Good morning/evening everyone,

I hope all is well in the non smoking community.

Ellie sorry I missed you yesterday after your slip up , but the girls have said it all. Well done on starting a fresh Just remember to stay positive and dont let that little white stick beat you. :)

Al I hope your man flu had nearly gone. (flippin men) :D :D

Welcome to the site Naughtynan and Sophie, It sounds like you have both had good advice already regarding the Ecig.

Good luck and stay focused you can do it.

Emjay I hope your not working this weekend, you must be doing nearly as many hours as Pete. :)

Just for a bit of a brain exercise I thought we could say what favourite things we like about not smoking

Mine would be :- able to taste food better

Whats yours?.

Right kettles on cuppa anyone.? :)

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  • Morning everyone..... thank you advise and welcoming me to this fantastic site. ATM all im thinking is the amount of money im going tot be saving and how much i have spent over the years is frieghtening and is spuring me on.. Happy Friday.. :)

  • Soph do you know there are apps you can download which count up the money for you? It's an amazing reminder. For iPad/iPhone the best one is My Last cigarette, and for android the best one is Stop Smoking Light

  • I have a few apps to help me and i have also made a chart which i keep on my desk whihc tells me how my health has improved and how much i have roughly saved. :)

  • Fantastic. It's so exciting to see the number climb!

  • Morning Jilly, Sophloch, and everyone. I think my favorite thing about not smoking is not smelling of an ashtray anymore, but the list could be endless !!

    Have a possative smoke free day everyone, keep smiling, :-)

  • Morning Jilly,Soph and all,

    I think it is the money for me too. Just can't believe how much I have wasted :( imagine how much we have ALL wasted between us!!!! We could have bought a tropical island somewhere lol! Have a good day x

  • Mine is being able to smell things properly for the first time in absolutely years.It's just brilliant to smell things like they should smell rather than a,watered down version.Happy Friday all.H x

  • Hi Jilly and everyone

    Mine is my skin currently. I have always thought I had good skin but since stopping the colour has become more even and the lines that had formed around my mouth have faded a lot. The dark rings under my eyes have lessened too.

    What's really nice is the compliments I have had... Not bad at 57!

  • Thanks Jilly for your kind words

    My favourite thing about not smoking is that I don't have to go out into my back garden which is surrounded by trees and has no light. I never really could enjoy night time smoking because I was too jumpy and thought I was going to be attacked and murdered at any second (yet I still viewed smoking as more important than my safety)

  • Ellie I was just the same. How addicted we can get. So lovely not to worry now. You can do it. :) :)

  • Mouth feels cleaner, breath is fresher, sense of smell is more acute. Just the freedom of not having to buy the damn things, and of course, more money in my wallet. Also, the fact that my dogs are the only ones puffing these days when we come back from our walk, must be a plus & not "having" to stand outside during a thunderstorm is good too. I can hardly believe that I ever thought that was actually reasonable behaviour .....

    Have a good day everyone x

  • Katy your so right. We must have been stupid thinking back.

  • I so love this site and the people all there to help one another thank god I found it bet you all feel the same way x

  • Thats a favourite reason for quitting new friends. :) :)

  • Hear hear :)

  • Favorite thing about not smoking ?

    Early days yet, but got my car valeted yesterday to get rid of smell. That feels good.

    I'd got used to smelling like a smoker. Once I'd stopped it began to notice it more and more.

  • Hi ya Polly, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site gal :) :)

    Yes, I know just what you mean about 'that' smell in your car :o I spent about £20.00 on stuff to clean my van, and I tell you, it was well worth it Polly :)

    Hey Polly, come and have a chat with us on Saturdays Daily chat, and meet some of us :)

    Hopefully speak soon, Pete :)

  • Hi Polly, it's mad to think that we all smelt like that lol!!

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