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3 months - update

For anyone thinking about quitting... I'm just 3 months in, having quit a number of times, sometimes for long periods, only to end up back on the weed again, here is my current update.

The first week is easy, it gets progressively harder as time goes on to not say... "just one won't hurt". It will, one will become two, two will become three, three will become I may as well just finish this packet.

So, "not once, not ever" is the only way forward - in my humble opinion of course.

A few weeks on, you start to hack up all sorts of crap. 3 months in and I'm still coughing up phlegm with flecks of crap in it. Its much less now, but still there. I can breath SOOOOOO much better, the gym is not easier, it's possible! It really is that much different. Previously I would come from the gym, looking like death, sneek off as fast as I could so I could spark up and not feel like a freak for working out and then smoking.

I smell smokers now..... they stink. Simples. I NEVER want to smell like that again.

I get the odd urge to smoke, not often, but once in a while.... then I smell a smoker and that's enough to make me laugh at the thought, rather than take it seriously.

I'm severely anemic for some reason the Dr's haven't got an answer to, but they are looking into it. And yes, I was hacking up blood at one point - thankfully that seems to have passed.

6 months is my next target........

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Well done Daemon, for reaching 3 months .Thanks for letting others know what your going through, an inspiration to all. Things can only get better! :) :) :)

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great quit story and a aFantastic effort Daemon,

With all the new members, you story will inspire them on their own quit journey and thank you for sharing it.

i too hate the smell of smokers now and i really feel sorry for them. they never make me feel that i want a smoke at all.

Will be watching on as you achieve your 6 month goal :) :)


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Congratulations Daemon on your 3 month quit and thanks for sharing coz it inspires us all :) well done on your great achievement :) :) x

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Congratulations on your 3 months quit, here's to the next 3 :-)

Know what you mean about the smell, we had a workman in fixing our alarms and the smell of stale smoke was overwhelming yuch!

It made me think did I smell like that, and I don't want to smell like that again.

Well done again, keep up the good work


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Hi daemon71, I'm a few days off 3 months too and you are right about the stink lol, I love walking past smokers sucking in their stinky fags in the cold looking grey skinned and smelling discusting, I can't believe that was me 3 months ago, I also feel free, free from being controlled by fags, always running out, always rushing to the shop to buy them, always using my hard earnt money to waste on them, finally feeling like a bag of poo when I lit that first fag in the morning and then coughed my guts up every single morning until my chest felt like it was being ripped apart! Well done to us!!!! Nope is the answer and see ya in 3 months when monky gives us our 6 month badge!!! Take care x

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Aup Daemon, its great ta see ya pal and doing sooooo well tooooo :) :) Sorry am late getting to you, I must have just gone to bed when you posted yesterday :( sorryyyyyy :)

I'm soo glad your not spitting blood up any more and the docs will soon find an answer to you being anaemic :)

Thankyou sooo much for letting us know how your quit has been for you, the ups and downs :o cos it will help others to realise there not alone :)

You just flippin stick with it Daemon, cos your going great guns pal :) :)

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Cheers everyone.. I know I'm not that regular with my posts etc, but thats just me....lol

Two weeks and will we be in Colombia, paragliding my way around the country for a couple of weeks, lets hope I don't land in any coca fields... :-/


That sounds fantastic. You are so brave paragliding, think I am showing my age. :D


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