MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 16/06/2014

MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 16/06/2014


And I hope you all had a fun filled exciting and smokefree weekend in spite of the weather (except for those bbq's of course - they need to smoke!!!)

Well the sun has finally arrived in Sheffield after a 3 days absence - shame as it's back to work this morning but I have to admit, driving to work in the sunshine is better than driving to work in the pouring rain, although this weather does mean that Monky will possibly be flashing his legs again as he is on his jollies this week!

If anyone wants to take part in the Quit Support World Cup Sweepstake just send me a number between 1 and 32 and I will send you your team - the numbers 5, 8, 11 and 20 have already gone - this is just for fun and there are a lot of teams so please join in and don't be shy :)

Have a truly wonderful smokefree and happy sunshiny day everyone - if you need support don't hesitate to get on here and someone will be happy to help or advise or put the kettle on for you :)

:) :) :) xxx

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  • Morning Chrissie,

    Not too sunny here in Kent :( but at least its dry :)

    Please can i have number 3 in sweepstakes, if its anything like the grand national i will end up with a one legged donkey that needs shot before the gates open lol! ( i am thinking i will get the the Cumbrian under 11's lol )

    Hope everyone had a fab weekend xx

  • Hey Pinky - don't shoot the messenger but you got GREECE!! - Wey GO GREECE!!! ha ha ha :) :) xx

  • i know nothing about footie but i am assuming my usual jinxy luck has surfaced again :)

  • Pinkie....who knows, Greece might win, well they've got more chance than flipping Japan.. :D

  • Yeahhhhhhh, more chance than USA toooooooo :P :P :P :D :D :D :D

    Al, take care gal :) :)

  • lol....

  • Oye - USA won last night - and if I recall they scored in 35 seconds!!! So don't be so grumpy!! x x :) :)

  • Who the flippin eckssssssss being flippin grumpy :| flippin typical flippin Woman youuuuuuuu :P :P :D :D :D

    Honest, did USA win last night ?????

    Ermmmm, forgive me please Chrissie, good evening to you :) :)

  • Yes they did! I only saw the first 10 minutes or something, but honestly they scored 35 seconds after kick off - it was amazing!!!

    Good evening to you too Mr Monky - how are you doing this lovely summer's evening? x x :) :)

  • I'm just enjoying a bit of relaxation at the moment Chrissie, cos its seems to have been a hectic day today, somehow :) :)

    I hope you have your feet up watching the box, ermmmm, not sure whether you should be drinking that there red milk on a school day though ehhhhhh :o :D :D :D xxx

  • Oh Monky, as you well know, I do not drink red milk on a school night! I need all my faculties about me at the moment (workwise!) Having said that we are supposed to be going to the pub tomorrow to watch the match again - oh boy do I have a nervous feeling about that! :( xxx

    COME ON ENG-ER-LAND!!! :) :) XXX

  • Morning chrissie

    Hope everyone is well

    I'll have number 7 please


  • Hi Bethjayne - how are you????????

    I'm afraid number 7 has already gone - try again please - hang on I'll tell you what has already gone

    3; 5; 7; 8; 11; 20; 22; 25; 32 - so there are lots and lots of number left between 1 and 32!

    xx :) :)

  • Hello Chrissie

    Yes I'm not bad thank you, more to the point a massive well done to you and the others for three months xxx

    Oh yes and I will have no 9 please

  • Wow Bethjayne - you got Uruguay - who could actually put England out on Thursday......But anyway - GO URUGUAY!!! xx :) :)

  • Hi everyone

    Its Chrissie and Mindermummy's 3 month quit today..........WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO so can we all do the droopy shuffle please....... :D

    Well done ladies' on your great achievement :D

  • DROOPY SHUFFLE TIME !!!! :D :D :D xxx

  • absobloominlutely :D :D

  • Let's go girl - and Nigeria nearly scored then too! :) :) :) xx

  • I have defo lost the plot..... popped off in half time to potter about and only just realised the game was on BBC and have been watching another channel waiting for the second half......must have hit the remote by accident and not realised ..DOH!!!!

  • Mmmmm I think that May be the best result when footies on haha. :P

  • Had to come on this morning to say whey hey......3 months today!!!!!!! :) Happy happy happy :)

  • Congratulations :D :D x

  • Thank you honey - and I know you are not far behind as well - hey girl, we are doing good!!! :) :0 xx

  • WeyHey Mindermummy - CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! Sorry I'm just catching up on the posts so missed this one!

    Hope all is great for you and wey hey - we have got to 3 months - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

    xx :) :)

  • 25 for me and a massive well done on your 3 months quit to you, :D

  • Well done everyone on your 3 months quit, thats quarter of a year wooohoooo!!! x

  • Hey Pinkie I never thought of looking at it that way, Thanks :D

  • Good afternoon Chrissie and everybody :) :)

    Chrissie, love the pic gal, it says what it means eh :) and no flippin flashing today, well not yet anyway, cos its tooooo flippin cold see :o :|

    A massive gigantic well done to you PIPPS Chrissie and Mummykins for reaching 3 whole months quit, you are just ACE Ladies and am soooooo proud of you both :) :) xxxx

    Hopefully see's ya later :)

  • Good Evening all, a huge congratulations to Chrissie and Mindermummy on your 3 month quit :) fantastic ladies, well done to you both :) a huge achievement :) x

  • Ahhhhhh cute duck :D

  • why does it keep saying 'continue reading' even though there's no more reading left to do.... ?

  • Hi Briarwood - and thank you so much honey - I love it when you get a badge because ours isn't far behind! So we should all do the droopy shuffle together me think!!! :) :) :) xx

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