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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all feeling fine and ready for a lovely smokefree weekend.

Those of you who are findinf it hard to cope, why not have a look at the post Rainbowlilybet (Ellie) put on yesterday. Some really good advice and hints there.

Well just going to have a cuppa then get ready for the supermarket battle. :P

Have a lovely day. :)

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Hi Jilly and everyone. Didn't sleep very well last night - thought the roof was going to go on countless occassions. :o It's calmed down a bit now so got up early and have done the shopping already. My friend from Bognor's coming today but she doesn't know when she'll get here as the trains are a bit haywire at the mo. Just as well I didn't plan to run this morning - only the trolley dash. :)


Morning all,

Pretty windy last night in kent! Bins all over the parish this morning!

Nothing planned for today but cleaning so that will keep me busy.

Have a fab day x


Morning everyone, Yeah very wild here too, and it's chucking it down as usual, so no going out today, will do my gym exercises soon, that will pass an our away :-)

Have a great day, chat laters, :-) :-)


Wow I wish I could share our weather with you guys. Dundee seems to have escaped all of the bad weather this winter. Lovey calm, bright, crisp day here.


I think the rain's finished for now and the sun's shining but it's still pretty breezy. My friend who's coming to stay smokes a few cigs a day so she won't like going out for one. ;-)


Awwww your poor friend, but at least you will be warm. Just don't be tempted x


Wow! She turned up and said she quit a week and a half ago. She will have the odd one of OPs occasionally though. I guess that when you're in the late 70s and smoke so little and still enjoy it, what the heck! :)


Hey Andi, your friend seeing that you had quit the smokes, must of had a good think about it eh :)

Please tell her from me, that she is an ACE Lady :) :) and give her a hugg eh :)


Hey Ellie, sorry gal, I didnt see you there, I hope your having a nice day :)

Yeah could do with some of your weather here in Derbyshire, cos want to get in the flippin garden :o


Lucky you it's terrible here!


Hi everybody :) hmmm, sounds like we've all got the wind today eh :o erm, weather wise of course ! :D :D

Jillygirl, I would get hubby to push you around the supermarket in the troll gal ;)

Andi, I hope your friend has a nice journey down to you :)

Al, you enjoy that cleaning gal, cos I knows you love it :o :D

Sunny, enjoy your exercises, do you do press-ups too gal :o

I hope you all enjoyyyyyyy your day :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Pete, Exercises done, and yes I do pressups, I do some standing towards the wall, and floor ones I only lift my upper body, these were suggested by a physiotherapist some years ago after my Herniated disc,

I do a lot of moaning and groaning :-P :-D :-D


Hey Sunny, I'm flippin well impressed gal :) I know when you Ladies do the floor pressups, that you only use your upper body, flippin cheats :P :D :D

But how the heck do you do pressups standing towards a flippin wall :o

And hey Sunny, if you want to moan & groan gal, then you flippin moan & groan eh :) :)


Over the last year, I have not smoked on most of the days, But I kept going back to Cigs when I am stressed, this is my 10th day on my another attempt, but this time I have some motivation. I am running a 10 K race. Not a champion, but if I can cross that line one before the last male of my age, I will consider myself a winner. Just 16 days to the race, and my timing is akin to a sloth, but I will try bursting my lungs for a good thing, for a change.


Aup Jai, its lovely to see you again erm, PAL :)

If you remember I thought you were a gal, last time you were on here :o :D soooo I will call you pal from now on eh :) unless anything has changed eh :D :D

Rite, down to the nitty gritty, so you've had a practice run at it, so you know the signs to look out for :) Try to learn from your mistakes last time eh, try to think how to stop it happening this time :)

So your on your 10th day of your new quit, a big well done to you Jai, and this time, like you say, you have got the motivation to do it :) :)

I think one of the hardest parts of quitting is to keep focused and positive on your quit, you have to keep reminding yourself WHY you are doing it, WHAT benefits you will gain, having a healthier BODY to run :)

Good luck Jai on your quit, and your 10K race :) :) am sure you wont be the last bloke of your age over the line pal cos ave got full confidence in you :)

Speak soon Jai, Pete :)


Thanks Monky. I am still maintaining my non-smoking and gender. Hope I can stay this way till the end of times.


Nite nite all and sweet dreams and positive vibes with huggs, heading your way :) :)


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