Good morning / evening everyone. Well its Friday and near the end of another week. This could be the first smokefree weekend for some of you, so plan your days so you dont get bored and reach for those ciggies. Well done to all our new members who have joined us and are still smokefree. Think of how much money you have saved.

Weekend spending spree comes to mind. Anyone got any queries just bob on here, will do our best to help you.

Have a lovely day and most of all be happy. :) :)

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  • Hey there Jilly my friend,

    Just been out for my walk (went to see the sea) and this p.m have got a jolly (NOT!!) jaunt to the hospital to see my consultant to get my back checked. Tomorrow I'm off to investigate a Pilates class and maybe maybe if Mr K my lovely consultant gives me the green light I can start thinking about getting back into the gym.Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has got plans in place to stay smoke free over the weekend. Hugs to all Helen x

  • Hi Helen, lovely morning, I too have had a walk this morning, not to the sea (its about 40mile away te he ) :D

    I hope all goes well for you this afternoon. I think we all feel a bit fitter when the sun shines. catch up later. :) xx

  • Morning Jilly, another lovely picture I have had to save !! Hope you are well, and everyone else looking in. Here's to a Happy and smoke free Friday, :-) :-)

  • Morning sunny, Hope your ok. enjoy your Friday. xx :) :)

  • Hi again , we have a new member caninecrazy48 who has been asking for advice on the niquitin spray. anyone used it or can advise , would be grateful

    The query was on a reply to fairyuser 6 days ago. However if we reply on the daily chat I am sure he/she will find it.

  • The sun is shining, the food shopping is done and I am 60 DAYS cigarette free. Feeling quite good about that, 2 whole months never thought it could happen. I don't post that much but do read every day for inspiration so thank you all.

  • Wow! 2 months is brilliant. well done KC. :) :)

  • Hi KC, Huge Congrats on two months quit, I am like you never thought it could happen to me after 45years smoking ! But I must confess I couldn't have done it without the help of the e-cig, I'm still using it but with reduced nic level. Here's to us being healthier older Ladies, :-) :-)

  • I have 2 more weeks of Champix and then I'm on my own (apart from you lovely lot of course).

  • Wow good for you KC!!! I've just finished my 12 week course of Champix this morning! I did ask the doc about another 12 week pack but he refused saying that he believes I can do it. Let me know how you feel when you get off them and congratulations!!

  • Interested to hear how you get on. I was told I could have another 12 weeks but I want to try to do without as they do make me feel sick some days and I find that to combat that feeling I eat too much chocolate. I will see how I get on.

  • Yes some times they made me feel dreadful.....almost like I'd smoked a dozen ciggies at once. I'd feel really queasy.

  • Afternoon all and Happy Friday :-)

    JillyGirl, that picture! Wow, I wonder if there is anyone who can't look at it without going aaaaah! :D

    Helen, I hope all goes well for you at your hospital appointment this afternoon. Don't forget to remind them that you have still quit :-)

    Mrssunnyside, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are :D

    KC, that's fantastic news, well done to you - You are now heading into your 3rd smokefree month :-) Oooooh would you check out that new Winner's Badge by your name :D :D

    caninecrazy48, welcome aboard to Quit Support :-) We'll get you back to living a smokefree life once again so don't worry :-)

    With regards to the nicotine mouth-spray, each metered dose delivers a fine spray of nicotine to the inside lining of your cheek. Peak levels are usually reached within 16 minutes of having a 2mg dose. So, the best thing to do is to make sure you have a spray on the hour every hour whilst awake. This way you will maintain your blood - nicotine levels and so won't have too much bother from dipping. However, should you have a feeling of a craving, then you can have an have an extra spray.

    It is recommended that you have one or two sprays every 30 minutes to an hour, maximum of 4 sprays in an hour / 64 sprays in a day. As I said, usually 'on the hour every hour' is the best way ;-) Any questions then please just ask :-)

  • JILLY,

    Is that you in the little Avtar hope so because you look just like I thought you would.H x You've made my day.!!!

  • Yep thats me. thanks Helen. xx

  • My lovely consultant did ask if I was still cig free,don't think he thought I could do it really.I got a big hug (quite good as he's very good looking !! Hubby was with me & just laughed) and I told him I wanted a job as smoking cessation advisor in the spine clinic,he thought that was HILARIOUS. : ) The screws and graft in my back are all still where they should be and I can start some gentle work back in the gym but just treadmill walking and arm stuff for now.better than nothing I think.H x

  • Helen I have a couple of things to say.

    1. I'm so pleased that things are going well with your back :). Screws and what did you have done? I had surgery about 10 years ago altho mine doesn't sound nearly as drastic as yours. It took me a good 12 months to feel back to normal. Small steps like getting on a treadmill etc are awesome improvements. Good for you!!!

    The second thing I want yo say....well...ask actually?? Is your good looking consultant single???? And if so does he travel often??? Like to the NW coast of tasmania??????????????? Well does he????????

  • Thanks for my shiny new badge.

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