10 Months Quit :-)

Hey non smokers,

I'm doing my monthly check in. 10 months now without a fag and definitely don't feel like having one.

I still have waves of shortness of breath and anxiety. I called in to the doctors for a chat about my SOB and cough and he assures me, even at 10 months this is still quite normal.

I done a peak flow test and just about maxed the machine out at 780!

I'm now looking forward to my year quit birthday, can't believe how quickly time has gone.

I hope everyone is doing ok and all those now starting this journey it can be a real tough ride, but it will be so worth it in the end!

Just hang on tight and quit support will help you though every step of the way.



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  • I am on my 12th day. Congratulations on 10 months. This site is helping me so much I go to a Stop Smoking Nurse but find that support from other people who have smoked is more helpful because they are speaking from experience. Sleep disturbance has been my main problem so far. Thanks for your post.

  • Thanks Yorkiepam,

    Well done on 12 days, I found that if I could get though the first few days I knew I could go all the way.

    I also struggled with sleep, some mornings I would be up at 3 am and others I would struggled to get out of bed. Really messed me up. But now my sleeping habits are fine. (struggle to get out of bed lol)

  • 12 days now Pam, your doing just great, keep up the good work :) x

  • Thank you. First thing in the morning is still the worst, my first thought is I am awake it is cigarette time. Hoping that will get better as the weeks go on.

  • it will get easier and soon you'll forget that's what you used to do. do something different in the morning, change your routine if you can :)

  • Well done Pam , 12 fantastic days :)

  • Can't believe you got to 12 days late already Pam,you are AMAZING.Stay strong & take it just one day at a time.

  • Thank you. The support on this site is helping me such a lot. Daren't give in and let you all down.

  • Congratulations on 10 months. That is awesome :) :) Like Pam I am a newbie at Day 25.

  • Thanks Glolin,

    Days 25 is awesome, your doing really well. You will soon be catching me up. :-)

  • 25 days Glolin, you have the worst of it over now, well done, good for you :) x

  • Hey Glolin, cant believe it's 25 days already, that has gone amazingly quick :) Well done hun, I am soooooo delighted for you :) Well done almost at your 1st month :D :D :D we will soon be having monky running around a field in his pants to get you a shiny badge :D :D :D

  • Fantastic quit of 25 days glolin Be VERY proud of yourself. You'll get your 4 week badge very soon,wear it with pride.

  • Well done!! That really is amazing!!

    I am nearly at my 7 month quit which has been a challenge, but I am still vaping!! Think I've gone from one addiction to another!!

    I am asthmatic, and when I smoked, I had a chest infection every 6 weeks!! Now, I haven't had one for the whole of my quit time, but I do still have shortness of breath. I have put weight on too, but I have also been given a new tablet of HRT, which makes you put on weight, so hey ho!!

    But again, well done!!


  • Never new u can smoke a fag

  • Never knew one could smoke a fag

  • Never knew 1 could smoke a fag

  • Never knew 1 could smoke a fag

  • I think we may have a misunderstanding in slang!

    UK slang: fag = ciggie

    US slang: fag = homosexual

    This could be the cause of some confusion! :)

  • Arr haha. I could see how this could cause of some confusion!

  • Hehe

  • I new what u were ref 2

    Just sounded funny cumin from the states..

  • Lmao beardy_chris!!!! I was going through some past post as I have had to put on some rough and heavy work hours the past couple of days and haven't had the opportunity to get on as much as I would like... and then I came across your quote and immediately started to crack up!!! Was about time I cracked a smile :) Thank You!

  • Am I seeing double double dee, ha ha :D :D x

  • Aup Ian, great to see your doing your monthly check in pal :) :)

    10 months now then, thats just awesome pal :) you stick at it and am soooooo glad its getting better for you now :) :) and your peak flow test is amazing to what it used to be :) :)

    Thanks for posting this Ian, just ACE pal :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Thanks Pete, nice to see your still hanging on in there buddy and give my love to Jilly

  • Congratulations Morriemoo, you are doing just brilliant, well done :)

    Setting a good example to us, brilliant :) x

  • Thanks Briarwood :-)

  • hey Ian, fantastic achievement, not long before your 1st anniversary - way to go :D :D

  • Thanks Droop. :-)

  • Congrats from me to morriemoo, Here's to us !! :-) :-)

  • Thanks dude :-) another 10 month winner. Yay!

  • you lot are multiplying.......... in a good way :D

  • :D :D I LIKE IT :) x

  • Hey droopy, if we wait till next month and add our two together, we can make ten as well :D x

  • OOOOH I like that idea...... then we can join the 10 month gang :D

  • Hey there Ian,

    That's a really good lookin quit you got going on there!!! Soon be a year & how fast has that time gone ??!! Well done on a fabulous peak flow reading,you couldn't have done that a year ago.Stay strong,I'll dance at your first anniversary party.




  • Hey Helen, nice to see you :-) and thanks and Def. We can party together :-)


  • Hey my friend well done you have done so very well what a star!

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