e-cig in the post today, so you can get the batteries on charge and ready to go. Have you ordered the e-liquids too or do you have to go e-liquid shopping? That is fun especially if you go to a place where they have samples for you to try before you buy :)

    And then over the weekend you can say to yourself, no I won't have a cigarette just now, I'll use my e-cig - so start practising for your stop before you actually stop. It's less of a shock to the system when you do that.

    Right I must be off now, I shall definitely be online tonight after a hopefully stress free day at work so it will be lovely to catch up with everyone and have a good chat!

    Happy smoke free Friday xxx :) :)

  • Good morning Pete, Hope you havent worked too hard, and a long weekend to look forward to. :) catch up later.

  • Morning everyone,

    And is FRIDAY wooohoooooo :) bring the weekend on :)

    Just hope the weather stays nice.

    I am a little sad today as my little ginger cat has been missing for 3 days now :( and i have called her loads and nothing. Hoping she turns up over the weekend.

    Have a great weekend x

  • I'll be thinking of you, let us know. It is very worrying when our pets don't come in,my daughter's cat was locked in a shed for a short time, maybe she is in someone's garage and will come out later...maybe

    She'll just stroll home one day as if nothing had happened...you never know with kitty's ....

  • Al, have you tried asking people to look in sheds and stuff. My sister in laws cat went missing for 5 days and had been in a shed, he was absolutely starving but basically O.K.I really HOPE she turns up. x

    Pete, you're getting an Ecig :-) HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!!! I think you'll do really well with it. is it a liquid one or cartridges ? Anyway, happy bank hol all, have a great weekend. Hugs H x

  • Happy Friday Everyone :-)

    It has been absolutely bucketing it down here in not-so-sunny Liverpool...But... I think that I spy with my beady eye something the colour of .....BLUE! We may have brighter weather approaching :)

    Al, I do hope your cat shows up - There's nothing worse than having the worry of our pets - Be sure to check in local sheds etc. I have a little concern lately, I have a little rescued African Pygmy Hedgehog - Penny. She was kept in the poorest of conditions without food or water. I have had her now for over 12 months and she is a real old lady (5 in February just gone) - I really didn't expect her to still be with us this morning as she has become so frail (blind, deaf and walks like an old lady), but she'd been out last night and ate all her food up, so looks like she will be here for another day, although I don't expect many more :-(

    Morning JillyGirl, I spy a blue budgie and a blue sky :-)

    Chrissie, hope you have a fast flying day today and you get to make it home to a lovely glass of red milk ;-)

    Pete, I've done my fair share of nodding haven't I, especially lately ;-) Let us know about your e-cig and then we can get cracking on with your final quit date :-)

    Helen :-) How is your mum doing today? I hope you are finding time to take care of yourself in the middle of all what you have going on for you at the moment :-)

    Big hello's to everybody else :-)

    Cup of tea anybody? :-)

  • Dear EmJay, I have to tell you that I never had a thought in my head about red milk tonight until I read your post - and then I couldn't get it out of my head! So cheers my dear, and a very happy smoke free bank holiday weekend to everybody - and who cares if it rains, we're not at work are we!! xx :) :) :)

  • EmJay,xox,I'm fine,mum's had a couple of fairly lucid days,we chatted about the 'old days' yesterday,it was just lovely.Thanks for being a friend,you are indeed a superstar.Bucketing down here in Newcastle too!!!! Hugs H x

  • Monkey, keep in touch, I too am just into my new ecigs, and still learning....maybe we can help each other...the other members here are very knowledgable..

    Pinkiezoom helped me a lot!

  • Aup Terry, yes that would be nice :) I am sure we could help each other with the e-cigs, cos I tell ya gal, I know note about em really :o but like you say, there is loads of help on here, so if we cant help each other, then somebody will step in and help us eh :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Well, it's my 5th day, one cig only, but my throat feels a bit hoarse...sometimes, guess I have to be patient, later, I'll cut down on the ecigs also.......at least, I figured out how to finally work it....it definitely takes some getting used to.......I'm drinking a garlic and ginger, and lemon, bronchitis drink ( don't have bronchitis) but definitely an irritated angry throat....bye, have to go and finish a dog painting, I don't make much money, but it keeps me busy....

    Just finished some gardening....was starting to feel down, but gardening is, for me, very therapeutic

    Let us know how you are doing?!?

  • Hi Terry, you are doing really really well - be proud of yourself because you should be! Remember to drink plenty of water as the e-cig can be very dehydrating I believe, not that I've noticed but I'm a coffee addict (I'm pleased to announce I've recently converted to de-caff though!)

    Your life sounds lovely, painting and gardening, you obviously have talent!

    xx :) :)

  • Thanks, I'm a coffee addict, so I'm trying just two a day,......hate water, but will try to drink it, and juses,

    Guess I just have to hang in here, not think about my throat...and stay busy.You are all wonderful for helping and sharing with us....

  • Aup Terry, a massive well done to reaching your fifth day quit gal :) :)

    I've heard like Chrissie says, to drink plenty of fluids when using the e-cig, hope it will help you :)

    You sound a very talented young Lady and I would love to see that pic your painting of the dog :) erm, when you have finished it of course :D :D

    Yes, I also find gardening therapeutic :) and it does help to keep yourself busy eh :) :)

    Well, I have got my e-cigs and am practising with one of them at the moment, hmmm, its different :o but I think I could get used to them :) I've got tomorrow and Monday to get used to them :o Cooking Sunday lunch is a hard time for me, cos I used to nip and have a puff in the conservatory while I was cooking :o soooooo, instead of lighting up, I will try erm, puffing on the e-cig :)

    I will keep you posted :) xx

  • Monky don't think of it as a replacement cigarette, think of it as a replacement cold turkey - it's helping you through the cravings and you are not smoking whilst you are using it. The cravings also help you to forget the taste of tobacco, although I am a little surprised you didn't go for tobacco flavour first, I couldn't go back to the taste of tobacco now, I love the fruity ones and there are loads to choose from! :) :) xx

  • I'm the same, started with the tobacco one and threw it out the other week cause couldn't stand the smell of it, thank god x

  • Hey, Chrissie, thats one reason why I didnt go for tobacco flavour, cos I want to get rid of fags altogether, well in my domain anyway :) Well I was feeling a bit fruity when I ordered it, soooo, I picked strawberry :) :)

    Hmmmm, so what made you pick a fruity one then ? :o xx

  • Well I was on tobacco flavour for the first 2 weeks I think, and then I was getting a bit bored of it and not "liking" it as much, so I went for blueberry and cherry next. Then as I was dropping down the nic levels, I realised I didn't need that hitting the back of the throat experience anymore, I just wanted the flavour of something fruity, which was when I went to strawberry and peach. I've still got strawberry now, but I've also got cherry again - they have more flavour on the lower levels of nic. I'm almost totally on 0.6 mg now - they did recommend changing the flavours regularly as when you get used to them you can't taste them as much - variety is the spice of life and all that :) :) :) xxx

  • Chrissie, I just cant fault you one little bit gal :) :) you have done sooooooo well :) :) and your on 0.6mg now then, thats about the lowest they do isnt it ?

    I am soooooo proud of you Chrissie and I bow down to you gal :) :) xxx

  • Very proud of you to,, 0.6 is brilliant, I got 50/50 last time I went of 1.0 and 0.6 so will be trying it myself very soon but a massive well done to you xx

  • Thank you Fresher, I was mixing 1.2 and 0.6 - one trick I do is use more than 50/50 to begin with so say 70 of the higher and 30 of the lower, then change the balance a bit every day, so the higher level runs out quicker than the lower level - so I'm just left with the lower - I get so used to that I don't feel it at all and I never planned this, it just happened that way. It's happening quicker too, I only bought the 0.6 on Monday and started using it on Tuesday so that is much quicker than the early days.

    I do think that dropping down from 0.6 will be harder though, but I'm going to try it next week and see how it goes - wish me luck!! :) :) :) xxx

  • I'm definitely wishing you luck and following you very shortly. You've done amazing xx

  • Fresher you should be patting yourself on the back! How many weeks is it for you now? I'm sure you are already on lower nic than I was or are you nearly at 2 months now? In which case we are doing this at exactly the same pace - so well done to you too sweetie - you are a star and you don't even realise it! :) :) :)

  • I'm not far behind you Chrissie, 8 weeks tomorrow for me yeeeaaaa. Very similar to you to in that I never planned to go down so quick I just buy the lower one whilst in the shop and think, no pressure but I'll give it a go :)

  • I thought you were close to me and WOW 8 weeks tomorrow, you'll get your 2 month badge - THAT IS SO FANTASTIC,!!! We must do a happy dance for you tomorrow :D :D :D - and yes I agree, we are both just going with the flow to see how we get on - So get that back patted because you are doing brilliantly! XXX :) :) :)

  • Thanks very much Chrissie, :) :) xx

  • Ah thank you sweetie, it is the lowest one they do with nic in it, but I can mix that with zero so go down steadily from there - I'm actually on holiday next week (as in 2 June onwards) so I might just try going down a bit more then whilst I'm not at work, but honestly I'm not rushing myself, if I can't cope then I can go back up again.

    I think it's a case of when I'm in the shop, and whilst I'm there I always buy the next level down as well as the one I'm on, then I can start mixing it to reduce from the higher level very gradually - I haven't got a target or anything, I'm just doing it as I feel like it and testing myself I suppose - but I could be on the lower level for longer than the others I don't know. I swear I wasn't planning any of this, it just happened! :) :) :) xx

  • Chrissie, you've got it off to a T gal, you really have :) :)

    Thankyou again for all your help and i love ya ta bits gal :) :) xxx

  • Ah sweetie, thank you so much!

    And I love ya ta bits too boy! You are going to do this you know, once and for all I mean, and I truly hope you get on with the e-cig as well as I have and I was a hard core smoker before this quit - you can still use your lozenges at work but it really will help you to get through the evenings and just keep telling yourself you don't want a cigarette, especially as you don't need one!

    Look after your e-cig and it will look after you! xx :) :)

  • That is amazing! It takes a smoker to know the courage you've shown......

  • I know how you feel, I used to make fast-food in a bowling alley restaurant.......would zip out for my puffs.....helped keep me going...

    I love my ecig, trying to have that less often, but not ready to cut that down,I guess. My voice gets hoarse off and on, and that just started the last month or so....Sheeesh! I hardly ever cough! I could

    Show a photo of one of my paintings...when I figure out how...well, thanks for being so nice, you and Chrissie. I have the tobacco flavor, and there is some nicotine in it....1.8 ohm, I don't know if that's

    Strong, but it certainly feels like a cigarette

    I'm drinking lots of water......but wonder if it is better for the throat or not !!! I suppose it still irritates it ?? Don't know much about the ecigs yet??

  • Hi Terry, when I started I was advised that 1.8 mg was relevant to smoking 20 cigarettes per day and if anyone who did that and then used e-liquid higher than that (say 2.4) they would be getting too much nicotine. So it seems that you are on the right level of nicotine for a 20 a day smoker.

    You might actually benefit from having one bottle of the lower level e-liquid and then mix the higher and the lower liquid, say 75% higher and 20% lower, it might just take the edge of it a little bit and be a little gentler on your throat (but you are still getting the nicotine you need.

    It's only a suggestion but it could help if you are struggling with your throat? xx :) :)

  • Sounds good, what would be the measurement roughly of a lower liquid? I'll talk to the man at the store, and I guess you don't mix fruit with tobacco flavor? Ugh! Guess I'll stick with tobacco flavor .....so I'm actually only 4 days no real cigs, I finally checked calendar......

  • Hi Terry, well I would say try 75% higher to 25% lower to begin with, just to see how your throat feels, and honestly you can mix the fruit and the nicotine flavour, I used to do that when I was a bit fed up of the nicotine flavour - the fruity flavour just sweetened it up a bit! xx :) :)

  • Thanks a lot,Chrissie, I'll try it out....when I get to the store, great...

  • Hey Terry, what do you mean 'only' 4 days....4 days is a fantastic achievement :D especially if you remember how you felt about a week ago.... Keep strong and using your Ecig when the need arises. We are all with you -x-

  • Well said droopyJ xx :)

  • Thank you, droopJ,

    I don't even know how to do one of those little yellow happy faces....later, when I feel better. Not smoking is like jumping out of a plane with no parachute....which is why I'm clinging to Quit Support, thanks everyone

  • Terry Monky told us how to do it,,,,,he's a wise old owl :) just hover the mouse over the smiley face and it tells you :D

  • I'm on an IPAD, but I can make one of these :D,


  • Terry, leave a space in front of your smiley, and again after your smiley :) :)

  • I don't have a smiley, just letters and numbers on my keyboard....duhh? Am I missing something.....maybe IPADS don't have smileys??? :D :( :)

  • OMG , It worked! cool! :)

  • Julie, hmmmm, I dont mind the old bit gal, but the owl am not sure of :o

    Oooooo, as in owl, flippin TWIT TWOOOOO eh :) now ave got ya, as in old twit :) huh, I suspect that flippin Chrissie has put you upto this eh :P :D :D :D

  • HA HA HA - I did no such thing but I think it was funny - nice one droopj :D :D :D xxx

  • :P :P :D :D :D xx

  • Monky you are soooooooooooooooooo funny, I am actually crying with laughter :D I never actually meant the reference to TWIT but if the cap fits........ :D :D :D :D

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know alllllllllllllllll about it gal :P :D :D

  • Terry, don't think of it as jumping with no parachute. Think of it as jumping with two parachutes open at the same time, it may take a little longer to float down and reach your target but you will reach it in the end ...! :)

  • Julie, you've got it in one gal :) :)

    That is a lovely way of expressing it :) :) x

  • Thanks Petey Pete :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Monky, just to say that you don't have to do the Daily Chat tonight, I will do it in the morning if you don't feel like it, that's if Jilly doesn't get there first, or anyone else for that matter.

    Thank you so much for this week, it really has been a blessing and I'm happy to report that the weekend ended much much better than it started, so it's all good! :)

    I hope you are okay and raring to go on your final stop

    Big hugs heading your way to say thank you and hopefully we'll catch up tomorrow :) :) :) xxx

  • Your very welcome Chrissie, just sooooo glad your week ended nice :) :) :) xxx

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