FRIDAY - DAILY CHAT - 16/05/2014

FRIDAY - DAILY CHAT - 16/05/2014

Happy Funday Friday Everybody

Well another beautiful day and possibly even weekend on the horizon, how fantastic is that? :)

We';re getting towards spending lovely times outdoors with our friends which is always tricky for people who are stopping smoking. The only thing I can say is notice the number of people around you who don't smoke, because they aren't moping about the fact that they cannot have a cigarette, they are enjoying themselves and having a lovely time. So be positive and don't give any cravings or thoughts of cigarettes the time of day because you don't really want one, and it would really ruin a perfectly good afternoon/evening/weekend if you had one!

So be positive, have a wonderful weekend and always remember NOPE! Not one puff ever.

And enjoy the sunshine! :) :) :) xxx

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  • Morning all,

    Looks like it is going to be a scortcher here in Kent, 13 degrees already this morning, so should hit about 22 later i reckon :) and half a day for me so i will be out in the garden enjoying some sun :)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend x

  • Morning All, nice picture Chrissie, enjoy your afternoon off Pinkie :)

    I'll be doing my packing today for holiday, off to Majorca this weekend and really looking forward to it :) 8 weeks today I stopped smoking so this will be my first holiday as a non smoker :) Hope you all enjoy the sunshine today :) NOPE x

  • Oooh Briar you have a fantastic time :) its a strange one not smoking on holiday, i felt like i was being duped as didnt bring any duty free home etc, and on an evening i had to keep telling myself that having a ciggie would not make the moment any better! But once you have your first hol as a non smoker out the way it does get easier :) x

  • Thanks Pinkie, happy for you too :) x

  • Have a great holiday, Briar, you soooo deserve it. You will feel a million dollars gallavanting with the kids and family, or chilling in the sunshine - and all smoke free!!!!

    8 weeks! You are a star!


  • Thanks Betts, you're doing super too :) x

  • Good morning everyone and what a lovely one it is too. Congratulations on 8 weeks Briar and hope you have a fabulous smoke free holiday :)

  • Thanks Fresher :) x

  • Hi everyone, just back from hols myself. Enjoy your break Briar. Just be aware of the triggers and pre-empt them e.g. getting off the plane, last cig before going into the airport etc. well done on 8 weeks! :)

  • Thanks Rozi, hope you had a great time in Florida and thanks for the tips:) x

  • What a beautiful photo, Chrissie :)

    I was lucky enough to walk among the bluebells today, and hope you are getting some time too. Friday! Yippee!

    All this lovely sunny weekend to look forward to :) :)

    Have a lovely evening xx

  • nice to have the glorious sunshine...thou I had a thought today of sitting there with a fag...must admit the thoughts are defiantly decreasing and really not that often...but the sunny weather does make it worse ;( . But I'm getting over the thoughts much quicker . ;). Chrissie am I right....I think. ;p we are on 2 months on Monday!!!!!!!!! ????????

  • I won't be here to congratulate you on Monday Mindermummy, so I will send a big well done to you for 2 months now :) x

  • Thanks so much ;) I thought u were the same time as us?!? Or do I have that wrong ?!

  • What a lovely day it was today, briar congrats on your 8 weeks and have a fandabidosie holiday :) Today is 2 months for me, have been using patches but actually forgot to stick one on this morning....oops! But I haven't actually had any cravings today .... whoohoo! x

  • Thanks droopyJ and a huge congratulations to you as well, so we have both done 2 months wow :) we might get our two month badges :D You're lucky not having any cravings today, I'm fighting them off big time today :X oh well some days are worse than others I suppose :) well done to you hun :) x

  • Wow that badge looks stunning on you Briarwood - MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to you - you have done so well and I'm so proud of you!

    I'm so sorry I've missed you the last few days - I got completely hooked on Masterchef and I feel so bad about that now, but have a fabulous holiday and I'll be really happy to see you when you get back (no showing off the suntan though - it'll only depress me!)

    Have lots of smokefree fun! xxx

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