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Daily Chat Friday 30th May 2014

Good morning all and everybody :) :) I do hope you all got a good nights sleep :) :)

Well, its Friday again, just today to get through, then we got the weekennnnnnnnnd :) :) PLUS, just for you lovely members on here, av ordered some flippin sunshine tooooooo 8-) 8-)

Erm, on a sadder note, erm, Emjay txt me again last night, to say that our lovely Jillygirl is back in hospital and is not well at all, the doctors are treating her for pneumonia now, until they know more.

I will pray for her again and am sending her loads and loads of love and get well soon huggs, plus some extra eh for her hubby and her lovely Daughter Sarah :) :)

Please may I ask, will you do the same :) Thankyou :) xxxxxxx

I'm sorry my friends, but just couldnt think of a pic to put on today :o but I hope you all have a lovely smoke free day and if your working, then I hope it goes sooooo fast toooooo, so that the weekend comes quicker :)

Hopefully speak then :) :)

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Good Morning Pete, well middle of the night anyway. Sorry to hear about Jillygirl, sending her best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopefully she will soon be out of hospital again.


Good Morning Monky

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Jillygirl, she will certainly be in my thoughts today and I send her lots and lots and lots of love and healing hugs for a speedy recovery.

So today is Funday Friday, and more than that, it's my last day at work for a whole week!!!! Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. On the minus side, thanks to the anti-bs I cannot have a red milk tonight to celebrate, on the plus side, this means I will not be facing the prospect of a hangover anytime soon !!!

So looking forward to the sunshine arriving - we all need a bit of sunshine to cheer us up!

Have a really happy smoke free day

:) :) :) xxx


Morning everyone

Sending love and best wishes to Jillygirl and her family for a speedy recovery and that she is back home home soon xx


Morning all

Sending Jilly big love and healing.

hope everyone has a great weekend x


I'm so sorry to hear about Jilly going back in to hospital. I hope they manage to sort her out pdq so she can get back home and enjoy the summer - when it comes. Love, hugs and positive vibes going her way. :)


Morning everyone, Thanks for letting us know Pete about Jillygirl, my stomach turning, I'm sending hundreds and thousands of healing get well vibes her way. xx.


Best wishes from me too. All thinking of you Jillygirl.


Our thoughts are all on Jillygirl

Thank you for keeping us in touch!


Afternoon All, sorry I wasn't about yesterday - I was working in Preston and didn't get home until late - Oh the joys of the M6 :o

Anywhose, thanks for keeping everyone up to speed on JillyGirl's progress Pete. We really do need our Nora here don't we? She's a piece of our Quit Support furniture ;-)

I best crack on with a huge catch up on here eh?!


Thanks for the update Pete, I really hope Jillygirl is back home where she belongs very soon. Love, hugs and prayers are sent to Jillygirl -x-


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