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Approaching Four Months!

Well nearly at my next mile stone. 23rd Jan I will be four months smoke free. After getting over the anxious period of giving up the NRT, I don't actually crave anymore. The only real reminder that I smoked is this cough! It clears and cones back, clears and comes back! I still moving the brown crud which is a good sign and my overall breathing has definitely improved! When biking my legs now get tried before I get out of breath. So after this I guess the next one will be 6 months, then 1 year. Hopefully the cough would of gone by then, the doctor did say it could take anywhere from One to nine months for my lungs to completely heal.

I've also nearly finished writing my quit story. It's really interesting looking back on how I coped or didn't cope with various parts of my quit. Once finished I will post it on here somewhere

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Wow it doesn`t seem two minutes ago you just started on your quit journey. 4 months BIG well done. Look forward to reading your quit story. :) :)


Massive well done for coming up for 4 months! It's reading posts like this that inspire me


I agree it's definitely stories like this that gives us inspiration!


See Ellie you calmed down now. Love your smile. :) :) :D


Thanks guys. You lot have helped me loads :-)

My doctor is still keeping an eye on me also which is nice. Just keeping an eye on cough and anxiety.

Jilly I'm up to week 7 in my quit story. Doing it week by week abd trying to remember all the withdrawws I experienced.

Where on here js the best place to post it?


You are such a star and have certainly helped me just over another week And I will be at 3 months, still can't quite believe it x

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That's brilliant Morriemoo, I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you :D

It'll be good to read your story - I'm sure it will inspire many of our members. It will help them to see that it is possible to come through the other side unscathed :-)

I'm also looking forward to changing you winners badge to 4 month winner ;-)


Thanks Emjay and Kaprin :-)



Well done you are doing great, not easy it it but well worth doing

I quit on 23 OCTOBER so coming up to 3 months

Never thought would do it but so glad I did

found the first few weeks so hard

Thanks to support here I understood my side effects are quite normal

you have all helped me so much, couldn't have done it without YOU ALL

still cant sleep, but never could sleep easily

love to all



Thanks Liz,

Nearly 3 months, thats awesome. Well done, you should be proud.

Tell me about the sleep haha I haven't had more than 5 hours continuous sleep for over 2 months now.

My new morning wake up is 4am, every bloody morning....



thanks for reply. Wouldn't it be great to have a nights sleep

all the best



Well done to you Liz, I see you haven't been awarded your 4 week badge yet. I'll action this before you reach your 3 months! :D


OH thanks very much that's great

You are a lovely helpful mentor thanks so much



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