Five months and still going strong

Well today is five months since the last puff, nearly half a year!!!!

My anxiety is getting easier and my cough is also easing (although I still cough up some brown crud most days).

I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now and really look forward to a smoke free summer.

Keep positive all you taking this journey. It's a rough ride but it will be worth it.


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    Can`t believe its 5 months. Soon be getting your 6 monthly badge. whoo hoo! :)

  • Fantastic, well done it is a rough ride you are right but soo worth it WELL DONE YOU

  • Thanks Friez :-)

  • I know jilly it's madness. Where has all that time gone? Just goes so quickly.

    do you ever still get the urge to smoke jilly? I still want one every now and again

  • I think I have had the urge to smoke about twice since quitting, then its only for a couple of seconds. I still have odd dreams where I am still smoking in them. weird isnt it what the brain does

  • Yeah def. Talking about dreams. Snice giving up I dream nearly every night! I never used to dream before.

  • Well done on the 5 months. I also can't believe how much suffering goes into quitting. Can quite well understand why people start again. I thought that once I had reached about 3 weeks everything would be over and no more problems. Ha ha what a joke. Nobody ever said anything about anxiety attacks etc etc that you can look forward too. I am just glad I have stuck with it because I will not smoke again as most certainly do not want to go through this again. Do the cravings ever go away or does one just learn how to manage them over time?

  • Hey 47 strong. You want to read about anxiety, search for my quit story...

  • Well done you are doing so well. It's inspiration to us newbies :) x

  • You will soon be there pinkie... keep going :-)

  • Congratulations on 5 months. Looking forward to doing the same.

  • Thanks will soon be there :-) keep positive

  • Thanks Rozi. You will be there soon enough. One day at a time. Stay positive :')

  • Woo hoo, doing the 5 month happy dance for you.Well done.

  • well done you!!! its a fantastic feeling. and good luck in the new job. no goin outside for you now! cool! your allowed to feel a bit smug, i know i do when i see colleagues stood outside in the pouring rain, battleing with the wind to light up! soz about that but it makes me feel good inside warm with a cuppa. he he he. x

  • soz think i got mixed up with muddles abt the new job but its still great to be a non smoker yes!!

  • well done its fantastic. your fantastic :-)

  • You are an inspiration to others, will be four months for me on 28th and you have helped keep me focused, glad the anxiety is easing and the cough, I think Jillygirl has mentioned previously that it is around this time that you noticed the real improvements and start to feel better, really looking forward to that as moving forward will just get a whole lot easier. Well done again you are doing fab

  • How fab are you! You are doing so very well and not only with your own quit always there to support others too, especially me soon be 6 months monky wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arr only just seen these. Stupid phone doesn't always show me all of the posts.

    Thanks girl, definitely been a rubbish few months, looking forward to the summer. .. :-) x

  • Oh me too can't wait, booked a holiday with what I have saved on the ciggies, off to Tenerife end of March and cannot wait for some sunshine hubby thinks it's fab

  • Ooh not long now until holibobs :) never been to Tenerife but love gran canaria, very jealous indeed :) x

  • It's been tough but I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at last

  • It's the best roller coaster ride you will never want to ride again! !

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